Just Another Interesting Flower

Interesting Flower

The shot above is one that I took two weeks ago. I can´t get enough of the flower photos. They are beautiful on their own and a nice subject for photos. As always I am not sure about the name of this flower. I should start to study some of them. But as often, I guess some of you experts know the name.

I really like this one but I am not happy with the results of the shot. There was wind and my digital camera does not have a very fast auto focus. Anyway, the plant is beautiful.

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The Fly Landed

The Fly

I got this snapshot from the husband of my mother. He worked and the fly landed on his arm. I am not sure if I already have a photo of a fly on my blog. It might be but after so many articles, I can´t be sure anymore. Anyway, I collect photos of insects and a fly should be in the collection as well.

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Fence Wire On Dark Background

Fence Close-Up Edited With Photoshop

I have edited one of my images with Photoshop and you can see the results above. I tried to take a close-up shot of fence wire. I especially liked the moss on the wire. The only thing I changed with the image is that I did darken the background. I said it before, I like dark backgrounds and I am not really sure why. Maybe because it can create a focus on the subject. Here is the original image that I shot with my digital camera…

Fence Close-Up

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I Got A New All-In-One Printer

In Germany we tend to say “Eine Hand wäscht die andere” which means “One hand washes the other”, if people help each other. If I can help a friend or family member, then I do it and I usually don´t demand anything in return. But it´s sometimes great if you get something offered in return as appreciation for your help.

I helped my uncle out several times and last week he told me by phone that he has still one of these all-in-one or combo printers that he don´t need anymore because he got another one. He asked me if I would need the printer and I said “Yea, it´s as if you would have noticed that I don´t have one at the moment”. I really had some paperwork over the last months and I didn´t have a printer anymore. His offer came right on cue I would say.

Now I have a combo printer with scanner, fax and so on. I got his second combo printer for free. That´s what I mean about “One hand washes the other”. His gift is a great one and I really needed a printer but didn´t want to buy one as I save money for something else at the moment. That´s why his gift is truly a good one!

I am too lazy and too tired to install the printer today but I will do tomorrow as I want to test the scanner because I a hundreds of old photos that I could digitalise. Maybe there are even some that I could show on my blog, I will see.

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WordPress Self-hosting Error Fix… “You don’t have permission to access on this server”

Don´t be confused. This short article here won´t be about blogs that are hosted on WordPress but a post for people who have chosen to self-host a WordPress CMS installation on their own servers or hosting providers. The article will be about an error related to permalink changes and the website error message “You don’t have permission to access / on this server”. If you came here via Google, then you probably saw this message on your website and you probably seek for a solution to fix your problem. It seems that I can give you a hint because I had the same problem today too when I worked on my uncles self-hosted website. I changed the permalink structure and then I got kicked out of the dashboard and I got the error message on all sub-pages of his site. So if you have the the same problem now…

Then I have one question… Did you change the permalink structure in your WordPress dashboard as well to get those pretty search-engine-friendly url´s? If so, then let me tell you a few things I found out and how I fixed the problem…

1. You did enable search-engine-friendly url´s which is great but you need to activate “mod_rewrite” activated on your server. If you know where you can find this option in your hosting provider dashboard, then enable it. The pretty permalink structure won´t work if you don´t have “mod_rewrite” enabled on your server. This alone was the reason why I got the error message on his website after enabling the pretty permalinks. I logged in to the dashboard of his hosting provider and looked for the apache server option “mod_rewrite” and enabled it. It might be that your host has a different dashboard, so try to find it on your own or contact your hosting provider to get help. If you did find the “mod_rewrite” option then check out if it´s enabled. If not, then do it but it might take 10 minutes until the server will notice the change. You maybe even have to enable it two times, it worked in my case and after a few minutes, his website had no error messages anymore. This alone might fix your problem. If not…

2. While this was not a problem in my case, I also have read anywhere that your “.htaccess” file got messed up and has now wrong permissions. Check out the permission of your “.htaccess” file. The permission should be “644″ and if not, then change it to that value.

