Potatoes, Cucumber, String Beans And Fried Eggs

Potatoes, Cucumber, Green Beans And Fried Eggs

The dish above is also quite tasty. Potatoes, cucumbers, string beans and fried eggs. Again cooked by the husband of my mother. I think I should convince him of creating a blog about German dishes. But he is grown up in East Germany which means he can´t speak English as he learned Russian back at that time. Anyway, he could write the recipes and I could shoot the photos and translate the recipes to english. I am not sure how much people would like to learn cooking German dishes but it could be a blog with a good purpose.

I could ask him but on the other side I remember that I didn´t feel that well when I created a second blog, some time ago. Anyway, some trains of thought should be allowed. I just wanted to write this idea down, maybe I come back to it at another time.

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Trave River, Historic District And Cathedral of Lübeck

Lübeck Trave River, View In The Direction To The Lübeck Cathedral

I think it´s some time for some other stuff. While I still have many photos of my cat that I want to upload, especially from the new photoshoot, I thought it would be a good idea to upload some different photos I shot over the last weeks. I uploaded several Ladybug photos, flower photos and what not but I shouldn´t forget to bring in some new stuff.

Above you can see the Trave River of Lübeck. Behind the river you can see the historic district of Lübeck and the “Dom zu Lübeck” (Cathedral of Lübeck). Lübeck has a lot of bigger churches that I mentioned on my blog. If you are interested to read about the Cathedral of Lübeck, check out the Wikipedia article.

I shot the image above from a small bridge when I was walking near the city. Hope you like the photo. Here are two others…

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10 Things That Can Make You Instantly Look Like A Dubious Blogger

10 Things That You Better Should Not Do As A WordPress Blogger

This list will be mainly related to the WordPress.com community. This community is a great one. A powerful community with powerful tools. But there are also some people who seems not to understand that there can be behaviors that the majority of bloggers won´t accept. So, here is a list of ten behaviours that you better should not integrate in your daily blogging routine:

1. Instant liking of articles. To be honest, it is absolutely ok to like photo postings as soon as they are published if you primarily like the shown photo rather than the text but if you do instantly like a 500 or 1000 words long article without any photo as soon as the article is published, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

2. Instant following after someone did publish an article. To be honest, it is absolutely ok to follow other blogs of the community and connecting is just super cool but if you do that just a second after someone published a new article, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

3. Commenting with one or two words. Yes, it is absolutely ok to comment with one or two words if the article blasted you away that you just had the two words “Super cool!” in your mind but if you do this all the time, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

4. Commenting with a few words and a link to your blog. Right, it is absolutely ok to comment and to share your link, in case you link something interesting or related to the article but if you do it only to get attention and to spread your links all over, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

5. Place hundreds of trackback links under your article. Don´t worry, it is absolutely ok to place related links to other blogs under your article but if you do that only to get as most attention as possible, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

6. Avatars are great and fun and can personalize your appearance if you comment on other blogs but if your avatar contains nothing else than a highly visible URL of your blog, then remember most bloggers didn´t set their blogs up just to give you free advertising space. Be sure, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

7. Mass reblogging content of other blogs. Indeed, the reblog function is a great tool and reblogging with permission is often fair for all involved but if you have no own content and if you just reblog content of others in masses all the day, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

8. Yes placing links to other blogs and click them for a test is just ok, but if you do that with the intention to remove the link afterwards just to appear in the referrers section of the other blog owners statistics screen, be sure they might visit you once but never ever again because, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

9. If you have permission, it´s not a bad idea to reuse media files or small quotes of content from others, but if you only visit other blogs to steal content without permission and if you never give credits to the creator of the content, then be prepared to have a hard time in the community and you might even lose your blog because almost all people think this behaviour is extremely bad and, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

10. If your only intention is to utilize the people of the community or to misuse the tools and functions of the blogging infrastructure, be sure that people won´t trust you and if you take this route it will be the difficult route, so don´t be like a dubious blogger.

Do you agree with all the points or do you disagree with some or all of the points? Do you have other ideas or any own experience? Feel free to drop a comment if you like.

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Ladybug On The White Wall

True, there are already several Ladybug photos on my blog and photos of other insects. But I really like them as they are photo subjects for the springtime or summer, so that I can´t make enough photos of them. It´s also a little bit more easy to find them, compared to find other animals. I like the photos above.

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White Paws And Claws

White Paws And Claws

Above you can see again a photo of Shyna´s paws and her claws. I think I made paws and claws already several times to the subject in my blog. I like the contrast because paws are cute but claws look quite dangerous. I like to collect photos of paws and claws and I also want to use this article here to highlight my old article where I mentioned that I do think that it is cruel to declaw a cat.

