How To Force A Redirect To The Classic Editor Interface

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The Solution To Use The Classic Editor

If you are blogger at, this post here will help you to solve a big problem. As you have noticed, the decision makers at WordPress want to force you to use the recent new editor interface that is purely designed for mobile devices and for users who only create short-form content. This is of course a pain if you are desktop user and if you like to create long-form content as well. In this post you will learn how to get back to the classic editor permanently.

In the new editor form, we had a link back to the classic editor but that link is now gone too. WordPress does not have the intention to give us the link back as you can read here in the forums. If you go through this huge forum thread, you will find out too that they don’t care what users think.

Happiness Engineer at WordPress: I just confirmed with our team that there aren’t plans to bring that “edit in classic mode” link back to the newer editor. Given that, I’d definitely recommend bookmarking the classic editor in your browser so you can quickly open it to write new posts there.

Hence, the community has to create own solutions and I am lucky to announce that there are solutions to get rid of the new editor. In this post you will find the solution to basically restore the classic editor and I strongly suggest that you reblog this post as quite a lot of people might not be aware of the solution, people who maybe otherwise would stop to blog because the new editor is such a pain to work with.

Before we start, what you will do now is no rocket science, the steps are very easy! Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t take time, and it is absolutely not difficult!
All we need is a browser extension that can load user scripts. With this browser extension we will load a script that a fellow in our WordPress community created.

This script will then force a redirect to the good old classic editor whenever the new downgraded editor tries to appear. As said, if you have no idea, this sounds more difficult than it is. We have to thank the Penguin for this magic and wonderful redirect script! But now lets start to get rid of the new editor permanently…


1. We need to know what kind of web browser we use. You probably installed your favorite browser on your own so that you know what you use. If you are not sure, then check out this site that will tell you what kind of browser you do use.

2. Now we need a browser extension for our browser that can load user scripts. We pick one extension from this list that is compatible with our browser and install the extension. Read on and you will find my suggested extension for each browser.

Small side note: I can’t stress this enough, and I do evangelize and suggest family members and friends the same. If you don’t use them yet, do either install the Mozilla Firefox browser or the Google Chrome browser. Both browsers are superior over all others in any case, especially more flexible. I strongly suggest to use one of them for your daily web browsing instead of any other browser.

So, here is how you install the extension we need for our particular browser…

For Mozilla Firefox users:

Greasemonkey is a very well-known extension that can load scripts. Just open the Greasemonkey extension page and click on the green “Add to Firefox” button and install the extension.

For Google Chrome and Opera users:

Tampermonkey is a suggested extension that can load scripts. Just open the Tampermonkey extansion page and click on the blue button to add the extension.

For all other browser:

The extension installation might be more of a pain, as same as the script installation. But for Internet Explorer you can use TrixIE, and for Safari you can use the NinjaKit extension. You probably need to download the extension and put them in the right folder, as same as the scripts. I really don’t know how it works there. But again, I highly suggest to install and use Firefox or Chrome as your browser, because they are much more modern and flexible.

3. As we have an extension installed now that can load scripts, we just need to click on this link and a window will pop up where we choose to install the script.

That is all! Now, whenever we click a link to edit our posts and pages, the script will force a redirect to the good old WordPress editor. The new editor layout has no chance anymore to annoy you again. Wherever you click on edit on your blog, the good old editor appears and you never will see the new editor again.


It’s great that the Penguin came up with this great classic editor redirect script. Also check out how the script is made, if you are interested and if you can read lines of code. You can find the source code of the script here on GitHub.

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Shake Hands Kitty

Handshake Kitty

Not much new stories to tell, I’ve been quite busy with some bureaucratic stuff over the last days. You know, annoying paperwork and so. Apart from that, we had some really good days here and I would say we have the first signs of spring weather.

The husband of my mother and me went to the garden last sunday and we saw first flowers and noticed the first warm sunbeams. I didn’t take much pictures that day, I maybe have some on my phone.

