Attention Strategy Gamers! Total War Games price drop on GamersGate for some days or so… :)

For all Strategy Gamers who love the Total War Games of the Company called “The Creative Assembly” and still dont own every Game of this Series, I must mention that GamersGate did reduce the Price for some time now. I am not sure for how long so if you still dont own them all or still want to own any of the Total War Games then you should take a look right now!

I will purshase Total War Shogun II now as this is the Game of the Series I still did not play until now and I think that game could be much fun like all other Total War Games. And the latest price drop on GamersGate is just awesome. I think this price drop wont last for ever so if you read this post to late then the prices maybe changes. But take a look…

Total War Shogun 2 (75% off)

Medieval 2 Total War Gold Edition (75% off)

Empire: Total War (75% off)

Rome: Total War Complete (75% off)

Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition (75% off)

Empire & Napoleon Total War – Game of the Year Edition (70% off)

The Total War Games of “The Creative Assembly” are Turn-based strategy Games mixed with real-time tactically-oriented battles. That means you can plan everything turn-based on a map and for battles you can fight them in 3d! And I can tell you this is pretty pretty awesome and epic.

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