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Brainwash Made In Germany

I love my family over everything and that includes also my grandpa and the topic will be about the German media but also about him and his generation. As said, I love him as any other family member and I also love to talk with him but if there is something I dislike to talk about with him, then it is politics. I tell you why later.

You notice that they are grown up with two media channels… Radio and TV. Some of you maybe noticed already that I don´t mince words. Especially not if I talk about the german government and the german old-school media channels. I am happy to say it loud, they’re in cahoots together and they want to turn people into zombies. Sounds funny, maybe crazy but it fits so well. There might be still some media outlets that are independent but they are outnumbered. The truth is the following…

The big german public-sector broadcasters and media outlets (TV and Radio) have a “Rundfunkrat” that could also be called a broadcast committee or the word council might fit better. What is the task of this broadcast council? It´s a supervisory body and they monitor the broadcast channels. It´s written that they do not influence the TV program but it´s written and known that they advise in regard to the TV program, which means they influence, even if it´s said they do not. Typical German logic at this point by the way, because you can clearly see in the sentence that they are able to influence but they mention it a little bit more harmless and mean it wouldn´t be much of a problem.

Other tasks of the broadcast committees are electing the directors of the broadcast channels and electing the whole administrative board, no influence? They do monitor the legal requirements and they do monitor and approve the pre-budget reports and the annual statistics. This should be enough of explanation about this committee. Now let´s go one step further…

Who are the members of this council? Now it becomes interesting! Most of the members have party membership. They are usually members in one of the big mainstream parties like the CDU or SPD for example. This, exactly this is the reason why TV programs and Radio are heavily influences by the politics and why people either elect CDU or SPD when we have elections in Germany. Because they have the power of the media and can influence people at will. Then there are many members who are active in other organizations which have their own political objectives. For the TV channel ZDF, the council is for example called ZDF-Fernsehrat consisting of members with their own goals, if you research.

Younger people did notice this already. I am talking about people in the age below 45 (roughly example and my experience). They usually very careful with the information they gather through those media channels and question things they hear. Call them the internet generation. They have free access and choice of information, while the older people like the pensioners rather avoid to browse deep through the internet or to find different articles with different opinions. They inform themself only through the old-school media and they believe everything, really everything they hear because they never heard or read the opposite. Relying on information’s that are heavily biased and media channels that only report in one direction. Now I must say again, I love my family and I love my grandpa but when it comes to politics and news, we simply have problems to talk with each other. It´s like if they would have washed the brain of my grandpa but apart from that it does not influence our relation, we just can´t get to one point when we talk about politics.

Now one example. If you go outside in Germany and if you ask younger people or people in your age about the Euro currency, you will hear most people immediately answer that this currency is the biggest shit that was forced on us without asking us German citizens. It´s the widespread opinion because young people (especially those who paid once with the other currency) question that this currency did come with any good effects and there are good reasons why people think so. It´s basically because people have now way less than they had when the Deutsche Mark was our currency. It´s because the price of any product has been doubled with the new currency while the income has not and it´s because people were able to save money with the old currency while they today can´t even come around for 25 days of a month with the new currency, no matter if they have a job. Politicians tell the opposite and as I said, therefore the media too. This topic alone could make a huge article but I just want to take it as an example here. Now if I talk with my grandpa about it, he will answer with what he learned in the TV news. It wouldn´t be that bad if we would just have a different opinion on the Euro subject. It´s bad because you can talk about any politics with him and what he will do is, answer as they tought him in the TV news. This is the problem. He has no access to different information’s and can only believe one source. What makes it more sad, he had more money and a better life with the old currency as well and every younger family member knows it but he can´t see it, because the media repeatedly told him how good the Euro currency is. There is a saying here in Germany… “Repeat things as often as you can, and at some point people will believe you” and this saying is about propaganda or hyping things up. And what they want is “yea-sayers”.

Now this was just one example and the article would be much more huge if I would come up with several other examples and I could, but this article is already long and I do not want to expand it further as I did talk about similar subjects on my blog already and if not, I can do it another day. But a week ago I talked with friends about this subject but another friend came up with it and told me exactly the same about his grandpa and people were the same opinion… If you only have one source like TV or Radio that represent only one opinion, you will be indoctrinated and your opinion will be manipulated. It´s not so that older people wouldn´t have access to any other information’s but it´s a fact that they usually don´t use the internet as heavy as we younger people, if at all. Younger people here in Germany instead question things and try to find information’s that address not only one opinion but also the opposite, basically because it´s the only way how you can create your true own opinion. Yes, I mean you can´t if you just listen or watch a source that repeats one and the same opinion again and again. But that´s how younger people actually think about the German media.

