Optical Illusion In The Garden Pond

What do you see in the pond? All my family members and friends do think the same, something strange is happening in the garden. Can you see it too? What do you think?

Optical Illusion In The Garden Pond

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You Can Get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection For Free…

Electronic Arts, the publisher of The Sims, announced on one of their blogs that you can grab The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for free until July 31st, 2014 at 10AM PDT. So if you grab it for free before this date, you can keep this game forever. They explained very well how you can grab it for free to add it to your library:

1. Start by downloading and installing Origin. If you already have Origin you can skip to step 3.
2. Not an Origin member? Create a free Origin Account to get in the game.
3. Launch Origin and log into your Origin Account.
4. From the ‘Games’ tab in the Origin menu, select ‘Redeem Product Code’ and enter the code I-LOVE-THE-SIMS

This is all you need to do to grab this game for free and to keep it forever, if you are not to late to read this news!

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Daily Prompt: Musical Marker

The Daily Post came up with a nice Daily Prompt today that they call Musical Marker. If you listen and like music, it´s often that you get memories if you listen to song that you heard in a special period of your life. Today, the question is about the music that could remind us of the summer 2014 if we hear the song in the future.

I love this question because I love music and listen pretty much music. Usually I would say that it´s hard to answer because I have many favorite songs in certain periods and my taste can change often or I simply discover new songs that the list gets bigger and bigger. But for summer 2014 there is one song that I really heard pretty often and it´s a song that is currently in the German charts and they do play this song several times a day in the radio for example.

The song is by Lilly Wood & The Prick but it´s the remix by Robin Schulz and the song is called Prayer in C. To be honest, this is a song that forced me to instantly move some of my body parts because the beat works so well and the melody is beautiful. Here is the Robin Schulz remix on YouTube…

But even the original song is beautiful. Here is the original version of Lilly Wood & The Prick on stage and live…

This song works so well in my ears. For dancing and party I really prefer the beat of the remix but I even like the original version as said.
If I will hear this song years later, it will probably instantly remind me to the summer 2014 because I have heard this song everywhere this summer.

What is you song of the summer 2014?

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Random Garden And Dog Snapshots

Here are some more photos from the garden that I mentioned here and here. And there are also some photos of the dog Billy. My mother took all the photos with her smartphone and did send them to me via WhatsApp. This garden is really great for their dog.

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Back To The Roots of This Blog

This article here is mainly addressed to the friendly people who stop by regularly to read my blog. But this article is also there to write some things down for myself.

Some time ago I created another blog where I mainly wanted to write about technology and computer games related subjects. The reason was to try out niche blogging and to publish my future technology related articles there and not here anymore, because I thought too many subjects could confuse my readers.

I noticed pretty soon that it isn´t my thing to manage more than more blog at once. I did put the idea with the technology blog aside for a while but I came back to the idea with the niche blog later again. You can see there was a lot of flip-flopping going on.

Until today I didn´t like to care for more than one blog. And I thought a lot about all this over the last days.  Again I came to the thought that the new blog achieved just one thing, I was again annoyed to manage both blogs and I learned something about the way I want to blog and the reasons why I did set up this blog where you read the article right now.

In 2013 I gave myself some answers that were so clear that I don´t even know today why I created a second blog in the technology niche, when I already prefered to blog on my general blog here anyway. In February 2014 I noticed again why I dislike niche blogging, but I didn´t listen to myself and tried it again and again.

One thing is clear, I love this general and broad blog you read right now. And all the last weeks I was more and more thinking that I should export all the articles from my newer blog to this one here, to go back to the roots, to have a broad blog where I can put down all my thoughts about all my interests. This is how everything started here in 2011. I created the blog here to have a place where I can write about anything and all my interests, no matter if this blog will have tons of different subjects.

The intention with the newer technology blog was good. I thought it would be better for the readers if I don´t mix too many subjects here and created the other blog for the technology subjects, so that only photography and photo stories would be published here in the future. I got the idea and nobody suggested me to manage more than one blog. It was me who tried that. But over and over again I got the impression that this is not me. I am a private person and not a business that can pack out hundreds of articles a day to spread them all over to a network of blogs. I´m a single person and not a company that hires many writers. I got more and more the thoughts that I had to pull the plug.

Today I did that. I deleted and exported every article of my technology blog over to the blog here. I am passionate about many things and if I would create a niche blog for all my interests, I would end up with a hand full of different blogs if not even more. I simply want to write about things that I am interested in, no matter how mixed the subjects of this blog will be. This was the main intention I had when I created this blog in 2011. And this is how I want to blog again in the future, which is why I had to delete my other blog.

Some of you told me that you don´t see a problem if there are too many subjects on my blog as you would just skip the subjects that aren´t of you interest. And some of you were right, this is how it worked for a while when I published all my technology and computer game articles here with a hand full of other subjects like my photo stories. Not everyone liked this kind of variety but anyway I was able create a community around my content. It´s just that you skipped some subjects to come back later if there were your favorite topics.