But I have a new photo of Shyna for you as you can see above. With more sunlight, I can now again take better photos near the windows of my apartment. I love to make use of the sunlight and the photos are much better than compared to photos I took last autumn and this winter.

I mentioned already that I teach my cat some tricks. The handshake is one of the tricks she understands as I mentioned a while ago too. It’s good to use the trick when you want to have a funny photo with your cat. And in my opinion it is not bad to teach cat tricks.

I do also like how the sunlight reflected the colours of my red curtain on my hands and on her fur. It’s not always good, but in this case I do really like the effect as it looks interesting anyhow. I like the photo, it’s a snapshot, but a good one.

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Do You Listen Music While Doing The Housework?

I never thought that doing the housework would inspire me to write a blog post. Think again, it happened. First of all, the problem with the tension in the neck is less annoying today, and then I feel quite happy today and not sure why I am in such a good mood. Anyway, I felt a little bit bored after shopping and thought I clean my rooms and do some housework like washing the dishes, cleaning the floor and so. When I do this, I usually turn on my computer and YouTube to listen music.

So, doing the housework doesn’t feel like work if you listen to music, rather like a party. I think on this way it becomes fun! Cleaning the floor while listening music is like dancing on a floor, really. Every music works great but today I was in the mood for Santana as I played some Santana songs on the guitar before I started to do the housework.

Did I ever mention that I love dancing? Nobody taught me this, so, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I never was shy when it comes to music and I listen very careful to the beat and so. At some point, when I was young, I did just start to dance and developed my own style. So, nope, I am no expert, I am just not shy to move my body when I hear music. I didn’t even want to write about it, I am just inspired and happy today and just write the thoughts down I had in the moment.

Would be a great day to invite some friends for a beer. But I know some of them have the flu and I can’t count on them. Others might work this Saturday, but I am not sure if that is the case, I will call them later. Not sure, I just woke up with the best mood today.

Nope, I am not in love, I know this question would probably make sense. Not that I am generally unhappy, but today I am more than just happy. Do you know days when you feel full of zest for action? Of course you do, so, that is how I feel today. In case nothing goes on today with my friends, I might use the drive to write some drafts for my blogs, or something else. Let’s see. How are you doing?

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Tension In The Neck

That feeling when you can’t turn your head to one side anymore. It seems I have a tension in the neck. I had this a few times in my life, I guess we all had this at least once in our life? I still can remember the last time I had that, it was quite annoying. Now I have it again and it happened when I looked behind me, it seems I twisted a muscle or nerve while doing this. You know when you get old, ok now I am kidding because once I had a tension in the neck after a soccer match as a teenager as well, it can just happen.

It’s not that I will die because of it, but it is extremely annoying and even writing this post is somehow a pain too. I took a midday nap today and when I woke up it was worse, of course, because I probably turned to the side where my neck muscles are now tense while sleeping. I tried to watch TV but even that is quite difficult now. It’s quite a while ago when I had this the last time, but my experience is that it will go away after three or four days.

Too bad that I don’t have a hot-water bag at home, I know this would help, maybe I should fill a bottle with warm water, I could use that for some minutes, it’s just not that comfy like a bag. Anyway, I don’t cry, tension in the neck is more annoying than painful, unless I look to the left now. I will wait this out on the weekend, otherwise I might need a massage next week.

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My Disappointment About The Missing D7200 Tilt Screen

So, after the official Nikon D7200 announcement, it gets a little bit more complicated when I think about my purchase decision.

As mentioned earlier, I basically have the budget for the D7100 but waited for the D7200 announcement as I think there are some missing features when it comes to the D7100. I assumed that the D7200 will be released with the missing features. I was partly right, because the D7200 will come with built-in WiFi and NFC. However, I expected that the D7200 will come with another nifty upgrade, a tilt screen, but I was wrong.

As mentioned in my D7200 announcement article, the camera will come with several upgrades that will make this camera probably perform better, especially in low-light scenarios due to the increased native ISO range, and with the improved buffer, the camera will also perform better in burst mode. But every new camera will perform better and that was never the point why I waited. I am pretty much aware what I need or what I want, and the D7100 would absolutely make me happy, except that this camera had some modern features missing as the built-in WiFi and the articulating screen.

