Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Photoshop Black and White Adjustment Layer

The motto of the latest Weekly Photo Challenge is “Window”. I found some photographs with windows on my hard drive and also some where I look through a window with my lens. But they all were rather boring. I thought I could not participate to the running photo challenge.

But then I stumbled upon the image above and wondered why I did take a photo of a tomato in front of my mother’s kitchen window. It must be some time ago and I guess it was meant to be an experiment at that time. I can remember that I was interested how the sun light would look on the surface of the tomato when I take a picture of this. I would consider my self still a beginner in photography and the beginner equipment (smartphone camera) does the rest. But even then there are opportunities to try things out and to see how it looks like. That is why I keep on going to try things out.

Another reason is that I love to mess around with Photoshop. But here I would not call my self absolute beginner. I wouldn´t call myself a professional Photoshop user either but I experimented a lot with Photoshop so that I already know a lot of different techniques for photo manipulation or improvement.

I was bored to hell today and took the photo with the tomato and the windowpane and messed around with it in Photoshop. Well, the image in this article is the result. I basically added a black and white adjustment layer to the original image to change the outside behind the windowpane in the background to black and white. I also made some colour adjustments to make the tomato glow a little bit more. And as always I do love to push colours with lots of contrast.

True, the tomato is pretty much the focus of the image now and some could ask why this image fits to the challenge with the motto “Window” but I thought it would fit because I captured the tomato in front of a windowpane and also because the challenge inspired me to look for images that I could use and edit with Photoshop. Excuse me if my interpretation is very vague now.

So, this image shows one result you can achieve with a black and white adjustment layer in Photoshop. This makes me think that I could one day create a tutorial how to work with black and white adjustment layers in Photoshop. I might create a tutorial anytime soon. A video tutorial would be the best but I am afraid to do this as I am german. While I can write in english, my english pronunciation might sound funny or even horrible (laughing). But as said, I will think about this.

Finally I want to show you the original image…

Tomato original image

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