You better use the beta graphics driver for the BF 4 open beta…

The latest graphics driver of NVIDIA and AMD are not really optimized for Battlefield 4. If you notice strange performance problems even if your system meets the requirements for Battlefield 4 on any settings, then you might want to check out the latest beta drivers for your videocard.

In my case it did really boost the performance of the game a lot. But notice that the game is still in beta, which means there is sometimes also serverside lag. I would first suggest you to monitor your FPS in Battlefield 4. Then install the beta driver of your videocard to see the difference. As said, in my case the beta driver boosted the performance a lot. The rest will be tweaked in the code of BF4 until the release I guess.

Depending which drivers you need, you can find the NVIDIA 331.40 beta drivere here or the AMD Catalyst 13.10 beta driver here.

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