Following and Reading Small and Popular Blogs. Separation is better…

So, today I discovered the RSS Reader, Feed Reader or News aggregator called Feedly. After testing Feedly I must say that it is really a good tool for syndication of web content. In my opinion it has a really great usability on both platforms… desktop via browser or on mobile devices via application.

I used the same google account (there are also different methods) on both platforms. It´s really awesome if you can add feeds when you are on your desktop PC and if you notice the changes will also count for your mobile device. I can add feeds and read them on any platform I want. If I am at home, then I use my computer and if I am outside, I can use Feedly to find the latest news of my favorite blogs on my mobile device. But that is all I want to say about Feedly. I really can suggest the reader! Give it a try!

But the main point why I write this blog post is a different one. If you are WordPress blogger like me, then you know that we have a nice reader too on and I use this reader pretty often as well, to find out what my favorite bloggers are writing about. However, in the past I just used the WordPress reader and not any other tool like Feedly. That resulted in a mix of subscribed feeds. What I mean is that I had big fishes like TechCrunch mixed up with all the other great but smaller blogs and that in one feed reader!

The main problem here is that very popular blogs like TechCrunch have much more writers and therefore a bigger activity than a smaller blog. And that was the problem. When I want to check out what my favorite smaller bloggers have to say, then it was difficult to find out as the whole news feed of WordPress was full of TechCrunch articles. They simply publish more than a smaller blog could do. And TechCrunch is not the only big news blog I read. You maybe now understand what I mean. It was simply difficult to find out what my other favorite bloggers were writing about.

There had to be a separation. I was looking for a great tool to sort this problem out and Feedly does a great job. Basically I now have big magazines subscribed in Feedly and all the other smaller blogs in WordPress. I guess I will subscripe to them on Feedly as well as it is possible to create categories in Feedly. That means the seperation works there too with help of the categories I can create, The whole thing can be better organized with that tool.

So the point is… I do not want to have the super popular blogs in my WordPress reader anymore. It makes socializing with my favorite bloggers pretty difficult.
Seperating David and Goliath is the only solution I see. I want to get information’s from Goliath but I still want to be able to connect with David. Seperating them both with the WordPress Reader and Feedly is a great solution. And I have installed both tools on both platforms, my Android device and my desktop PC anyway.

4 thoughts on “Following and Reading Small and Popular Blogs. Separation is better…

  1. RSS feeds are a good idea, and so is Feedly. I usually use a content filtering / aggregating source like where I can get to interesting news and goings-on that matter. It makes for a good starting point toward less popular and more interesting blogs.

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