So, I met already a dozen of pretty cool other bloggers and this community works even if you don´t write on a niche blog. It´s more than this here in the WordPress community. The blogs don´t have to be about certain subjects, they are often rather about personalities. I simply want the freedom to explore what ever topic goes through my head. This is how I started and how I should do it again in the future. This is why I will give up on the second blog that I had running additionally to the one you read right now. I don´t want to be stuck to something, I don´t want to limit myself to write about one specific topic only.

This is me, this really reflects how I do think. Then I did set up this blog for self-improvement. I wanted to improve my English, because it´s my second language apart from my native language German. I do believe there are proceedings when I compare my 2011 and 2014 articles. Self-improvement also because blogging is pretty much a thought process, and this process taught me a lot about myself. I can´t need any topic specific limits in this process. Writing in niche blogs, that is not me. Writing in a broad blog, that is me and that is where I feel fun.

To end this too long article, I just wanted to say that you will find technology related articles again on this blog in the future and in a mix with all the other subjects you saw anyway.

So, it won´t change much, it´s just that you might see more mixed subjects again, especially the technology articles that I published back then before I experimented with a niche blog. But I give up on the technology niche blog. I go back to the roots now with this blog here. Just wanted to write about my decision.

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Battlefield Hardline Delayed To 2015

According to an official article on the Battlefield blogs, Visceral Games and EA will delay Battlefield Hardline to 2015. They state that they got a lot of feedback from the players during the beta phase of BF Hardline and they really would like to implement a lot of the ideas and shared this list of the most wanted changes. They say that they think that the right thing to do was to take more time to ensure Hardline is the best and mentioned the following changes they want to work on…

1. Multiplayer Innovation: Coming out of our E3 beta, internal focus tests, and work with our community, we have received a lot of great Multiplayer thinking. We’re going to be adding some new feature ideas direct from the community that will evolve the cops and criminals fantasy into a truly unique Battlefield Multiplayer experience.

2. Single Player Story Depth: In order to ensure our Single Player experience delivers on player expectations, we’re spending more time polishing our core features, as well as adding a few new ones that will support a deeper “crime revenge” story experience.

3. Stability: This has been a focus for our team since day one and we’re going to be using the extra time to continue to optimize the game for a stable launch. We have learned a lot from Battlefield 4, are continuing to learn from our Community Test Environment and will learn more from another Hardline beta. More time allows us to surface issues that the team can attempt to fix prior to launch.

To calm down the crowd that is upset about EA because of the Battlefield Hardline development as some fear that Battlefield 4 won´t get attention by the publisher and developers anymore, they write that the DICE teams continue to drive Battlefield 4 while Visceral works on Battlefield Hardline.

See the full news about the delay of Battlefield Hardline on the official Battlefield blog.

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Close-up shot of some beautiful miniature flowers…

Close-up shot of a miniature flowerbed in the garden

I took the images of this beautiful miniature flowerbed in the garden that I mentioned here and here. As always, I don´t know the name of the flowers but I know they are beautiful, which is why I had to take this photo. If you like, you can find more flower photos on my blog. But you can also click through the related flower articles below this article.

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Billy And The Garden Again

As I mentioned weeks ago, my mother and her husband have a garden now that they rent in our town. It´s still a lot to do like removing the weeds for example. Today they were again in the garden and I just live 15 or 20 minutes away when I walk. They called me if I want to come in the garden and I said yes because I wanted to go jogging anyway and then I would have a destination. Yes, by the way, I do go run again. I did that last year but at some point I gave up in winter or so but it´s time again as I got a little pot belly, while I am generally rather a thin person, so that the pot belly even if it´s a small one, does not fit to my body. But that just as a side story why I run now.

Back to the topic. I ran to the garden and met my mother and her husband there who already worked hard to pull up weeds. It was a very warm day and I was melting because of my sprint but they didn´t look different because of the garden work. I saw the garden already for a short time but today I had more time to take a look and I shot some new photos for my blog, that I will upload as always over time in single articles or in small batches.

But let me start with some garden images now anyway. Here you can see the dog of my mother and her husband. Billy seems to enjoy the garden too. Here he looks into the pond because he noticed the fishes…

Billy looks into the pond because there are fishes

Here you can see him near the pond too but this is not the only place he checks out…

Billy In The Garden

Here you can see the beautiful pond of the garden…

The beautiful pond

And here are some photos of the fishes of the pond but it was not easy to take photos of them because of the bird protective net…

There are different kind of flowers near the pond but not only there…

If you go this way, you will go in the direction of the neighbor’s garden that is now empty because it burned there before my mother and her husband got this garden…

Way behind our garden house and near the pond

But on the left side of the way you will find our small greenhouse that has busted windows because of the neighbor´s fire but the husband of my mother will fix the windows soon so that they can plant stuff there…

Greenhouse with bursted door and front windows

All the photos do not show the full garden but with this article and the other article together, you can get already a nice impression. I really like their garden but as said, they need to work on some things to get it right. But it´s a quite big garden and very beautiful. It will be even more beautiful if they work in the garden. I offered already my help because I can combine some things… jogging to the garden, bathe in the sun and taking new photos of plants.

