Red Heaven Over The Garden

Red Heaven

My mother took the image above of a red heaven when we were in the garden to have a barbecue. Not much to add other than the fact that I love it when the heaven is somewhat red in the evening. My smartphone camera would have problems to expose this scene but the phone of my mother is really good at it.

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The First Photos of Shyna, Old-Times

It’s interesting, I never uploaded the very first photos we took when Shyna moved as a kitten into the apartment where I lived at that time. The only photo that I uploaded of that time is the one that the breeder took. That was the photo before I gave her a home. What I will show you now, that are the photos that I took the early days of her arrival in her new home. All the photos in this post are shot at that time.

Shyna was already as a kitten funny

I sadly have not much photos of that time because I saved them on my old computer and the hard drive broke soon after that time. I was sad about the loss of the photos but there was nothing else to do apart from getting used to the thoughts that I don’t have photos of her young kitty life anymore. But years later I found the broken hard drive in one of the boxes where I did keep old computer hardware and with more knowhow at that time, I immediately got the idea to plug the broken hardware as a secondary device into a newer system. Of course, the hard drive was still broken but as I did run Windows on the first device I was able to access the secondary broken hard drive from there with data recovery tools that I installed.

Shyna on my back

I can tell you that it was not funny to go through all the data because most files had no real names anymore, all files had a mix of really strange alphabetical and numeral file names due to the broken sectors of the hard drive and the resulting read fault errors. Yes, in this case you can often just hope that you can at least recover a few files, and it takes time to find them because you manually have to dig through a jungle of still healthy files that are named like hieroglyphs. However, it was worth the work and even if I couldn’t recover all important files, I am happy that I at least found some still intact image files of my cat in her young years. I didn’t find all of her photos but the fact that I found a few, that made me very happy because it is better to have some photos of that time instead of none. Today I want to present them to you, but not only this, I also want to store them on my blog to secure them for the future.

My first apartment was very chaotic, you maybe heard of young and drunken wannabe guitar players, but my cat seemed to enjoy the chaos because there were so many things to discover and so many places to play hide and seek with me. She also got to know all my friends who stopped by to party with me. But it was the first time I started to use the volume knob of my stereo equipment of that time to turn the knob into the other direction, to direction to lower the volume, because I did now have to care about my cat. I am sure my neighbors loved it and if they would have known that it was because I got a cat, they would have thanked her. My friends respected it but we started to use my apartment only for civilized sit-ins and the apartments of friends who had no pets for louder parties and if we wanted to get crazy.

I was not the only one who thought my cat would be really cute. My friends liked her too and several family members as well. My mother usually stopped by once in a week but when my cat moved in, she visited me everyday to take a look and to see my cat growing up. Most visitors wanted to pet my cat or wanted to play with her but Shyna decided if she allows it or not. As the name implies, she was shy, but today I would rather say she was and is careful but not necessarily shy. As cats, we humans decide very careful too what kind of people we want to have around us. My cat didn’t like anybody but she trusted and enjoyed the presence of my mother. They became friends too and play together up today when my mother visits me.

I offered a lot of cat toys and also did attach a carpet to one of my walls where Shyna could climb. Previously I bought something in a pets store that had the same function but Shyna destroyed it already after some days. I decided to attach a carpet and it worked much better and there was more space to climb up the wall. I also attached some cat toys on a cotton but my mother told me one day later that this wouldn’t be a very good idea because it would be very dangerous for the cat when I am not at home. I agreed and removed the cotton and toys from the wall.

At the end I will show you some other photos that are not in good quality and that I shot in my first apartment back then. All photos of that time are very important to me because they all are reminders how little Shyna was. All photos you saw here are photos that I basically lost, until I used the data recovery tools. I am so happy that I could secure some of the old photos.

Later, when Shyna was almost grown, I decided to move out of my very first “bachelor apartment” because I became more mature too and wanted to have a more beautiful home. Apart from that I also thought that my first apartment was not only too little for me but also for my cat. Now you saw some photos of the old-time when she still was small and a kitten. I hope you enjoyed her kitty photos. Thanks for following Shyna’s stories here.

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New York Yankees Cat

New York Yankees Cat

Going through my folders on my hard disk, I found the photo above. This photo is leftover from a small set of photos that I uploaded here. Not sure why I didn’t add it to the old post but I can think of some reasons why I don’t post always all photos at once…

When you upload some photos of the same set months later, you can highlight the older content with a link in your post. Another reason is that I don’t post all photos of a scene or of a set at once because I like to show them stepwise. Then I usually edit my photos either with Photoshop or Lightroom, when I want to correct some things but I am too lazy to edit several photos at once if I have not the time to do so.

