Firs and Snow

Another photo of the snowy days here in North Germany. I didn´t mention it but I like fir trees pretty much. And they do look even better if they are full of snow. But if there is wind, then it might happen that you get a load of snow in your face. We still have snow drifts here. The snow from the ground swirls but also the snow from the trees around you. It´s better to be well-dressed here these days. Continue reading Firs and Snow

Snow, snow, snow… still snow everywhere in North Germany

I do not dislike winter and snow. But if it takes too long, then people can get annoyed by snow. The public life suffers here at the moment in North Germany. Buses can´t drive everyday and mails won´t arrive everyday. Some people are already pissed about all the snow here. I must admit that I feel a little winter depression at the moment too. But on the other side I must say that snow is still beautiful and that it is good that I now have a few winter photos on my blog. So these photos are funny due to … Continue reading Snow, snow, snow… still snow everywhere in North Germany

Winter is back in North Germany

The winter came back here in North Germany. We have a lot snow and snowdrifts since two days. When I talk about lots of snow, I really mean lots of snow. This is not just a small amount of snow we have here. We have a downtime since sunday. It´s funny because it is already March. But on the other side we had a chance to make lots of photos. This is why you will still see some snow photos next days on my blog. I activated my game account on World of Warcraft which means I will blog less … Continue reading Winter is back in North Germany