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Big And Small

Big And Small Dog Meme

This is a snapshot of my grandpa standing in front of my uncle´s dog Schani. It´s just a snapshot but I thought it would be funny to give the image a caption or a speech bubble because, sometimes I really like to create memes. I shot the photo on the campground in Salem. Do you think the caption in the speech bubble fits?

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German History,… Going Through The Forest With Friends,…

My friends and me live in Lübeck as I often wrote. Today was one of the hot summer days and it was so hot in my apartment. The apartment was totally warmed up and I thought it might be hot outside too but there will be more air than in my apartment. I called two friends by phone and asked if they would like to meet each other. One of my friends lives directly near the city and me too but the other friend lives more outside of Lübeck. Our city is in the most northern German federal state called Schleswig-Holstein but the city is not too far away from East Germany and the East German federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. I said one of my friends lives more outside of the city and what I mean is, that he lives less far away from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern than we do. Today I came up with the idea that we visit him to drink a few beers. The headline of this article starts with “German History..” and let me tell why…

He lives directly in front of a forest that is quite big for a Forest in our area. While he still lives in Schleswig-Holstein, the forest that is just hundreds of meters away from him, divides our federal state Schleswig-Holstein with the mentioned East German federal state called Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. To go into the forest, you just need five minutes from his home, but then if you are in the forest you can go and go and there is no end of forest. That was our plan today. We took some beer and went into the forest to talk and to enjoy the nature.

Talking about the both states and the nice forest, we also wanted to find traces of the German east and west division in the history. The borderline, I mean the iron curtain was not too far away from Lübeck and that´s what I am talking about. We always lived in the German Federal Republic but at the time of the iron curtain, the German Democratic Republic (GDR) always has been in direct neighborship with us and just one “brink” away, I´m talking about the forest again that basically was the borderline.

The forest is called Marli-Brandenbaum on the West German side and Palinger Heider, Hohe Meile or Halbinsel Teschow on the East German side if we talk in terms of the iron curtain, or today in terms of the borderline of the both modern German federal states in the north-east. This is what I mean when I talk about German History because today we did something that we could´t have done decades ago because Germany was divides. Today we went into the North German forest part until we reached the East German part of the forest. Today we did cross the border of two German federal states in the north-east and in the past we would have crossed the border of two countries, but it wouldn´t have been possible!

Enough said, now I just want to show you a little part of German history. The photos are snapshots and I can´t show you much, but what I show you, that does have historic relevance we should never forget. We went over an hour directly into the forest and didn´t have much more time as a friend was like a child and complained about all the midges. Also the photo quality is not good as I shot the images with my phone that does not take good pictures in a dark environment like a forest… but then again, the photos are still important. Enough, here is what I mean…

Former Borderline East Germany... Kolonnenweg (Plattenweg)

Deep in the forest you find the concrete trail of the image above. This trail was part of the death strip that divided West and East Germany. It was a border monitoring trail of the border police and military of the former GDR. Basically a relict of this time, directly in a forest. It was one part of a much bigger border system, the so-called death strip with all the watch towers, mine fields and barbed wire fences. If you don´t care much about history, you probably say like a friend “It´s just a trail.”. If you care about history like me and another friend, you don´t go further, you wait, you take a deep breathe and feel what this place meant decades ago. By the way, this trail is visible the whole border along that divided Germany, I mean not only in our federal states. It´s a trail for miles and miles, just that nature took most of it back. We call this stripe “Grüne Zone”(in English the Green Zone) today. No matter how dark the History about this trail and the whole border is, nature claimed it back and it´s today one of the most healthy biotope of Germany along the old borders.

Siegfried Apportin Stone

On the photo above you can see a memorial stone. It´s a stone about the person called “Siegfried Apportin”. He was skilled painter- and house decorator. Later he became sergeant of the East German People´s Police. At that time, he has been shot to death by a comrade. His comrade Leo Köpke has been convinced by a service of the West to defect. The comrade tried to convince Siegfried Apportin to defect as well but he didn´t want to and got shot to death by his comrade Leo, as I researched when I arrived at home.

As said, it´s sadly not much that I can show because a friend really complained about the forest and it became dark soon. But one other friend and me said that we will visit the forest again because he said that you can find much more stuff there like an old bunker and other border remains. We said that we will meet each other one morning to have a breakfast and then we will go much deeper into the forest as we will have more time from the morning on. Just not sure when we will do this but we talked already about it. You can find much more there than just the mentioned trail, if you one of your friends is not a sissy who has problems with midges (laughing).

Anyway, here are some other forest snapshots that are not related to history but shot in the same forest. Also bad quality but still shows the beautiful forest there…

Let´s see if I will get some better photos of this place in the future. I will try some day.

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