The Europa Universalis 4 Main Theme…

I found a little treat on a german Game magazine called 4players and later on YouTube for those who are waiting for the Grand Strategy Game called Europa Universalis 4. And also for those who love orchestra music!

This composition called “The Voyage” is played by Brandenburg’s Symphony Orchestra and is composed by Andreas Waldetoft and is orchestrated by Bernd Ruf. The composition can be downloaded on the website of Europa Universalis 4.

Brandenburg is by the way like in Europa Universalis 3 also in Europa Universalis 4 a playable Nation. Good players will have the chance to form Prussia with Brandenburg. In the game Brandenburg will have some nice advantages like Prussian discipline, which will lead to a strong and steady moral in the army. And religious tolerance, which will make your nation flourish while it fills up the treasury.

Brandenburg will be definitely a nation I will try out when Europa Universalis comes out! And the release date of EU IV is not too far away!

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