Two Guinea Pigs

Two guinea pigs

Above is another photo I took last summer. These are the two guinea pigs of my little cousin. We had them on the laws for a photo shooting. It’s strange that I didn’t upload this photo until today, because I really think this one is very funny. But as mentioned often, it’s not easy to upload every photo you take.

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Still Not The Time For Flower Photos But…

If you took enough flower photos last year, you are probably still busy today to upload them. I still have flower photos from last year and I really should upload some of them even if it’s not a flower season yet. A thrill of anticipation comes up if you see flowers, and I am happy that it won’t take too long anymore until springtime begins because it would be cool to see some colours again.

Until then, I could just upload at least some of the photos that are left from the last year. Here is one that I found in my folders…


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Kitty Plays With The Chair

It’s just some days ago when I uploaded a photo to my blog where I explained that my cat really likes to play with chairs. Today I will show you a video where she does it. However, the video is still a bad example as she does this usually much crazier. Anyway, it’s still funny to watch…

There are some strange sounds in the video as I was very close to my gaming computer and the fans were rotating fast as a game was running. They sound louder in the video than they actually are (I have a silent computer), it’s just that my smartphone microphone seems to be very sensitive to sounds anyhow. That makes the video a little bit annoying, but it’s anyway a short video.

Hope the sounds didn’t distract from the video content. But I’d say it’s a spontaneous snapshot video anyway.

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Attentive Cat With A Heart

My cat on a chair

Above you see another shot I took a while ago. My cat Shyna was on the chair and looked very attentive out of the windows. I think the perspective is cool. You can see her chin and a small black marking under her mouth that looks a little bit like a heart. I think this is both, cute and funny.

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Cat Harness Training – Shyna On A Leash

Shyna on a leash 1

Last year when my mother and her husband got their garden parcel, I eventually got the idea that it would be fun if my cat Shyna could enjoy it outside too some day. The only time she was outside was when I got her, because I bought her on a farm and I could imagine that they did let the kittens out in the garden there. Apart from that, she saw the outside when I brought her to the vet. But other than that, she never has been outside which means she is a pure house cat and lives in my apartment.

When I got the idea to show her mom’s garden, the summer did already end. But I told them what they would think about the idea and they said “Sure, why not, but not if our dog Billy is there”. Shyna and Billy are no friends. My mother visited me once with her dog and we tried it, but Shyna immediately wanted to attack Billy. Fortunately my mother did stand in the entrance room of my apartment, which means I closed the door to my living room fast enough that Shyna couldn’t attack Billy. We tried it again once in a while but my cat does not like the dog of my mother. Billy wouldn’t even have a chance as he is smaller and slower than my cat. So, having them both in the garden, wouldn not be a great idea.

Today I was shopping and found a special cat leash, a cat harness. This product was quite cheap, I didn’t even pay more than 2 Euro. The leash is made in China and I don’t want to say that all Chinese products are bad, but in my experience there are quite a lot of cases where I found out that a German product does have better quality (material quality, workmanship). I thought the leash couldn’t be a problem but the plastic clasp of the harness could be an issue as same as the metallic clasp on the leash. I messed around with this thing to feature out if this is tear-resistant and was afraid that I could damage it in the shop, however, the parts appeared to be very resistant to the forces. I did end up grabbing the bargain as it seemed to be one of the good Chinese products.

Even if the garden is bounded by fences, we didn’t check every single small corner behind the bushes. Even dog of my mother did disappear once through a small hole in the fence that they closed after it happened. They fortunately found Billy not far away from the garden but that was luck due to the fact that he is old, fragile and too small to discover all kind of places in our city. However, even if I would proof that the fences are ok, I wouldn’t let my cat off the leash. She is smart and sporty, and I do believe she would like adventures, and a garden fence with some bushes is in my opinion not really a hurdle for a cat.

It’s still too cold her and we don’t go often to the garden. I planned to take my cat with me to the garden in the spring or summer time. That means I didn’t plan to buy a leash that earlier, it was pure coincidence that I found a good one that cheap today. What makes it great too is that I now can practice with her. She was never on a leash and I didn’t know how she would react. I wanted to practice it with her at home since it’s not garden time yet anyway.

That’s what my post is about today. She was very curious when I opened the wrapping. She always is curious about wrappings, and today I used her curiosity and implied with my voice that it is something for her. I have that special voice tone when I do so and I do mention her name, that means she became even more curious now. I also had her favorite treats to show her that we will have some fun now. I started slowly and put the leash on her.

It took me not too long to understand how it works, but I had to feature out how much I must open the collar part and the thing that I need to attach around her ribs. You don’t want to strangle your cat. Several tests and she became impatient with me. It made it more difficult but I could convince her with her favorite tasty treats. After some minutes I had the cat harness perfectly adjusted on her body and did clip the leash on it.

I was surprised how well she accepted it then. To be honest, I was extremely surprised how well she does understand the leash. She really noticed when she has to go with you and I did run with her from one room to the other and asked myself why I practice it with her if she does accept and understand it already. I believe it was also about her treats, because I use her favorite treats when ever I want to teach her something as I mentioned quite often on my blog. That means, she probably understood that this is yet another new game. I know when she has fun, and it seemed as if it would be a funny new game for her.

