Battlefield 4 Comparison of Ultra and Low Graphics Quality

For those who are interested in the difference of the ultra and low quality graphics settings in Battlefield 4, I found the following video on YouTube:

But as I do play Battlefield 4 beta at the moment, I must admit that it really looks awesome if you stand on any of the skyscrapers on the BF 4 map called Siege of Shanghai. The panorama above the map looks pretty awesome.

However, my friends and me thought that it does not look that great in the lower areas. I mean it still looks great but anyhow pretty grey and empty. A friend said it does look carelessly designed in the lower areas of the map. But we do talk about the beta of BF 4, which means that things might change to the release date of the game. Let´s see.

Read more about the system requirements of Battlefield 4.

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