Tree Trunk Leaves


Here is a close-up shot of some leaves that are growing out of a tree trunk. I was hiking through the Riesebusch forest in Bad Schwartau yesterday, to see if I could find any interesting subjects in this rather grey season. I didn’t find a lot of things, but I liked the scene with the leaves that grow out of the trunk. The hike was still interesting, I did yet again meet interesting people. I talked with an older man, he told me that he was ranger before he retired. He saw my camera and said that he would be into photography too. We talked about interesting places, and when I mentioned the Schellbruch, he told me that it is one of the areas he was responsible for as a ranger. It’s so interesting to talk with people you meet in the nature, they are much more friendly than the people in the city. In the city nobody has time, it rarely happens that people chat with each other, but in the nature it’s very different, and I like these casual conversations.

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