In photography related forums, people told me that I will use the viewfinder most of the time anyway and that a swivel screen is not really necessary. I have to disagree and I think that everyone should decide for their own. But if you ask me, I see all kind of situations where I would use the tilt screen. People who know me already might know, it’s obviously cat or pet photography in general. I think I would prefer to kneel while looking down on a screen instead of kissing the floor. Same for flower and insect photography or even shots above high fences (I remember of a YouTube video where a photographer shot nice photos of aircraft over the big security fence of the airfield, while he praised how handy the tilt screen is), to name a few examples. Yes, I probably would use the viewfinder most of the time, but still I don’t see a reason why a camera or photographer shouldn’t have a swivel screen.

That means, if I do give up the thoughts about the tilt screen, I wouldn’t really see a reason to buy the D7200. The D7200 will come out in April, so, instead I would probably rather buy the D7100 in April as the price of the camera will most likely drop when the D7200 is out. That is my point.

Another solution would be that I now go back to watch some more reviews about alternatives, maybe a to the D7100 equivalent camera from Canon, I will research. However, one thing is sure, in case I don’t find another camera, I would wait till April now anyway, either because of the D7100 price drop, or because I want to get the D7200. But first of all, I will do my research now.

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DSLR Camera D7200 Officially Announced By Nikon

There have been all kind of rumors about the D7200, but now it’s official, Nikon announced the D7200 camera, the D7100 successor.

The D7200 release date and shipping starts in April and the body only will cost around $1,199.95 as you can find out on the D7200 product page. That means the D7200 will cost around $200 more than the D7100, however, you probably can expect that the price of the D7100 will decrease a little bit in April when the D7200 is shipping.

The D7200 comes with built-in WiFi and NFC, that means you don’t have to buy an adapter as you would need with the D7100. However, many people wished the D7200 would also feature an articulating screen, but as the D7100, the D7200 won’t have a tilt screen either and that is pretty disappointing for many. If you want to see a full comparison of both cameras, check out the Nikon D7200 and D7100 comparison sheet.

Here are some major changes: Nikon did increase the buffer for the D7200 significantly while the camera can shoot 6 FPS in continuous shooting mode. The increased buffer will support up to 100 JPEG photos and up to 18 shots of 14-bit RAW files. If you set the quality to 12-bit, the buffer will be able to hold around 27 shots. They also increased the battery life from 950 shots to around 1110 shots. Apart from that the camera will feature a higher native ISO range (ISO 100-25,600), the camera has an upgraded AF system (sensitive to -3EV vs. -2EV) and the camera will use the EXPEED 4 Image Processor. All the other changes you can find in the comparison sheet are rather minor.

You can already find several people complaining on social media sites and in photography related forums that the D7200 is just a micro upgrade to the D7100. Others expect that this camera will do far better in burst mode and low-light scenarios. I think we need to wait, to find out how well the D7200 is doing, we might find first samples and reviews very soon.

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Some Changes To My Other Tech Blog

I have another tech blog that I called Tech Feeling, but I rarely post on that blog. My personal blog here is way more established when we talk about search engines. It’s often quite easy to rank certain posts as my blog here is doing quite well, but as the other blogs is newer it’s of course more difficult there. That means you can still expect technology related articles here in the future. Also because I like that kind of personal writing style I developed here. But all that is nothing new and I wrote about the issue with my two domains several times.

More new is that I also had problems to write on the other blog because I used a theme over there that forced me to constantly search for fresh images related to the issues I wrote about. I can tell you, themes that rely on featured images only, they are absolutely not my thing. I love to add images to my posts, but if I am forced to do this, it’s a whole nother story. You don’t have an image for every topic, you can seek public domain images but it really slowed me down and I lost the motivation to write on my second blog very soon and did it rather irregular then. I would immediately lose the motivation here too, if the theme of my personal blog would force me to hunt for images, to shoot images or to create screenshots regularly.