On the day when we took the photos, I did annoy my cat with the New York Yankees cap. My cat likes to prank me, she does for example often hide my freshly laundered socks anywhere in the apartment. Of course I have to think out pranks too. On the photo you can see one of my pranks. Hope it made you smile.

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Some Ideas That Will Help You To Find A Domain Name

Pencil Photo


Some time ago I had the idea to create a second blog, a pure technology related blog. I am still owner of the domain but didn’t start to work on this blog as my personal blog here keeps me busy and I couldn’t get used to the idea to manage two blogs at once. But the idea is still not off the table and that is the reason why I still didn’t cancel the domain. At that time, I wanted to think out a good domain name and found the domain name I had also other websites and domains in the past and when it comes to research of available domain names, I have a lot of ideas that can be very helpful and I want to show you some in this article.

Pen And Paper

If you want to write about a wide range of subjects as I do here on my blog, the name shouldn’t be too specific but if you search a domain name for a niche blog, you could nail it down and find terms that are very related to your niche. There are even other possible ways to think out names but in all cases I suggest you to start with a very common technique, it’s called brainstorming. Yes, I suggest you to start with pen and paper. Write down all terms that you like and that are related to your blog, to your project and ideas. I suggest you to go crazy and write as many words down as you can think of. The more the merrier and if you can come up with a huge list, it will be helpful, but if you can’t you will be able to expand it later on. I will give you some ideas how you can do this.

Domain Name Availability

Before we go into detail, we should know how to check out if a domain is still available and for sale. Most hosting providers offer tools on their sites that you can use to check if a domain name is still free. I suggest you to use domain check tools of big and very well-known companies as you can be sure that they don’t steal and register your thought out domain names. The company 1&1 is for example very reliable and offers a domain checker that you can use to check the availability of a domain. You can use the tool later when you wrote down several potential domain names and on this way you can find out if your ideas are already taken or not.

Fancy Word Combinations

Later, if you check out domain names it will happen that several of your ideas are already taken. There are of course many people who registered domains already and the chance to get a single word domain is very little unless you create your own fancy names as many internet startups did and still do it.

Find Alternative Words

The internet is so overpopulated that even many two-word domains are taken but yet we still shouldn’t worry about it. After brainstorming, you probably have already several terms that you like and if the combinations are already taken, I suggest you to search for synonyms. You can for example take any of your words from the list and put them in the search box of Thesaurus and you will get several similar words, so-called synonyms. There are many more sites and you can also ask Google things like “synonym for journal” if you want to find similar words to “journal”.

Play Some Scrabble

If you search for words that start with special letters, there is this site called Scrabble Finder. Type one letter or even letter combinations in the search field and you will get several suggestions of words that contain the letters. Alternatively you can just ask Google for “words that start with…” and Google will offer your several sites that have a database of words.

Get Keyword Ideas

Take your keywords and put them in the search box of Ubersuggest and you will find a dozen of new keyword ideas that might inspire you. This site is easy to use but if you want a little bit more complexity, you can also use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. I can tell you this tool is fun and very inspiring because you can gather so much ideas there that your list of ideas will grow fast. By the way, this tool can also be used for article keyword research. I think it is a weapon in the arsenal of a webmaster.

More Inspirational Tools

There are all kind of keyword and domain research tools that can help you to get some great ideas and the magazine Mashable did put a nice list together too. I suggest you to try all the tools because it is not only fun to play with them, it will also expand your list of ideas. On this way you can find many alternative words, terms and combinations that otherwise maybe wouldn’t come into your mind.


When you wrote many ideas down, you just need to check if the domains are available and you can do that with the domain checker that I mentioned at the beginning. I tried many of the tools and do use some of them for article keyword research as well. So, this is not only how I found the domain name for my other technology blog, I use them also for writing inspiration and keyword research. I hope it will help you to get creative too. Have fun!

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Beautiful Street in The Historic District of Lübeck

Anywhere in the inner-city of Lübeck

I shot the image above in one of the streets of the historic district of Lübeck. This district is basically the core of the city, the inner-city but I mentioned this often. There are some very beautiful streets. There are for example a lot of beautiful small alleys with cobble streets and plants growing up the houses as you can see on the photo. The architecture there is very interesting.

In other streets you find a lot of cultural and old Brick Gothic buildings. But today, the urban image is a mix of old architecture and architecture with modern influence or modernized appearance. The cultural buildings are of course maintained on the way that only the structure is kept intact but the city doesn’t change the appearance. The residential houses like the ones on the photo and malls can indeed look more modern as this is up to the owner, unless the structure is heritage-protected. But in general it still has some old charm. We really have some beautiful streets here.

