We Need A Vet Appointment

I shot the photo at the top with my phone. When I sit at the computer, my cat sometimes joins me and it’s quite cute how she finds a comfortable position at the desk. But I want to talk about something else today. Still related to my cat but an issue I discovered. I noticed that Shyna got a very bad breath, like really bad. I started to wonder if she might have dental problems. I checked her denture, which is of course not easy with a cat but if I could see something at all, it’s maybe dental calculus. … Continue reading We Need A Vet Appointment

Farmer’s Cat

This photo was shot in May 2016 when I was in Reinfeld. I saw this cat on a farm, which is why I thought it belonged to a farmer. I guess you will agree with me when I say the cat looks battle-scarred. It’s a dirty cat and it has open wounds. Maybe it got into fights with other cats or animals like foxes. Maybe it got infections too but one thing is sure, it appeared sick-looking. Continue reading Farmer’s Cat

Shenanigans With The Cat

As I said often, from time to time I also want to upload some older snapshots that I shot with a smartphone. Especially if they are funny or interesting. Above is a photo that I shot around 2010. I sometimes do funny things with my cat, just shenanigans, like putting something on her head and waiting for her reaction. Sometimes she is confused like in the image above, other times she starts playing with me. And that’s pretty much what it is about, spending time with my cat, having a bit of fun. Cats just love changes, like new situations, … Continue reading Shenanigans With The Cat

Hidden Cat

Here is a photo that I shot in July. One of the reasons I like to walk through the garden areas in our districts is that you often can find cats. Many of the garden renters have cats and they roam around freely since there are usually no streets close. So, when it comes to photography and taking photos of cats other than my own cat, the garden areas are always the best places to start with. My Tamron 300mm always helps with that, because that’s enough range to get pretty close even if they are hidden 20 meters away … Continue reading Hidden Cat


Here is an old photo I shot with a smartphone or maybe with my older point and shoot camera. I browsed through my older library and wanted to upload the photo. I think I shot a whole set of photos that day back then, which means it might be that I showed already similar photos on my blog once. Everyone knows it, but if you are new to my blog, this is my beautiful cat Shyna. Today I’ve been a bit depressed, but when you come home and you see your cat, you’re getting into a happy mood again. Continue reading Beauty