My Cat With Black Background


Today I was a little bit upset because I had a dispute with someone. I didn´t want to think about it the whole day and thought I need distraction. I searched for an image that I could edit and found one of my cat Shyna that I didn´t share yet. I disliked the photo but I believed that it wouldn´t look too bad if I change some things with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

I removed the background or darkened it to black as I did this quite often with photos and I like that. The white fur was heavily overexposed but decreasing the exposure and lowering the highlights and whites did help at least a little bit. I decided to change the whole image to black and white to even make it less conspicuous. I think it´s still visible but it does not look too bad now I guess.

I think I like that photo now, and at the end, working on it helped me to calm down. It´s helpful if you have interests that can take your mind off things.

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Sunflowers In The Garden


This is a sunflower that is in the garden of my mother and her husband. The photo is some weeks old and the flower looks still great, but now weeks later, they die already. We did collect the seed and there will be new ones in the garden next year. Sunflowers are extremely beautiful in my opinion.

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New Yellow Flower Photo

Yellow Flower

We had this flower in our garden and to me this flower looks beautiful. Some of the other same flowers are already dead. Not sure how much yellow flower photos I have already on my blog. Or flower photos in general, but there never can be enough. To be honest, they are good photo subjects because they are so beautiful on their own. It´s not really rocket science to create art with them. They are art. The original image was just pretty bleached and I had to push the colours a little bit with Photoshop.

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Enjoying The Last Sunbeams In The Garden

Just two snapshots that I shot while I enjoyed the last sunbeams with my new brown sneakers in the garden. The first flowers in the garden do already start to decay but there are still many ok. I should upload some more flower photos that I took over the last weeks.

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Two New Pairs of Shoes

Just found a new bargain in one of the local shoe stores. They reduced a lot of the summer shoes because it gets colder soon. I got two pair of shoes for 20 Euro (converted this should be around 25 US Dollar). I really like both but anyhow I wear the brown sneakers now since some days and the other ones lying around at home. I really love the brown sneakers! OK I maybe like them more than the bright sneakers. Anyway, that was a nice bargain.

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You Can Now Play World of Warcraft For Free Without Restrictions Until September 26th

World of Warcraft Screenshot In A Forest

Good news for all who always wanted to try out World of Warcraft without restrictions. Blizzard offers a trial without any restrictions and if you sign up, you will be able to play the full game until September 26th. This differs a lot to the trial version they offered in the past, because you can now fully enjoy any feature of the game for a limited time.

There are no chat restrictions as in the trial versions and you can discover all expansions and level your character up to the recent maximum level 90 of the latest expansion, I mean, as long as you get to this level in the three weeks playing WoW for free. As a first time World of Warcraft player you might notice that there is a lot to discover and you might be quite busy in the three weeks.

If you can´t await your journey, then head over to this site and find out how you can get started to play World of Warcraft for free without restrictions for a limited time. Also check out this Beginner´s Guide if you need help with your first steps.

Edit: It seems that this was just an email promotion that has been send to specific users and it was not for all people. Maybe the media page has been sent to customers of other Blizzard games but the free time was not different than the 30 day test period that all new World of Warcraft customers would get anyway.

In the official forum a moderator and staff of Blizzard mentioned:

Hey guys,

The media link to our site is a graphic used from some promotions we were running for select players of our other games that haven’t tried WoW yet. It’s part of an email sent to them.

The free time it’s referring too is the 30 day month that all new subscribers get.

So, this should clarify the purpose of the World of Warcraft promotion page. It also seems that this page is now offline.

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Super Tasty Salad

Tasty Salad

Not sure how often I mentioned it, but I suffer from salad addiction. Ok, this is partly a lie. I am addicted to salads but I don´t really suffer, I rather enjoy salads. On the photo above you can see a salad that my mother made. It´s a tomato salad. You could also call it tomato and onion salad. If there is a reason why there are so many onions in the salad, then because my mother loves onions, well, I love them too. Some of my friends would probably say “Oh there are too many onions!”.

Salads are a big thing in our family. Grandma always made great cucumber salads or mixed salads. My mother always made great tomato salads and I do enjoy all kind of salads and do create my own too. But I also know some friends who would never touch a salad. I don´t understand it because salads taste fresh and are tasty especially when it´s summer. I don´t eat them because they are healthy, I don´t care too much about healthy food, I especially eat them because they are super delicious. I like vegetables so much and if you put all kind of vegetables together, it´s like a fresh explosion in your mouth. I like that, and making salads is so easy that even someone like me can create them, although I am not really an expert when we talk about food.

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Another Strange But Beautiful Wildflower

Strange Purple Wild Flower

There are still so many photos that I could upload to my blog, but this is not happening due to the fact that it´s a pain to write articles since the latest changes here on WordPress. I refuse to work with the new editor and I can activate the classic editor but only for so long, until I delete cookies. One smart developer thought it would be an awesome idea to store the information via browser cookies. So, don´t expect much new articles from my side unless they let us choose the classic editor permanently (stored on the server-side), or unless I go through this hell to work with the latest changes.

