Comment author must have a previously approved comment from now on…

I just changed the discussion settings on my blog. Comment authors must now have previously approved comments. All other comments will be hold in moderation queue.
I changed that due to the fact that there is an increasing amount of silly spam comments. And if I write “silly” then I really mean silly.

Not that only the spam comments are silly… the persons who write the comments or the bots are silly as well. It´s so obvious and so easy to expose those spam comments. That´s why I will work with a moderation queue from this time on.

2 thoughts on “Comment author must have a previously approved comment from now on…

  1. Yes, make certain you get rid of the spam – it can be trouble. Your site is great, I can really get into some of this food.

    1. Yes I can suggest anybody to make similar comment settings. I got rid of a lot of spam when I changed the rules here because I can now filter out several comments. Akismet is already good but now when I look at all comments, it became better.

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