Cat harness training

After the training we took some photos that I want to show you now. I will do this now once a week with her, so that she will understand that the leash is not strange but something very normal. At the end it is just good for her because then she can enjoy it outside in the garden too some day when the weather becomes better. I really want to show her how it is to put the nose on a flower, to walk over the lawn, to see all the flies and other insects and so on. Though, I am a little bit afraid that she might moan after that experience when she is back home, that she will moan a lot to get back outside. I also should shower her after we did that, because she might have insects in her fur, I am especially concerned about ticks. However, it’s still some time until then. As promised, her are some photos we took today after testing the leash…

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Curry Flavoured Sausage

Curry Flavoured Sausage

On this photo you can see a sausage with curry flavour and mustard. Not to be confused with a real Currywurst! On the photo you see a very typical German sausage with a very unusual flavour when it comes to German sausages.

It’s basically just something new, an alternative if you are bored of all the other sausages you can find in Germany. The curry flavoured sausage is not a big thing here and has not the popularity like our real Currywurst that I linked in this post.

However, the sausage you see on the photo does taste great, I can tell you. As said, something new and surprisingly tasty. If I describe the taste, I’d say it’s a German sausage with that delicious Indian flavour.

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Chill Out On The Couch Near The Fish Tank

Chill Out Near The Fish Tank

Above you can see my smaller fish tank when this thing was still ok. Back then, me and my cat enjoyed to chill out on the couch near the fish tank in the evening because the lights of the fish tank were really relaxing. We both enjoyed it.

Overtime I got some trouble with the fish tank. I tested all water parameters regularly as I am very well-known about fish tanks and couldn’t find any issue, but still some fishes died each week so that I had not any left after some months. I think there was some kind of disease that did let my fish population cease. I was sad, of course because of the fishes, but also because you put so much efforts and money into it.

The problem is that the fishkeeping stores in our city are not that good. I had it once that I bought fishes that did look really bad. I do think they don’t take very well care about their water. What could I have done, killing the sick fishes I got? Of course not, I thought I could raise them up and save some of them. Well, I think this is how I basically did contaminate my fish tank with a disease. So, the lesson is to take much more care what kind of fishes you buy, I mean where you buy them, or better, not to buy in stores where it is apparent that they don’t take care about the water quality or fishes as well.

As there were no fishes anymore and as I did not buy new fishes to keep the population, I decided a while ago to empty my fish tanks. I think it was the right decision as I would just have put more and more fishes into it that would get the disease as well. I am also not really a fan of the chemical stuff you can use to treat the diseases, it’s just something else that the store that caused the problems wants to sell you. Apart from that, I have read about it and the first thing I thought was that it is definitely something I won’t put in a fish tank, as I heard other opinions of people who had even more trouble after they used it.

I am still interested to keep this hobby, because it’s really fun. It’s just that I need to find a better store and if I find one, I might set up my tanks again this summer. But only if I decided to buy me a DSRL camera, as this is something with highest priority on my wish list. But after that I might get into my fish hobby again, but I don’t know yet. In case I will do, I maybe even should rather buy fishes from private breeders who take care about their tanks as I did. Let’s see.

Anyway, I still have some photos and videos of my fishes that I might upload to my blog over time.

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Rainy Day In Lübeck’s Inner-City

Rainy Day in Lübeck

Above you can see a photo that I took in the inner-city of Lübeck on a rainy day. On the left side you can all kind of stores, and on the right side are passages to the beautiful market and it’s also the town hall building. The building on the right is really old and it’s Brick Gothic architecture I think, as many buildings here.

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Cat Plays With The Chair

My cat plays with the chair

Above you can see my cat Shyna playing with the chair. You might not believe me, but it sometimes looks as if she wants to destroy the chair, it’s extremely funny to see her raging.

That’s what I like about cats, you simply don’t know what is going on in their heads, but it must be interesting, laugh.

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If You Wait For The D7200 Announcement Too, You Need To Be Patient And Prepare To Be Disappointed

D7200 to be released soon?

When I use the word “disappointed” in the title, then because it could also happen that Nikon won’t announce the D7200 but instead another High-End-DSLR camera above the D7xxx specs and in this case above that price range.

You can find all kind of speculation in internet forums and on other blogs. Some people think that Nikon will of course announce the D7200, others discuss about a more expansive Nikon D9300 and some do even think that this camera could also be the long-awaited D400.

Do go on with the speculation, it could be both true or it could be both wrong. Maybe Nikon will announce the D400 and D7200, or maybe just one of them. Just to say it again, everything you find at the moment is pure speculation until Nikon comes up with some news.

However, there are these leaked documents that indicate that Nikon could announce the D7200 anytime soon, it’s just that people thought it would happen at the CP+ exhibition in Japan, but this didn’t happen.

The exhibition ended without any announcements about a D7200. The next idea was that Nikon could announce the camera on February 20, but since that date is past too, it seems interested people need to stay patient.

It’s soon March, and the next theory could be that we will hear an official announcement in March, but then again, its pure speculation until we hear something from Nikon. If you wait for the D7200 announcement, you are not the only one.

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