So, I had to make some changes over there. I searched for other themes. I dislike to make decisions and I always do find some minor problems I can beef about, even while testing themes. It’s a while ago when I used the Yoko Theme on one of my irrelevant blogs that I have for test reasons. Apart from that, I have seen the theme in action on other blogs. I activated it now on my Tech Feeling blog, because I love minimalism and simplicity in design. The theme does really fit to my other blog and it has not the issues of the theme I used earlier. I can, but I don’t have to use images for my articles with that theme. That is good. It’s actually that good that I might even activate it here some day if I would find an alternate theme for the other tech blog.

But then again, this doesn’t mean that I set the focus on the other blog now. I mainly did that to make it less annoying in case I want to publish articles there.
When you set up a blog, it’s all about you, which means you must put away the hurdles and set everything up that you can enjoy your blog. I think I will enjoy it more now, if I want to write spontaneously on the other blog.

The only thing that does still annoy me about my second domain is the fact that I do basically compete with myself. While I write a lot of personal stories here, I have written quite a lot of articles or tutorials about technology related subjects here too. It’s smarter to publish them here due to the established domain, but on the other side the initial idea to branch that stuff out to a niche domain was not too bad. But to repeat that, the main traffic of my personal blog here is caused my technology related articles, which means I do absolutely compete with myself when I have two technology blogs. However, the new domain name is much more appealing to me that the domain name of my personal blog here, which is why I probably rented the new domain. But for now I know how to handle the problem.

It’s not too bad to have several domains as you can create cross-articles with links to push what ever you wrote on the other blog. But for now it’s just a matter of my mood, if I want to stay objective or subjective, that will make me decide where I publish the draft. I am at least sure that I won’t give up the technology category on my personal blog here, I did put too much articles in this category over time. Until today I had a more personal writing style here, while I was more objective on the other blog. This is ok for now, and I can link between both blogs anyway. I enjoy subjective writing, but I can use the other domain to practice staying objective. That is how I did handle the situation since some time.

At some point I did even have the idea to write in German on the other blog, but that was just an idea. It’s actually not a bad idea anyhow, but Germany with all the rules and laws, it’s annoying and only my private domain would defend me of any trouble. So, this is not what I will do for now. Overall, it doesn’t really matter what I will do with the second domain as the yearly fee for a domain is a complete joke and won’t hurt me. That is why I didn’t abandon the newer domain over there. But what I will do with it, that question is up since months already and I see it as an experiment. For now I just post irregularly there. As said, it doesn’t hurt. It’s at least more likely now that I will post over there due to the new theme because the other theme was really a big problem.

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Two Guinea Pigs

Two guinea pigs

Above is another photo I took last summer. These are the two guinea pigs of my little cousin. We had them on the laws for a photo shooting. It’s strange that I didn’t upload this photo until today, because I really think this one is very funny. But as mentioned often, it’s not easy to upload every photo you take.

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Still Not The Time For Flower Photos But…

If you took enough flower photos last year, you are probably still busy today to upload them. I still have flower photos from last year and I really should upload some of them even if it’s not a flower season yet. A thrill of anticipation comes up if you see flowers, and I am happy that it won’t take too long anymore until springtime begins because it would be cool to see some colours again.

Until then, I could just upload at least some of the photos that are left from the last year. Here is one that I found in my folders…


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Kitty Plays With The Chair

It’s just some days ago when I uploaded a photo to my blog where I explained that my cat really likes to play with chairs. Today I will show you a video where she does it. However, the video is still a bad example as she does this usually much crazier. Anyway, it’s still funny to watch…

There are some strange sounds in the video as I was very close to my gaming computer and the fans were rotating fast as a game was running. They sound louder in the video than they actually are (I have a silent computer), it’s just that my smartphone microphone seems to be very sensitive to sounds anyhow. That makes the video a little bit annoying, but it’s anyway a short video.

Hope the sounds didn’t distract from the video content. But I’d say it’s a spontaneous snapshot video anyway.

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