I got 4 additional GB of RAM for free…


Great if you can get things for free. I had already 2 x 4 GB of RAM in my system. That means I had 8 GB running in Dual Channel Mode already. But the husband of my mother got 2 x 2 GB and he did forget that he has still a DDR2 and not a DDR3 motherboard. That means the RAM did not fit in his system.

He thought I would maybe have a motherboard with DDR3 interface and he is right. I got his 4 GB. He did get them for free from a friend or so but he said if he can´t use them, then he can at least make another person happy. Well, that´s me! 🙂 I now have all in all 12 GB of RAM plugged into my system. I do run them all in unganged dual channel mode and with 1333 Mhz.

The blue ones are my old but great Corsair RAM modules. And the green ones are the new chips I got for free and it was not easy to plug them in as there was not enough room to work with my hands due to the CPU fan. Anyway I managed it. I would say unexpected gifts are the best gifts 🙂


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