Extreme Dove Close-Up

Dove Close-Up

Didn’t see enough bird photos? Here is another one! The doves in the city are usually not really afraid of humans as they are used to them. The dove on the photo came pretty close to me, I zoomed in with the lens and I also cropped the outer area of the image to make the photo appear even more like a close-up shot.

I think this is one image that I really like. You can see lots of details in the feathering, I like that pretty much. From distance these doves looks boring due to the grey feathering, but they do actually look pretty cool on a close-up photo, because you can see details you otherwise wouldn’t notice. They are actually more beautiful than I thought. What do you think?

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Neighbor’s Garden Chicken

Chicken Photo 2

As mentioned, we will get chickens very soon and the husband of my mother will hold them in the garden. We don’t have the chickens yet, but there are other garden lot owners with chickens. I asked one of them if I could take some photos that I will show you now in this post.

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The Henhouse

This post here will be less about photography. I show you some snapshots of a henhouse. I tell you something that will be fun! We get chickens very soon! We get them probably by the end of the week. These will be Sussex chickens. The husband of my mother wants to hold them in the garden and he did already build a henhouse…

He also got the neighbouring garden lot now. The lot fully burned down a long time ago and the owner didn’t need it anymore, there was not much left other than destruction. But the husband of my mother did clean the mess up and he enclosed the lot and will use it for the chickens. The henhouse is built on our intact and beautiful garden, but the henhouse will be connected to the cleaned up new lot.

This is not only fun because I can take lots of chicken photos, it is also fun because we will have a lot of eggs then. I love to eat eggs. But it’s also fun as I like animals anyway, and this will probably be a cool experience to watch the chickens.

I took already several photos of chickens, but these are not ours, because there is another garden owner with chickens. I will upload these photos soon too. But it’s even more amazing that I can take photos of our own chickens very soon.

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Duck Waiting Near The Water

Duck near the water

Here is another shot of a duck. I have not much photos of ducks on my blog but I think this number will increase as I do really enjoy to take pictures of birds with the new camera.

By the way, the duck on the photo should be the same as the duck on the photo I used for the recent photo challenge, both photos are taken on the same day. I did take plenty of photos near the pond.

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Bird On The Roof

Bird on the roof

I started to enjoy taking photos of birds, I guess a tele objective would be a hell of fun. Sometimes I am lucky and the birds are very close, but the 18-105mm lens is not enough if they aren’t. Above you can see one example, I wish I could get closer to the bird no matter if the bird is too far away. Anyway, even if I am not close enough, there is something I like about this image. I did set it to black and white and darkened the image a lot.

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Thirsty Billy

Billy drinks water

We went to the garden last week and I shot quite a lot of images, but I mentioned this already. Above you can see one photo of this day, it’s Billy the dog of my mother.

I still have plenty of photos, but I sorted already tons of them out as not all were good but some are really cool. I especially like it that I can now freeze the moments to the point that you can even see the tongue of animals when they eat or drink, because this was more about luck with my previous gear.

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Neighbors Cat

Cat In The Neighborhood

It’s that time again and people let their cats out as it is now a little bit warmer. We have some other very beautiful cats in the neighborhood. My cat Shyna is a house cat, but she has the perfect view near the window to watch all the other cats. On the photo above you can see one of the neighbor cats sitting in a hollow of a parking garage.

I opened my windows and shot the photo, it’s not too bad with the 105mm kit lens, but in this case and also in the case of shooting birds I noticed that a tele lens would be pretty cool. Sometimes you notice that you need a little bit more range to get closer. In some cases I still can crop the subject with Photoshop to get closer as the image resolution is huge enough to do so, but in this case the cat was way too blurry after cropping the image.

Anyway, the kit lens of the D7100 is not too bad, I can check out on this way what kind of lens I want to get later on. I noticed the kit lens is not really usable for macro photography, you can not focus, not even manually, if you are too close to flowers and insects. As I love taking photos of flowers and insects, a macro lens is on top of my wish list, but a tele lens would be great too.

Oh, there are other things on my wish list, I definitely need a tripod and some other stuff. I noticed already, this will probably be another expansive hobby. Anyway, it’s fun, and I won’t have a problem to save money for this and that, because it is really interesting. But for now the kit lens should be enough for practicing because there is still a lot to learn.

Talking about the photo again, I think I should take some more photos of other cats. My blog is full of photos of my own cat, it would be cool to have some other cat photos too. I will upload more photos of my cat, but it would be cool if I find other cats outside if I go shooting with the camera.

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Duck In Motion

The latest WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is about motion. I took several photos of ducks and other birds when I tested my new camera days ago. I think one of the does really fit to the motto of the recent photo challenge.

The photo I will show you in this post is my choice because you can clearly see the swimming duck in motion due to the waves in the water behind the duck. I hope you like my entry to the recent photo challenge too. You can also click on the image to see the larger file.

Swimming Duck

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Blogging Hiatus For Some Days

I will design a business logo for a friend who is busy with the formation of a company. I will also advise him about hosting providers and the domain he needs for his soon self-hosted website. Later I will install WordPress on his server and I want to search and customize a suitable template for his site.

This will keep me busy for some days. It might be that I publish some posts here on my blog, but I probably won’t. I don’t want to have too much screen time or my eyes will bleed. He is the second person in my circles that I help with this kind of stuff. I am glad that some of my fellows become businessman.

People really have a hard time here in Germany since the implementation of the Euro currency, I know several people who have a difficult time to get around a month, they work so much but can only just afford to pay for living and the bills and many of them can not put something aside for example to travel or to buy things.

But at times there are also good news. I am really happy to hear that some do try alternative routes. When companies only pay starvation wages, you probably need to do it on your own. I know my friend is very good at what he was doing earlier, now that he forms a company in this sector, I really wish him to be successful with the business.

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Under The Bridge

Under the bridge

Above you can see a rather abstract photo. I like metal and stuff like this. I do also like architecture and constructions. In this case I like how the shadows of the grids are visible on the metal and the shading is cool too. There is simply something interesting about the photo, I think because it looks abstract.

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