However, I though I won´t delete my browser cookies today so that I can access the classic editor to publish some new photos on my blog. I mean, isn´t it sad that they destroy the passion of a lot of people? I updated my blog regularly, and now I am not able to do so because they came up with this bullshit new editor. Yes, I call it bullshit because I hate to mince words. I always said it, you might find a lot of funny things on my blog, but you will also find out that I am able to rant if I feel bad about something. In this case, I never will hold my words back. But enough about it, I should talk about the photo as I usually do…

Ok, well, I can´t. I don´t even know where I took the photo and when I took the photo. In fact I do like this photo so much that I would have uploaded it already on the day I took the image, but then we got this new editor. Wait, don´t let me talk about this again. Ranting is fun but I shouldn´t go too far.

I don´t know, I think I took the photo anywhere near the new garden of my mother and her husband. You can find a lot of wildflowers in that area near the Trave River. As always I am not sure what kind of flower it is. As always I just know it is a beautiful one that is worth to get photographed.

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Partial Success of the WordPress Community with the Beep Beep Boop Issue

As mentioned, users got this horrible and unacceptable new editor. But many active community members did revolt against the changes here in a very long forum thread.

Many people were afraid and asked if the classic editor would be removed anytime in the future but we just got unclear answers. It took 32 pages to get a clear answer and WordPress staff Rootjosh answered the question:

Just to clarify a question that has been asked and answered in a number of places (but can be hard to find given the breadth of this discussion):

We have no plans to permanently remove the classic editor from the dashboard, but our goal is to improve the new editor in a way that users will prefer it over the classic one.

It seems that they don´t want to remove the classic editor. However, “we have no plans” sounds still pretty vague and could at the same time mean “We have no plans, but it might happen”. Yet I think that they really don´t consider to remove the good old editor and I hope this is true because otherwise I would probably leave this community because as a blogger I need the tools to create content and a downgraded editor like the new one is not enough for this job.

But at the end of the page 32 in the mentioned thread, another WordPress staff member came along again to tell everybody that the thread will be closed:

Last night, we pushed out some major updates to the new editor that should resolve some of the larger concerns like saving and previewing(…)

As a result, we’re going to be closing this thread so we can move to more one-on-one interactions. We greatly appreciate all of the feedback you have provided here. I’ll be opening a thread with certain individuals that are having ongoing issues (I’ll drop a note here).

If you have future bug reports or issues, please start a new thread!

This is indeed a shame and an impertinence. It shows a lot of egoism. They are clearly afraid to find more critique. They just want to push things forward and it looks like they see critics as troublemakers. Closing the thread of community concerns, that is pretty embarrassing for company of this size, even if they offer an excuse that they want to talk about the things in separate threads. It´s still an ugly behaviour and this should be mentioned loud.

But the whole issue is a big one and it is no wonder that closing the thread won´t help them because many people have still concerns about the new editor. They at least offered us the solution to pick the old classic editor after we loaded the new one and clicked on “Switch to classic mode”. But the problem is that it is stored locally via cookies and not server-side and this means once you delete your cookies (A lot of people do this regularly), the new editor will appear again. People demand to have this option stored as server-side setting as you can find out in this thread. Also, if you pick one of your articles in your blog and if you click on “edit” below the article, the new editor will open, even if you did choose to use the classic editor and this makes it hard to manage the own blog, which is why there is a separate thread about this issue here as well.

Supporter macmanx answered the concerns about the cookie solution and it seems he understood why it is better to let people save it via server-side settings:

Ok, I just confirmed that the switch does not work for custom domains. A new bug has been filed (pleading for a standard setting, not a cookie), and I’ll now duck behind something to avoid thrown objects.

It seems that the request is forwarded to the developers and I hope we will get the option to make our choice permanently saved on the server-side and not via cookies. This would end the trouble for many people who have concerns about the new editor because they simply could activate the classic editor forever or could switch between both if they wanted to. This is also the reason why so many people didn´t understand why this feature was not planned earlier.

However, if things work out well then I will be really thankful that our community is so strong and not afraid to mentioned concerns. Those who were annoyed by the new editor could finally start to create articles again. I am one of them. If I was silent over the last days, the new editor was one of the biggest reasons for it. I couldn´t bear to work with the new editor and the extra clicks to access the old one, that was a no go too. I just hope that I finally can come back to enjoy one of my great hobbies. Blogging!

I never had much concerns about until they came up with the new editor. I was pretty happy here. But there were reasons why I was so happy. The classic editor was at least one of the reasons why I prefered this platform over all others. If it would go away, I am pretty much sure that I would seek for alternatives. I don´t want to think about this scenario now as it seems that we maybe get solutions soon, that´s what I hope.

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Beep Beep Boop?

