A Photo That My 12 Years Old Cousin Shot…

Leaf on the water with a water drop on it

A leaf with a water drop on it, swimming in the water. Click to see a larger image.

On the left site you can see a photo that my little 12 years old cousin did shot. I really like the scene with the leaf that is swimming in the water, carrying a water drop.

To find something like this, you really need open eyes. Now that I say this, I really should have asked her if the water drop was already on the leaf or if she did put some water on it. But even if she staged the scene, it would just show creativity and that she has an eye for beauty things.

It´s great to see her trying out photography. Who knows, it could become her passion and that would be pretty cool. The leaf image is a good start!

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Shyna And The Green Scarf

Shyna And The Green Scarf 1

Yesterday I took a new set of photos with Shyna. My little cousin gave me this beautiful green scarf because she thought I could use it to play with my cat Shyna and she also wanted to get a photo of my cat with the scarf, you know, kids have some funny ideas. I didn´t know if my cat would like the idea but it turned out that she really likes the scarf.

Sometimes I put it over her head so that she can´t see anything, for example if she lies in a cardboard, and then I do brandish some of her toys in front of her nose. She really likes that and I believe she can see through it. Maybe it´s the green world that is so interesting, I remember that I enjoyed to discover the world in other colours with slightly translucent fabrics as a child too. However, as my cat brings the scarf to me, it seems that there must be something that she enjoys. But now let me show you the fashionista wearing the scarf…

As often we took the photos in front of our favorite background, the red curtain in my living room. Not only that the single colour allows me to make easy changes on the background if I want to, it is also a great place due to the fact that I have much sunlight there as a natural light source and if you ask me, good lighting alone can do wonders and you can create amazing photos even with the cheapest camera if that aspect is right. When the sunlight shines on the red curtain or in the face of my cat, it makes such a huge difference and improves the quality of the photos heavily which is why I like to take photos there.

It really also depends how the sun stands, if the sunbeams come from the side behind me, it can even happen that the red background will appear darker, sometimes even quite black and it is then easy to darken the rest of the photo to make the background completely black as I showed you on another photo of Shyna some time ago. There you can see what you can do with natural light alone, although I edited and improved the image with Photoshop too.

Anyway, I still would call the new photo set here snapshots, but I think they are some great and funny snapshots of my cat. Hope you liked the set too.

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Meeting On A Leaf

Imagine you would be so small that you could meet up with someone on a leaf. Here you can see two ladybugs that meet each other on a leaf…

Ladybugs On A Leave

I shot this image in summer some time ago. I have already several ladybug photos on my blog but there can´t be enough and I like to expand my collection. I think they are very beautiful.

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Tasty German Barbecue Combination

Sauerkraut, Potato Salad and Steak

Above you can see a very typical German barbecue combination. Not that every German barbecue plate would look like the one on the photo, but I´d say you would at least always find sauerkraut and potato salad on the table, and meat or other things for sure. I used garlic dip and herb butter to make my steak even more delicious.

I am a big fan of barbecues. I always laugh when people can´t await to put the meat on fire but when we are finished, people look totally exhausted because they did eat way too much. But if there is so much delicious stuff on the table, it´s indeed not easy to stop eating, I can´t do this in this case too.

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Barbecue In The Garden

One of the great things about the garden of my mother and her husband is that we can also have a barbecue there. We usually did that either on the balcony of my mother or on the campground of grandma and grandpa in Salem. But now we did that also in the garden that is not far away. Anyway, while I am an autumn lover, it´s somewhat sad that it gets soon too cold to go to the garden. But we will do that next year again for sure.

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My Cat With Black Background


Today I was a little bit upset because I had a dispute with someone. I didn´t want to think about it the whole day and thought I need distraction. I searched for an image that I could edit and found one of my cat Shyna that I didn´t share yet. I disliked the photo but I believed that it wouldn´t look too bad if I change some things with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

I removed the background or darkened it to black as I did this quite often with photos and I like that. The white fur was heavily overexposed but decreasing the exposure and lowering the highlights and whites did help at least a little bit. I decided to change the whole image to black and white to even make it less conspicuous. I think it´s still visible but it does not look too bad now I guess.

I think I like that photo now, and at the end, working on it helped me to calm down. It´s helpful if you have interests that can take your mind off things.

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Sunflowers In The Garden


This is a sunflower that is in the garden of my mother and her husband. The photo is some weeks old and the flower looks still great, but now weeks later, they die already. We did collect the seed and there will be new ones in the garden next year. Sunflowers are extremely beautiful in my opinion.

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New Yellow Flower Photo

Yellow Flower

We had this flower in our garden and to me this flower looks beautiful. Some of the other same flowers are already dead. Not sure how much yellow flower photos I have already on my blog. Or flower photos in general, but there never can be enough. To be honest, they are good photo subjects because they are so beautiful on their own. It´s not really rocket science to create art with them. They are art. The original image was just pretty bleached and I had to push the colours a little bit with Photoshop.

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Enjoying The Last Sunbeams In The Garden

Just two snapshots that I shot while I enjoyed the last sunbeams with my new brown sneakers in the garden. The first flowers in the garden do already start to decay but there are still many ok. I should upload some more flower photos that I took over the last weeks.

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Two New Pairs of Shoes

Just found a new bargain in one of the local shoe stores. They reduced a lot of the summer shoes because it gets colder soon. I got two pair of shoes for 20 Euro (converted this should be around 25 US Dollar). I really like both but anyhow I wear the brown sneakers now since some days and the other ones lying around at home. I really love the brown sneakers! OK I maybe like them more than the bright sneakers. Anyway, that was a nice bargain.

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