If You Like This New WordPress Idea As Well, Then Please Support…

This post here will only concern blogger´s who host their blogs on WordPress. Another blogger called Timethief came up with something great and posted the idea on the WordPress.com Forums in the ideas section. I think her idea would be an improvement for our all blogs. She wrote:

This is a request for Staff to create a new feature or to install a plugin that will automatically enter a copyright notice into every published post on every blog wherein the blogger chooses to select the option to do so.

Imagine you decide you would like to post a copyright information under each of your articles but you notice that you have already written hundreds or thousands or articles on your blog. Now see how difficult that would be. I think Timethief is basically asking for something like a content form that we could apply to all of our posts at once. Imagine you could fill out a content box in the dashboard to apply the information’s you did put in there to all of your articles!

This is nifty and a lot of self-hosted blogs do already have plugins installed that can do this, but we WordPress blogger´s don´t have this option yet and I really love the idea and if you do that too, then please support the thread and write down your opinion over there.

If this idea comes true, then you would be able to write a copyright note and could apply this note to every of your articles on your blog with just one click and it would show up always under each article in the future! Great? Ye, it is. So, please support the idea over there if you like it too.

2 thoughts on “If You Like This New WordPress Idea As Well, Then Please Support…

  1. [ Smiles ] The idea is a great one, but didn’t anyone ever think about creating a page that lets people know that their work is protected via copyright law?

    1. This is for sure an option but I think it would be great if the idea over there would be accepted by WordPress due to the fact that you could do a lot of other funny things with it. You could simply please additional small informations or content under each posts same as it works with the “Editor informations” under each post. I have for example on my older blog a copyrigh note in the sidebar but it is not that much visible. Same for an additional article… also not so visible as if it would be under each post. Even linking to it from all articles would be additional work then. 🙂

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