Broken Glass

Broken glass

Broken, that is the motto of the recent Weekly Photo Challenge. I’d say there couldn’t be a better motto, because it’s just a week ago when I noticed a broken window glass in the stairways of the apartment complex where my grandma and grandpa live.

I had my camera with me and shot a photo. Of course, we all dislike broken things, but broken glass can actually look pretty beautiful seen from the artistic perspective, but with that said I would now also call the landlord to fix it if I would live there.

Anyway, I somewhat like the geometry you see with broken glass. There is some beauty, don’t you think?

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Squirrels, Masters of Balance

Squirrel running over a fence

With this post I want to show you some other photos of the same squirrel I uploaded some days ago. I prefer to upload the most funny photos of a set later, so, with this post you see the last photos of that squirrel.

In the other post the squirrel was on the ground, but some seconds later it jumped on a fence and I had to react immediately. Although I discovered already many advanced settings of my D7100, situations come up where you don’t have time to adjust anything. At some point I will probably learn to do this faster, who knows.

I agree if professionals say you should use custom settings, however, I don’t think that it is always possible. If you are that fast then do it, if not then use the automatic modes. I think the best photos are the ones where you have been able to freeze the moment, not the photos that you didn’t take because you were busy to adjust your camera settings.

Also I learned that the best way to take photos of fast-moving subjects is to use your camera like a machine gun. With that said, my very early beginner advice is to either click the shutter button as fast as possible after focusing correctly, or to understand how to use the continues shooting mode if your camera can do this.

I shot twenty photos of this squirrel and I deleted sixteen, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that I got four good photos. It’s always better to take as many as you can, especially if the subject is moving. That works rather well for me, you can take a look at home if you got some good shots, and then you can decide if you want to edit or share the photos.

Talking about the squirrel, I do think it’s amazing how they can even run over fences. It’s as if they would be masters of balancing, which is why I have chosen to use the title “Masters of Balance”. The photos are apart from cropping not edited (lazy today), I thought I share them anyway, I hope you enjoyed them.

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Barbed Wire And Metal

Barbed Wire And Metal

The recent Weekly Photo Challenge gives us the task to interpret the motto enveloped. I walked through the gardens and found a metal door enveloped with some kind of barbed wire. I think you can interpret the photo in different ways, the metal of the door is basically enveloped with coating too, coating that is already chipped.

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Squirrel Undercover

Squirrel Undercover

Taking a photo of a squirrel, that was something I always wanted to do. They are like undercover agents, they operate in the hidden and do only come out to show you that they also could get a job in a circus. Jumping from tree to tree, climbing all verticals, crazy little acrobats. Running through the undergrowth taking all obstacles. They are not only little champions, they are also cute.

I never had luck to get a decent photo of a squirrel with my point and shoot or smartphone camera. Now with the DSLR and faster shutter speed, the chance is much higher, at least if they come out for a show of course. Above you can basically see my first squirrel photo that looks not too bad. I have some more, I will show them soon.

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Blossom On A Tree Trunk


Just a photo I shot in the garden this evening. Saw the blossom on one of the tree trunks and thought it would be cool for a photo. At home I noticed that the image was pretty noisy, but I could fix that at least a little bit with Lightroom. But with the noise reduction the image gets a little bit blurry. Anyway, for a snapshot it’s not bad, I like the blossom on the trunk.

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New Resident In The Garden


Apart from the chickens, the husband of my mother also got a rooster from a farm now. Today I was in the garden and saw all the poultry, they are funny. It was a cloudy day and not really the best weather to take photos handheld. Apart from that, I do think that the poultry doesn’t look very photogenic yet, it will take some time until they replaced the feathers. Anyway, I might show some photos of the chickens too if I find some good images in my folder.

Talking about the rooster again, the husband of my mother got him from a farm outside of the city. However, later it turned out that the rooster has some issues with one leg. He does walk with a limp, that’s something we noticed today in the evening and they must find out why. It’s hopefully not a big problem, they will find out, but it’s sad that the farmer didn’t talk about the issue. My mother and her husband will monitor the problem and they will check out what they can do.

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Eating In Our Favorite Restaurant

Today we decided to drive to our favorite restaurants. I took some low quality snapshots with my phone of the dishes we ordered. My mother ordered a burger and french fries, her husband decided for escalope chasseur and I did want a gyros dish with french fries. We did end up trading our stuff with each other, everyone did at least try some of the things from the other plates because everything was super delicious. This is really a good restaurant, they offer great stuff since decades.

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Duck Thinks To Go For A Quick Swim

Duck near the pond

Here is another one for photo collection of ducks. I took the photo weeks ago, it’s one of the photos I shot at the same time as the other duck photos I uploaded recently. The duck on the photo above is really pretty, what do you think?

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Relax Like A Pro

My fault, I placed this carton in the basked of Shyna, and she likes it now. Ok, that is dramatized, in fact she liked the carton from the beginning after I unwrapped something I bought online. Sometimes it makes me laugh, cats can relax everywhere, even in a small carton.

I forgot about the cardboard box after dropping it there for Shyna. Anyway, I think it’s time to take it out of her basket, she did a good job of scratching the box. Time to order something new online so that she gets a new cardboard box after unwrapping.

If I get something delivered, she can’t wait to check out the cardboard box. She likes both, big and small boxes. Hence, I do even have tags on my blog for cardboard box related posts, that’s funny.

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Small Update About The Chickens And A Snapshot

As I mentioned some time ago, the husband of my mother constructed a henhouse in the garden and he does now rent neighboring garden parcel as well in addition to our own parcel. So, a half of the second parcel is set up for the chickens as outdoor enclosure, the other half will be used for something else.

He wanted to have Sussex chicken, basically just because someone offered Sussex chickens for cheap but this offer doesn’t count anymore, the chickens were either too young or too old, that’s what I heard some weeks ago when I remember right. Then he thought to buy Sussex chickens somewhere else but he eventually decided to get cheaper chickens, I am not sure what kind of breed they are, they are common laying hens I think.

Now the update, because they bought them today. The husband of my mother got six of these chickens and they brought them to the garden. They are now in the henhouse for a while and my mother and her husband leaved the garden so that the chickens can get used to the new environment, they are probably stressed enough although my mother said they were silent during the car journey. Now they are alone in the garden and can get used to the new home.

My mother took a snapshot with her phone, you can find the photo below. I thought they look as if they would have a disease, but my mother replied it’s just moulting due to spring time, they do now replace the old feathers by shedding while producing new feathers. I am new to this, although these are not my chickens, I will learn about the subject over time too I think. My mother did already read a lot over the last weeks. But now the first snapshot…

Our new chickens

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