Relaxed Cat

Above is a snapshot that I shot a couple of days ago with my phone. I was relaxing on my couch, and Shyna did the same but on the backrest of the couch. I sometimes find it very funny in what type of positions she can rest. I think cats can make use of any space, no matter if it’s a tiny cardboard, a small backrest and so on. It doesn’t matter for them, they feel comfy everywhere. Continue reading Relaxed Cat

Farmer’s Cat

Above is a photo that I shot long before I owned a DSLR camera. It was either shot with a phone camera or with a point-and-shoot camera. We noticed this cat on a farm somewhere near Ratzeburg. The cats of farmers do probably look well fed because they can roam around freely, hunting mice and rats. I am not sure if this is true, but I’ve often heard that they have cats for that exact reason, they don’t want to have mice and rats on their farm. Maybe it’s true, I don’t know. Continue reading Farmer’s Cat

Hats for Cats

I kid you not, the following was not staged. While I am very accurate with some things in my life, I am sometimes a chaos person too. Currently I don’t have a laundry bin, but even if I would have one, it would just animate me to collect dirty laundry. That’s at least what I experienced when I owned one of those larger laundry baskets that you can close with a basket cap. Yes, maybe a small one would be better but currently I prefer the chaos variant and collect a bit of laundry at the corner on my bed … Continue reading Hats for Cats