This subject is not so much of a problem that it would split up families. I mean that would be pretty strange! No, it´s only a problem that younger people noticed that it is quite hard to talk about these subjects with their grandparents. That´s all. Politics and news, is a subject that younger people tend to avoid to talk about with their grandparents. That´s the only generation conflict but other than that it has indeed not much of an effect. My friends for example love their grandparents as I do love mine, it´s simply that there is one subject that people avoid to talk about with them. Nothing more.

To make it clear… it´s always ok to have different opinions and most people I know respect it. In fact, different opinions are good. It´s just that people are sick to accept only the mainstream media opinion that usually does not come up with any facts but with imputations. The image of the German media channels is so heavily damaged that if you come up with them as a source, it´s the same as if you want to tell people that Santa Claus in fact lives and that you know because you have read it in a kid´s book. That´s what a lot of people today think about our German media channels. And if our grandparents come up with these sources, it´s like “Umm, ok!”. And if you question it or if you mention it is biased and if you ask for some facts, they say “They mentioned it and they wouldn´t if it would not be true, because they are the big media channels, why should they lie?”. Why should they? Because they are basically infiltrated and if not that, then call it “connected” with the biased clique in the politic which is the reason why political correctness is a modern neologism. And they only want to hammer one opinion into the heads of the citizens, because it makes it much more easy to achieve their goals.

Now it would be fine if I could come up with a study that proves what I said here but well, I´m just a blogger. But I can say I wouldn´t come up with this, if it would be only my experience. No, it´s something that are many of my friends or family member aware of or other people I met. Most people don´t trust the German media anymore because they are too biased and because they are political influenced. But this is now slowly changing and I tell you why and this can prove what I said…

The pressure on the German media is so strong that they now slowly start to mention their mistakes. I mean slowly but first journalists start to make it to a topic in the TV program, in Radio Shows and even in news articles. Why? As said the pressure starts to get strong, the citizens use all channels where they can comment and nevermind what I talk about, if Facebook, comments under news articles, Twitter, nevermind where, it´s not possible to hide anymore that people strike against the way how the media channels report one-sided. There are millions of comments and they all contain a different opinion than the mainstream media and the amount of the comment attacks on the media channels, that makes it strong. It´s the raising voice of the people, who are forcing journalist to act and to admit that people actually have a different opinion than the media and that people wish or let me say demand, that the media stops to report biased. With big pressure I mean that I could randomly seek one news article to randomly select 20 comments below the article, and the comments would prove that people are pissed about the article or news. At the moment there is a big shitstorm on the media channels here but this is so obvious that I might create an article about the shitstorm alone. Especially because I have seen a report about this topic yesterday in the TV. And it´s funny but this report made me wonder because I´ve seen it in the medium that is target of the shitstorm and this makes clear they start to concede and that is not bad.

But as said, I might talk about this subject again in another article. I usually try to be not too political on my blog because it can inflame passions but I also don´t want to hold back my feelings or opinions. My blog is not much focus of political subjects but the blog can be at times because I want to have a voice too and because it is at times a subject that interests me as well. But for today it´s enough I think.

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Bush Plant

Bush Flower

I am not sure what kind of plant you can see on the photo but I found them anywhere in a bush, when roamed around outside to take new photos. I adjusted the levels a little bit with Photoshop. I am a little bit sad that some parts of the plant are blurry but my digital camera has a slow focus I think.

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Cat Snapshot In Greyscale

Cat And Greyscale

Above you can see a photo of Shyna. I changed it to greyscale because the original image didn´t look great in colors and it was also only a snapshot with bad lightning conditions. But anyway, I collect all my Shyna photos and there will be never enough of her on my blog. :D

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The Recolored Mini Plate With Potatoes, Beans And Bacon

One thing that I love about Photoshop, is that I can color things with the tool. I really love this activity and I sometimes do this when I am bored. The results are not always perfect but it´s really funny and entertaining and I am not exactly sure why. I think it´s because it´s interesting to see how things appear in different colors and it is also fun to boost or brighten colors. I think that´s what I like about it. Here is one photo I boosted or recolored today…

Mini Plate In New Colors

The original photo is this one…

Mini Plate

I didn´t like the original because the photo and the colors had no appeal. The dish is by the way potatoes with green beans and bacon. The husband of my mother did cook it and as joke I got this mini plate and said “You eat too often here, now it will be frugal” but it was just a joke. But pretty funny!

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It´s Been A While… Now A Daisy Photo Again!

Daisy Photo

I think I have already several daisy photos uploaded to my blog but I like the appearance of the daisy flower and I never can have enough photos of them as they are so beautiful. I shot the photo above some days ago when I was walking outside. Well, it´s not very hard to find them as they are everywhere. The photo above is by the way very similar to this one, despite I shot them not in the same month.

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