Cat Test Photo In Black And White

Here is a photo that I took with the 18-105mm kit lens fully zoomed in to get a close-up shot of my cat. I don’t know, I really like to shoot close to 105mm. I don’t know, I think this photo is not too bad, but I disliked the colours and decided to change the image to black and white afterwards with Lightroom.

Shyna Black And White

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Funny Test Shot And My First Impressions With The D7100

I was the whole afternoon at home, experimenting with my new Nikon D7100. After some time I had the basics down. I first had to learn how to mount the lens to the camera, I also did put my UV filter on the lens as protection, and then the lens hood but all that was easy. A much bigger challenge was to attach the strap to the camera but after a while I featured out how it works.

There are a hell of a lot of buttons on the camera. It took me a while to understand some basic buttons but to be honest, I still don’t understand most of them and it will take some time. I learned how to format the SD card through the menu, but then I noticed tons of other entries in the menu that I didn’t want to touch yet. Everything at the proper time.

It was more essential to me to find out how I can take pictures and I also looked through the viewfinder because I was very curious what kind of difference it would make if I change the focal length of the kit lens. My kit lens goes from 18mm to 105mm and I started to prefer to set the lens close to 105mm. That seemed to be very suitable for closer shots of my cat Shyna. As I was inside where it is very boring, she was the only interesting subject and had to serve as model.

My first images looked very blurry but after reading some more pages in the manual, I noticed that I can hold the trigger button and the camera would focus automatically. At least if I have auto focus enabled. Then I learned how to manually focus, that is pretty much fun too and I am sure this will be very handy.

The camera was set to auto mode, so that the camera would decide for all parameters. I didn’t want to try out to set all things manually as I am still new to this. With this mode I started to shoot several photos. I’d say most of the photos were not really great, but I was still practicing. One of the reasons why I wanted to have a DSLR, was the shutter speed and fast focusing, the D7100 works like butter and it is really fun.

That means I have now much more possibilities. You don’t miss anything, with my digital camera it would take time until the shot would happen due to slow focusing, but this is not really a problem with a DSLR. It’s a hell of fun because you can really get the image in the moment you want and you get funny results…

One of the test shots with the D7100

To be honest, I just shot several images while my cat was eating. I wouldn’t say that the image above is super great, but I like that you can freeze the moment due to the fast camera. In this case she munched, which is why you see her tongue twisted in her mouth. Freezing the moment, that is something I really missed when I shot with my point and shoot. Now with the DSLR, I think there will be some funny results in the future.

Another thing, but I have no example uploaded yet, is that the images are in such a high-resolution and even if you crop parts of the image there will be still so much details. As someone who likes to fiddle with Photoshop, that is something I really needed. Even if you zoom deep into the image, there is so much detail and everything is sharp, I love that! I think I should create a Flickr account so that I can save the high-resolution files there, because they are big and I don’t want to fill up the web space of my blog too fast, for my blog I have to resize images but embedding them from Flickr would be a solution.

So, after this day I can say the camera is already fun. I am very interested to learn how to control this camera without auto mode. I don’t regret that I bought the camera, but talking about the 18-105mm kit lens, it’s not really an impressive lens but I was aware about this before I bought the camera kit. I think it is a good lens to practice but I will purchase a prime lens once I understand the camera completely. You don’t really get depth of field with this lens but that is something I really would like. I need a lens that makes good bokeh effects. I am also very interested in a macro lens to make extreme close-up shots of flowers and insects but I will upgrade things over time as all this will cost money. Now I am just happy that I have a camera that I can build up on in the future.

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Finally, My First DSLR…

My First DSLR

A small update here. Some of you know that I did fight with myself if I should buy the new Nikon D7200 or the D7100. To be honest, I had already headache because of too much thinking. Today I decided to buy the D7100.

This camera was price reduced due to the D7200 release and I had the budget for it. I now had some savings leftover that I could use to get me a camera bag and other stuff, and then I still have money that I can use elsewhere. I decided that that this camera should be enough for a DSLR beginner like me.

So, finally, I bought my first DSLR. I might talk about this in more detail later on, but probably I will forget it, I think the camera will keep me busy for several days. I need to learn a lot now. This is the small update, now I can’t wait to charge the battery to finally get my hands on it. And don’t expect to find better photos here in the future, I am absolutely not sure how this will work out ;)

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I Played Through Mass Effect And Here Comes My Recommendation

Mass Effect Screenshot 1

I just played through Mass Effect over the last days and to be honest, if you are into science fiction stories and if you like roleplay games on computer, this is the game you seriously have to get. This is the first thing I need to mention, because the story alone is epic.

Apart from that you will get on a journey that will teach you a lesson of digital art, yes, everything you see in the game is pure art and designed with love in my opinion. I had to say this, because both aspects created a really immersive atmosphere and this is reason enough to say this is a bomb of a game.

Mass Effect Screenshot 5

Visually and storywise, I can say my jaw dropped several times while I played through the game. When you start the game, you have to create your character, you have to choose your class, you set some other parameter, and then you can decide how your character should look like.

