Nokia Phones With Android OS Will Be Shown Soon

This seems to be a good news. Nokia will show off a phone with Android installed soon according to VentureBeat. This would be the first Nokia smart phone with Android pre-installed. The code name for the new device is “Normandy” and the phone will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress this month on February 24, 2014 in Barcelona.

It was not that Nokia had experimented with Android on their mobile phones before Microsoft bought the company. But it seems that Nokia still wants to realize the plans with the Android OS. That the Microsoft-owned company Nokia wants to install Android on their devices, that makes the story a little bit confusing due to the fact that they would compete with their owner´s Windows Phone OS or platform.

But it seems that it will be rather an Android fork which means that it is Nokia´s own Android ecosystem then with own apps and services. That sound´s like it wouldn´t be connected to the Android Google services like the Google Play store and so. If this strategy goes well?

I always wanted to have a Nokia smartphone because of the great integrated cameras but didn´t buy any due to the fact that I am rather used to Android and not the Windows OS that is installed on Nokia phones. But I am not sure if an Android fork could convince me. I don´t think it will.

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