The Kids of my Uncle are the Creators of this funny Snowmen

I saw the kids of my uncle while they created this funny snowmen. I had to take a photo of the result. It´s fun to see kids while creating a snowmen because it reminds me to my own childhood and how uncomplicated the life appeared to me at that time. However… I also saw that they did build an igloo, an pretty pretty small igloo. I rather would say tiny igloo. I asked why the igloo is so small and they said “Dennis, you know all the rabbits hear in our neighborhood, and then you should understand they need a … Continue reading The Kids of my Uncle are the Creators of this funny Snowmen

Snow on the Fence

I took this Photo before Christmas. I liked how the Snow did stick on top of the Fence. But I am unhappy that the Photo is not completely straight. I did shoot with my Smartphone. I could fix it with Photoshop but it is just a minor Error. December was a funny Month in Lübeck if I think about the Weather. I said it was like three Seasons in one Month. The Weather simply couldn´t decide. We had everything between -10 Degree to +10 Degree. We had Snow and no Snow.. rainy Days like in Autumn. And also a few … Continue reading Snow on the Fence