That is pretty common for roleplay games, and the part I like a lot, because I love to customize 3D faces with an editor! You can even choose if you want to play a female or male character. In any case, your character is called Shepard, Commander Shepard to be exact, the protagonist of Mass Effect and your role. Here is the character look I came up with…

Please don’t see this article as a review, the article is meant as a suggestion to play the game but I can not go too deep into detail about the story. The problem with roleplay games is that you simply can not talk too much about the story of the games, because that is what makes them interesting. I don’t want to reveal anything about this as it would destroy the fun for you.

But some things can be mentioned, as said you play the role of Commander Shepard, you lead a squad and you are put into a galaxies where you have to make investigations and where you will be confronted with all kind of intrigues. Sometimes you can solve problems with rhetoric and if this fails you can solve the things by force of arms.

Mass Effect Screenshot 2

Another reason why this game is really great, you can talk with all kind of character you meet on your journey, you can decide if you want to talk with them, you can decide what you want to talk about with them, and you can choose your own answers. Do you prefer aggressive answers or do you think moderate behaviour will lead to the right direction? You decide it. This is what makes the game immersive, you really get into the role of the character you play.

This is of course known from roleplay games, but the developer BioWare is known to create very amazing roleplay games. Mass Effect is exactly that, they really put you into the story. In the game you decide what to search, where to go, how to approach the things and how to finish the job. I really played a lot of games, also a lot of very great games, but Mass Effect is one of the first class games as well.

If you love science fiction and roleplay games, this is a game you should get. The game is a little bit older and it usually doesn’t take too long until you find it heavily price reduced. The game is regularly on sale, that means you can grab it cheap if you wait for it. I really recommend to play this game.

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Rest In Peace Schani

Uncles Dog Schani

Yesterday we got a bad news. One of my uncles dogs had to be put to sleep due to very bad health conditions. I always called her Schani but I think my uncle wrote the name Schany. She was so cute and we all are sad to hear that she couldn’t make it.

Rest in peace Schani, I never will forget that you greeted me first when I visited my uncle. You might be in dog heaven right now, but you have your place on earth too, not only with the cute photos on my blog, but also in our hearts. Greet all the other pets we had to let go. To celebrate the time we had with you, I put some last photos of you in a gallery…

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Somewhere In Lübeck

Anywhere in Luebeck

Some days ago I went for a walk with my mother. We roamed near the inner-city of Lübeck. We took some photos with our phones. Above you can see one of the photos, we shot in the direction of the historic city where you see some churches of Lübeck.

But the historic district starts behind the white houses and there is also the Trave River. I assume it is not cheap to live in one of the white buildings, because the view on the other side is amazing. It’s most likely a nice place to have an apartment.

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Cities: Skylines Sold Over One Million Times

Originally posted on Tech Feeling:

Cities Skylines Screenshot

Paradox did it again, by now most people should be aware of the fact that they create awesome games. They touch genres that other developers and publishers gave up, and Paradox does it right, they create games that amaze people. The latest release was the city simulation game called Cities: Skylines.

And it seems the game sold like crazy, Paradox did mention in a recent forum post that they sold the game already over a million of times. CEO of Paradox Interactive Fredrik Wester said about the success of the game “We continue to be amazed at just how players have embraced Cities: Skylines. The game is still selling at a steady pace, which is remarkable for a game that has been on sale for well over a month. Once again, we want to thank everyone that has supported and continues to support this game.”.

Paradox is known to…

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Humble Bundle Offer: Origin Bundle 2

Humble Origin Bundle 2

I posted already about this gaming bundle on my other tech blog, but as it is tradition to write about games here too, it must be mentioned.

There is a really good deal on the Humble Bundle site. For $1 you can get the games Dragon Age Origin, Peggle, Dead Space 2, Medal of Honor Allied Assault and Command & Conquer and the Zero Hour expansion. You can decide the price but you have to pay at least $1.

If you pay the average of what other people paid (currently about $4.50 at the time I write this post) you will also get Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Dragon Age II, Bejeweled 3 and Mass Effect 2. And as always the Humble Bundle site will unlock additional games for you later.

All games are digital ones, you can activate some on Steam and some on Origin. Your payment is split between the Humble Bundle site and charity projects. You can even decide about the split, for example if you want to make the biggest piece go to charity.

This game bundle is full of great games. For me it is luck, I just played through Mass Effects today and didn’t own Mass Effects 2, but now I do with a couple of other games of this bundle. Good that they came up with this deal today, pretty much luck I’d say. I can now continue with the Mass Effects 2 story.

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Pier in Ratzeburg

Ratzeburg Domsee

Above you see another remaining photo of the day we enjoyed in Ratzeburg last weekend. It’s a good place for people with boats as they have several connected lakes and rivers there. We used our canoe on a connected and not too far away river in Salem last year. I hope we do this again this year. It’s fun.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 To Be Released This Year

Activision and Treyarch Studios announced that they will release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 this year. There is no exact release date mentioned but they wrote in a official post that we will hear on Sunday, April 26.

There were rumors about Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 even before the official announcement came. But now it’s confirmed from all sides. Activision did not only publish a blog post about it, they also mentioned the Black Ops 3 release on Twitter. Exciting news for Call of Duty fans.

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