WordPress Beep Beep Boop Editor

This post here is only relevant for the people who have their websites hosted on As most of us noticed, Automattic the company behind the mentioned hosting service, decided to change something that worked for most of us. The perfect old editor. Above you can see a screenshot of the new one.

Beep beep boop loading screen What we got now is a loading screen with a totally childish and nerdy “Beep beep boop” message that we can see several seconds each time we want to create a new post, as it takes quite a lot of time to load the new editor. What we got too is a totally downgraded new editor and it is no wonder that a lot of people are pissed about this issue as you can see here in the forums. To say it right away, if you dislike the new editor too, then please raise your voice in the shown thread of the forum too, as this might help to show them that we are just happy with the old editor and especially that we don´t need downgrades. So, show your rejection if you think the same way.

Until now, the old editor is still there. You either can find the old editor if you go to your dashboard to click on “Posts” and then “Add New” or you click on “Switch to classic mode” if you already opened the new editor already. If you go the last mentioned route, it will be saved for a while but the problem is that the classic mode option is just saved as long as you didn´t delete your cookies and cache as it is not stored on the servers. This is a very big issue as many people delete the cookies regularly but several people asked already if they will at some point remove the classic editor completely and the WordPress support couldn´t answer the questions but it looks not good…

Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to this as nothing is set in stone as we move forward. We are taking all this feedback into consideration to improve the new editor, but whether it will fully replace and permanently remove the Classic editor is unknown at this moment.

But they also mentioned…

The old editor will be available as we work on the new editor.

This looks like they might consider to abandon the classic editor but they are not sure yet if they want to do this. To get this unclear answers, this did upset even more people.

To fully understand what people dislike about the new editor, you would need to quote almost the whole forum thread. It´s indeed a little bit hard to nail it down as there are so many issues with the new editor. But let me try…

1. The “Beep beep boop” message is childish and cartoonish and you have to look on this loading screen for several seconds as the new editor does not load as fast as the old one.

2. Drafts can only be stored offline in your browser but not online as it seems.

3. They removed the word count.

4. There is no spell check button anymore.

5. It´s more difficult to get a short-link now.

6. The panels in the right options sidebar are now closed as default and not opened like in the classic editor.

7. There is not an easy view anymore for categories that are often used.

8. The publish time does not work correctly.

9. The overall design looks as if the new editor is designed for mobile devices rather than desktop PC´s with a wide-screen.

10. The new editor is not integrated into the dashboard as the old one. In other words, the left dashboard bar is not there anymore and that makes the new editor appear unattached from all other wordpress features.

11. In comparison to the old interface, the new one forces you to make more clicks to access features or functions.

12. The copy post function has been removed.

13. The new editor messes up links, images and other HTML code and can add spaces when not needed which means there are still many bugs.

14. There is no auto-saving (drafts) anymore in the new editor

15. The small traffic per hour diagram in the top bar has been removed on the new editor page.

16. Admins or editors can´t edit posts of someone else anymore.

17. You can name links only by HTML code.

18. Photos are small size by default and not large.

19. Adding a YouTube link will embed the video.

20. Categories are sorted alphabetically and there are no child categories in the panel anymore.

21. There is no full-screen button in the HTML editor anymore.

22. Not possible to go to Media Gallery via “Set Featured Image”.

23. Preview an article in the new editor will open a pop-up rather than a new tab.

24. There is no scroll-bar inside the editor.

25. Most-used tags are not there anymore which forces you to scroll through a big list.

26. Modules can´t be moved anymore as in the old classic dashboard editor.

27. The new editor does not warn you anymore if you want to close before saving.

I think I forgot to mention many points but still this is quite a huge list apart from the fact that many people think that the new editor is visually annoying and excluded from the dashboard and several other important functions. The whole design is a mess, buggy and many things have been removed. I just can say it again, if you think the same way, do tell your opinion in the related thread of the forum. It will be a deal breaker for a lot of people if they remove the classic editor and if they force us to use the downgraded new editor.

The problem mentioned by many people is that the old editor just worked like a charm and the usability was pretty nice. A lot of people wonder why there is need for changes for something that worked very well. It upsets even more if you read “Welcome to an easier way to create on!” in the new editor while this is not the case.

I can understand if some people mention with sarcasm that the developers or the wordpress team must have gone mad. It´s everything else but not easier to create content with the new editor. It´s an ugly and annoying design with zero usability and a total downgrade. I can understand if people are upset because I am too.

Nobody did ask us, we are forced to beta test a senseless new editor. As mentioned, there are still workarounds to open the classic editor but this results in more clicks. I am somewhat annoyed by all this which means my post frequency will heavily slow down. I go even so far to research about other hosting companies because if they force the new editor upon us and if they remove the old editor completely, it´s likely that I will leave to switch to self-hosting to enjoy writing with the editor that always worked in my opinion.

For now, I just follow the mentioned thread about the issue and watch what will happen but it might be that I meanwhile explore other options like different hosts because it´s a major problem for me if they force me to use tools that just got downgraded.

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