Black And White Outdoor Cat

Here is another photo I shot today. I saw this cat in an overgrown garden plot. I pressed the shutter button right away and this was good because a second later it disappeared with an impressive jump into the undergrowth. So, yeah, I was pretty lucky to get this shot. I looked through all the cat photos on my blog to find out if I photographed this particular cat already in the past but it seems I didn’t. Continue reading Black And White Outdoor Cat

Black And White Cat Photo

Here is a photo of my cat Shyna. The highlights were overblown and the colors not respectable in my opinion. So, generally, the image was bad but I didn’t want to delete it as I knew it might look better in black and white. I preach this very often, when I am unhappy with the colors, I convert my images to black and white right away. It makes photos with boring colors look really good, that’s at least my opinion. And apart from that, I like black and white photos anyway. Continue reading Black And White Cat Photo