If you caused the error on the same way like me, then point 1 could fix your problem already and if not then also check out my mentioned point 2 because this could be a problem too.

Hope my hints will help you to fix your problem fast. I am not sure if there can be other causes for the error message. But I was able to fix the problem with the first mentioned method. Hope this is enough in your case too. Otherwise you probably need to ask Google if there could be other causes in your case.

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You Can Get “Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad” For Free On Steam Over The Next 24 Hours

Steam is running a cool “Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad” promo at the moment. You can add the game to your Steam library for free and you can keep the game forever. All you need to do is clicking on install, you don´t have to purchase the game. The offer ends on April 24th at 10AM Pacific Time, so be fast!

I never played it but I did grab the game for free now too. I saw some videos on YouTube and it seems to be a hardcore game without run and gun like in other FPS games. According to the “let´s play” videos on YouTube, it looks like a cool game. So, put this jewel into your Steam library or miss out, because it will go back to the regular price soon. Better grab it for free now!

Check out the Steam news about the “Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad” promo here.

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Black And White Cat, Slightly Monochrome

Shyna Monochrome

When I took photos of my cat Shyna, she started to play with the strap of my digital camera. I really had to laugh but at the same time I realized that it would be the chance to get some funny shots. I will upload some of them over time. But I start with the one above. I edited the image with Photoshop and added a monochrome effect. But then there is also the original image…

Shyna And The Digital Camera Strap

Only sad thing is that it seems that there were hairs on or near the lens. It looks like if there would be two scratcher but I checked the camera and everything is fine now. Maybe it was cat hair. But anyway…

This shot is really funny, don´t you think? :D

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My Cat And A Black Background

I have chosen one of my cat photos and loaded it with Photoshop. I wanted to get rid of the background behind my cat Shyna. I also changed the whole image to black and white because recently Leanne´s Monochrome Madness Challenges and her participants inspired me to experiment. Ok, I must admit that black and white effects have not much of an effect if your subject in the photo is a black and white cat and if you recolored the whole background to black too, but it´s still somewhat interesting.

Here I applied a black and white adjustment layer and a very decent brown gradient map…

Shyna Monochome wih Gradient Map

And this one here is just changed to black and white, a little less dramatic but not too different…

Shyna Black And White

I shot this image in front of my red curtains and depending where the sun stands, the red curtains will already appear pretty much darker than they usually do. There was a background but not a bright one. I did paint over the background areas with the “color” black on a new layer to get rid of the background. It´s easy but I only had to take care that I don´t paint too much over the cat hair areas for example. Here is the original image that is much different…

Original Image Of My Cat

Apart from the red curtains, you can also see my arm. Another reason why I wanted to remove or darken the background. This means not every picture is lost because with Photoshop you can do some crazy things to get results you want. It´s a lot of fun and good to get rid of boredom as well.

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Sea And Nature Snapshots

Just some snapshots that I got from my mother when she was in Salem and Ratzeburg last weekend. I love this place so much and I do like all the nature photos. It´s time that I visit this place again too.

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What Kind Of Insect Is This?

Any Kind Of Insect

To be honest, I am not sure what kind of thing this insect on the photo is. My mother took the image when they drove to the campsite in Salem last weekend. I wrote several times about Salem here on my blog and this place is near Ratzeburg and Mölln. Or in other words, round about 30 kilometers south from Lübeck where we live.

There is a lot of untouched nature in the area of Salem and you can find all kind of animals and insects there and sometimes you do really wonder what you find. I was not there on the weekend but my mother did send me the image and nobody of us was sure about this thing. I quickly asked Google and I ask myself if it could be a ground beetle (Cicindela hybrida)? Or any kind of longhorn beetle? I am not really sure but this thing looks strange!

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