Good Day

I had sleep problems over the last weeks, that sometimes still happens but last night I slept very well. That means I woke up with much power and happiness. It’s a Sunday and I wanted to start the day slow but when I booted up the PC, I noticed the date and it came into my mind that it is election day. I am talking about the elections to the city-state parliament of Lübeck. So, I looked for the polling paper and found it near the TV. After breakfast and shower, I shut the PC down and went outside to … Continue reading Good Day

Tree Trunk Leaves

Here is a close-up shot of some leaves that are growing out of a tree trunk. I was hiking through the Riesebusch forest in Bad Schwartau yesterday, to see if I could find any interesting subjects in this rather grey season. I didn’t find a lot of things, but I liked the scene with the leaves that grow out of the trunk. The hike was still interesting, I did yet again meet interesting people. I talked with an older man, he told me that he was ranger before he retired. He saw my camera and said that he would be … Continue reading Tree Trunk Leaves

Grandpa´s Birthday Cake

We visited grandpa today as it is his birthday. We had a nice talk and enjoyed his day while eating some cakes. One of the cakes is called “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte” and the cake is called Black Forest gateau in english. The other cake is a “Erdbeer-Rolle” which could be called “Strawberry Roll” translated in english. Pretty tasty cakes! As always, grandpa had much to tell and I really like to listen as he can tell you much life stories! He sometimes really can´t stop talking but I think this is a family syndrome. Friends told me that I do talk … Continue reading Grandpa´s Birthday Cake

I open my Ears for everyone but sometimes it is to much!

Do you know this Feeling? People think that you are a great Listener.. that you maybe can give some good Advice? I listen to my Family and Friends if they have any Problems they want to talk about. I usually have no Problems to listen and if I can, then I do try to give Advice. But sometimes it is to much for me too. Today was such a I Day and I felt depleted because I heard to much about Problems last Days. But Today has been the worst. I arrived at Home and a Friend called me by … Continue reading I open my Ears for everyone but sometimes it is to much!

Listening to Grandma is a lot of fun. I do enjoy that.

Today I visited Grandma. It´s always fun to listen to Grandma when she wallows in memories and talks a lot. She told me how much fun she had with Grandpa together. We talked about that Time when we all did travel together from Germany to France for some Weeks. I can remember this was a really beautiful Time with the whole Family together in a differend Country. France was always a great place to make Holidays. We did that many Years again and again. It was fun. But Grandma and me talked not only about the Times we had together. … Continue reading Listening to Grandma is a lot of fun. I do enjoy that.