My Little Cousin Shot This Photo

white sculpture

My 13 years old cousin asked for it, she wanted to try my DSLR camera, and I allowed her to take a photo and you can see the result above. My little cousin is quite agile, so, I did take care that she wouldn’t drop the camera, and I explained her some of the buttons and how the lens works. Even if a DSLR is a quite complex device, I liked the idea to let her try to use it, especially because I think it’s important to show children something early, who knows, maybe they develop a passion for the things you show them.

Talking about the photo, I edited the image a bit, I cropped it to frame it better, I reduced the black values and changed the white a bit, I also reduced the vibrance and saturation a bit as there were yellow highlights that I didn’t like. Then I added a very little amount of clarity and sharpened it a bit. My cousin did cut off the chin of the sculpture when she focusses with the camera, it’s not perfectly framed, which is why I wanted to crop the image, but I do still like what she did, especially because it’s her first photo with a DSLR camera. Here is her original image without editing…

sculpture photo

By the way, when she asked to use the camera, I asked her if there is something near us that would make an interesting photo, and she replied “Yes, look at the beautiful sculpture!”, I liked it when she was looking around to choose the subject on her own, that’s how we all started with photography, didn’t we? What do you think about the subject she did choose? And do you like her first try? To add something, here is a photo she shot a year ago or so with a smartphone camera.

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Beautiful Eurasian Coot

Eurasian coot

In the photo above you can see an Eurasian coot, I shot the photo near a pond when I walked through the parks. I believe it’s the first time that I took a photo of an Eurasian coot, or the first time I uploaded one to my blog. It’s good to have some other bird photos uploaded to the blog, although it’s sad that we don’t have so much colourful birds in Germany, our birds are rather common and not so paradisiacal, but still beautiful I think.

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Things Have Changed

Things in our world are changing, sometimes we just don’t notice how fast this is happening. Of course, we all can see that, we can remind back to see how it was then and how it is now, but imagine how big the impression must be for someone who was isolated from our society for a very long time.

I found a video of a man with a very interesting perspective, he talks about his life after 44 years in prison, he shares his impression about how things changed, it almost seems as if he stepped out into an alien world…

Although he was convicted of a major crime back then, and without knowing much about his case, I do feel sorry for him anyhow, also I do hope that he takes the chance to reintegrate into the society.

I wonder if he will ever fully comprehend the outside world, there is so much time wasted and so much things happened, it really shows how difficult reintegration might be for many. While they probably can watch TV news or read newspaper in the prison, it’s not enough to keep track with the outside world.

I don’t want to excuse criminals, we need prisons, this video just made me thinking that there are people who want to take the second chance, but that there are difficulties to overcome, because they do literally re-enter a world, a world that has changed a lot.

I am not sure, but the guy in the video probably learned his lesson, I am still sad that so much time of his life was wasted, but I hope he is serious about what he said…

“You know you’ve got to let things go because holding on to anger will only stagnate your growth and developement, I let that go and deal with the future instead of dealing with the past. I try not to go backward, I try to go forward”

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Beautiful Swan

Beautiful Swan

Last week I decided to grab my camera and went outside to see if I can take some new photos. I didn’t want to walk miles and decided to walk to one of the ponds in our parks.

I noticed right away that it’s a little bit more difficult to take decent photos in autumn, especially when it’s so cloudy, but I went back home with some good bird photos. I saw some swans and shot several photos, you can see one of them in this post.

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Tired Charlie

Charlie is tired

Charlie is always in action, but even the most energetic dog needs to rest sometimes. In the photo of this post you see Charlie taking a nap. I shot the photo last week when I visited my mother. The photo is a little bit blurry, but I still like the pho anyhow, he is just cute.

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Grandpa’s Birthday Cakes

Grandpa turned 75 today and we celebrated his birthday. The family came together again, and when I say again, then because there are several birthday’s of family members by the end of the year. His birthday is always the last in the year, after it there is only Christmas.

So, we came together to talk, to enjoy the day together, and as always, to eat delicious cakes! You can see the cakes in the photo gallery of this post. We had a tasty yellow or orange cake, that one was extremely delicious and tasted like lemon and orange, and it tasted very creamy, I liked this cake. Then we had marble cake again, also tasty waffles, and now that the Christmas time is not far away also chocolate gingerbread!

On a sidenote, I still have been very busy the past weeks, that’s why my blog was a little bit neglected. I do take care about my little cousin at the moment because my uncle has some health problems. Apart from taking care, I do also help her with the English homework, because she had problems there. Other things kept me busy too, I had to slow down a bit.

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