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Family Kids And The Guitar

Playing guitar for one of the family kidsWhen we visited grandma on her birthday in September, there were also some kids of our family. My grandpa has one of my guitars in his rooms as my 12 years old cousin wants to learn guitar. I gave her my guitar to learn. My grandpa was guitarist and singer in a local band years ago and I do play guitar since two decades too. This means she gets support of us. I mention it just as a side line.

But on the birthday of grandma, I went with one of the other kids of the family in the room where the guitar is. She is two years old and I’d say it is one of my cousins too but that is probably not correct. I always find it complicated to find the right terms for the family relations. She is basically the daughter of my mother’s cousin and I think it is the best way to explain how she is related to me. She’s very cute and funny.

She’s also very curious and as all kids that are so young she likes to observe her surroundings and all the people of the family. So, we thought we keep her a little bit busy and I grabbed the acoustic guitar and played on it for her. I don’t know, I think there is a huge difference between playing something on the guitar because friends asked you to do so or playing guitar for a kid. It’s both fun but seeing a kid smile and listening to the guitar, this is so much more pleasant because if you see a kid smile, there is no way you couldn’t smile as well.

I couldn’t stop play the guitar, because if I did, she didn’t smile anymore and she showed her opinion with her impulsively moving arms and legs. Everyone present in the room started to laugh and I had to go on with more melodies. She especially loved to listen to “All my little ducklings” that I by the way never learned to play but that you don’t really need to learn if you have experience with the guitar. I spontaneously started to play it and she recognized the melody and I was rewarded with her smiling. She also seems to like blues music. I think she is already a little music expert and knows what good music is!

Grandpa played guitar for me too when I was very little and I think it was one of the reasons why I wanted to learn it too. Seeing my 12 years old cousin starting to learn guitar and seeing another 2 years old kid listening and smiling when she hears guitar, that is truly pleasant.

The photo is two months old as I can’t always publish things timely because other things keep me busy too. Found the photo and got inspired to tell you what happened in that situation. I hope you liked it.

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Water Drops On A Spiderweb

I think I have mentioned it quite often that I love water drops as a photography subject because no matter where they appear, they always make a good scene. When we wandered on a foggy morning, we took an image of a spiderweb that was full of small water drops. I loved the scene and needed a photo. Here it is…

Water Drops On Spiderweb

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Foggy Morning Near The Trave River

My mother and me wandered near the Trave River in Lübeck this week. It was a very foggy morning but I really love it. Not only that the air smells fresh, I do also think that fog is very beautiful especially if you wander near the river. Phone cameras are not very well for foggy days, unfortunately. However, I thought I upload the photos anyway because even if they aren’t very good in quality, they at least do show what we saw on our way. Here is a gallery…

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Annoying Changes Here At WordPress (rant)

I really start to get annoyed by the constant changes here at They surely should get rid of these disruptive kids of developers who mean to change things that looked and worked well for years. It’s not that I only see this behaviour here, I notice it everywhere on other social media platforms on other big websites and in computer games. I really like dislike these hipster developers.

Never touch a running system, is that an aged quote? I believe so. How can someone spend energy on things that work well? Beep beep boop was probably just the first step and I don’t want to know where it will end. Destroy the usability and make it look ugly. What did they change recently? Well, it’s not that disruptive as the “Beep beep boop editor”, however even if it’s a small change, it adds up…

Recently they changed the order of the content in the top bar that you can see when you log in to WordPress. They seemed to be so bored that they even changed the shape of the profile picture frame. It was once a square and now it’s round. As said, it’s not disruptive but it adds up with all the other changes that are pointless in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Google announced that HTTPS sites get a small boost in the ranking and yet we still can’t buy certificates for our domains here at WordPress even if it has been suggested. So, it’s clear, instead of working on very important things, they rather prefer to change the shape of a profile image and the order of the content that is in the top bar, and of course a whole editor that resulted in the most horrible editor that I ever seen.

Since this is a rant post, I repeat myself and say it again… I hope they get rid of those hipster developers. I would leave this host immediately if there wouldn’t be certain advantages such as free cloud hosting and so on.

I am not a big fan of changes. I dislike changes pretty much especially if the features worked earlier and if things just get changed for the sake of changing things.

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One of my Cousins Guinea Pigs

Guinea Big of my Cousin

I think it is time for some other animal photos. My little cousin has a guinea pigs and on the photo above you can see one of them. It’s great to see my cousin being interested in pets that early. She also reads about it and can tell you a lot! It’s great that she knows about the importance to read about it.

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