Common Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

I think you can see a common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) on the photo. This beautiful yellow flower is very common here in Germany and you can find them everywhere and it´s a wildflower that you can find everywhere in the green grass and even between the street curbs. They are so prevalent that some even think that it is weed. The first thing you will notice on the grass is either a common dandelion or millions of daisies but I guess you can find them in a lot of places of the earth? I like both flower types as they … Continue reading Common Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

Beautiful Yellow Pansy Flower

This is a beautiful yellow Pansy flower. But I didn´t shoot this photo this year. I found the photo on my hard drive and I took the image last year. The original image didn´t look that great. The image was pale but I adjusted the RGB levels in Photoshop or in other words, I added contrast to the image. I think it looks fine now. What do you think? Continue reading Beautiful Yellow Pansy Flower

Lovely Yellow Flower

I found the photo above in my folders. I took the photo a few months ago when it was still warm. Not sure, why I didn´t upload the photo earlier. I guess because I have so many photos. It´s not possible to upload them all immediately. I really take a lot of photos with my smart phone. It´s fun but it really results in a massive amount of photos and I don´t really want to spam them all out at once. Back to the image, I do really like the yellow flower. Too sad that I do not know much … Continue reading Lovely Yellow Flower

A sunflower in a garden…

Saw the sunflower above on my way through Lübeck a week ago or so. Since I take photos with my smart phone and since I blog, I can´t really pass by if I see a flower. In my opinion, flowers are really amazing. Even as an amateur photographer like me, you can create great photos. All you need is a good smart phone and some flowers, really. The images will look great, not due to the quality but due to the prettiness of flowers. They do look always great and you can´t do anything wrong. I think it´s art of … Continue reading A sunflower in a garden…

A close-up Shot of a Bumblebee which is collecting Pollen from a yellow Flower

I did caught this Bumblebee in a great Moment. The Bumblebee seems to collect Pollen from the yellow Flower. I guess this is a great Shot considering that I did shoot the Photo with my low-budget Medion MD 86830 Digital Camera. I just increased the Contrast of the Image a little bit. Last Month my Mom took a similar close-up of an Insect but it was a Hoverfly on a Flower. I pretty much like those Snapshots of Nature and Insects. As always, here is the list of all the other Flower Photos we took and uploaded to the Blog: … Continue reading A close-up Shot of a Bumblebee which is collecting Pollen from a yellow Flower