Euro 2012 Quarterfinal – Englang vs. Italy begins soon.

In a few Hours the Top Match of Englang vs. Italy will start. I hope to see a very interesting Game with a lot of Tempo. I was disappointed when I saw France vs. Spain. I hope Englang vs. Italy will be a much faster and more aesthetic Gameplay.

Englands Couch Roy Hodgson said: “We’re not underdogs in any way. We have good-quality players who are recognised worldwide and, certainly, would get into a lot of the top European teams. Spain have had a few scares along the way and Italy have been stable in their performances without actually tearing the tournament up. It’s been a fairly smooth process for us. Things were up in the air because our preparation time was so short and we lost four senior players to injury in the build-up. But we’ve managed to put that to one side and now it’s more a positive feeling.”.

While Italys Couch Cesare Prandelli said: “It’s going to be tough game and we must go into the game without any fear. Over the course of the 90 minutes we’ve got to retain our focus, so we can wait for our opportunity. The side we’re going to take on has a lot of good footballers. They are very organised, they don’t just play all over the place. England are one of the most disciplined European sides. They play all together within a space of 40 yards and we need to stop them playing football. They will produce a high tempo and they will put their foot in. We need to be very prepared.”.

As I mentioned some posts earlier, the Match of England vs. Italy will be very interesting for us Germans because the Winner of this Match will be the Opponent of Germany in the Euro 2012 semifinal.

The TV is already turned on and the Tension will be there. 🙂

What is your Tip? I believe Italy will win the Match with a 2:1 versus England. What do you think?

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