Some New Travemünde Photos

I talked already a lot about the place called Travemünde that is near Lübeck in North Germany and the Baltic Sea. Here are some new photos of this place. We are often there because it´s not far away but I didn´t have a camera with me this time, so that my mother shot the photos with her phone. But the photos really show how beautiful it is there. My mother didn´t hold the camera completely horizontal but anyway, the photos are still ok to show the place. Hope you like the photos. Continue reading Some New Travemünde Photos

Boredom, A Beach Photo And Photoshop

Above you can see the results of my boredom. I opened one of my beach photos that I didn´t like and tried to make something out of it with Photoshop. I´m not sure about the result but I was at least able to kill my boredom. The photo looks now pretty crazy and maybe it´s overdone but it looks still better compared to the original… The original photo was taken in Travemünde on the Baltic Sea near Lübeck. Continue reading Boredom, A Beach Photo And Photoshop

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

The image above is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea. The photo is made in Travemünde near Lübeck and you can see the Baltic Sea. You also can find my half brother in the water. The photo was made on a cloudy day. You can see with the mood of the photo that the north german summer will end soon. Even if I described it often on my blog. Here again… Sea does mean fresh air and water to me. If you are born near the sea, you will never want to move away from the sea. Sea … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Angry Birds Attack…

Admit, you thought you will find a blog post about the smart phone game called Angry Birds, right? Nope, I won´t write about the game Angry Birds now and I also think that I won´t show you any angry birds that attack someone like in the movie “The Birds” of Alfred Hitchcock. What I want to write about is a situation we experienced when we visited Travemünde some weeks ago. I wrote about the day in Travemünde. To be honest, the title “Angry Birds” might still fit to my post. We bought a bratwurst with a bun in Travemünde. Then … Continue reading Angry Birds Attack…