Dusty Music Material And So…

Hard Disc Platine

Ok let me say right at the beginning that if I talk about dusty music material, “dusty” is probably a wrong word and rather metaphorical meant because I will talk about digital music files. I think I mentioned a few times here that one of my passions is playing guitar. Ok, but I did not often mention here, that I also played quite often with different kind of computer tools also know as DAW´s (Digital Audio Workstations) in the last decades. But more about this later. Now I want to say,…

I love all kind of music but one of my favorites is also the electronic music style and that since I was still a child. And later when I became older, I have visited all famous techno events here in Germany several times to listen to great producers and DJ´s, including the German Loveparade in Berlin or the Mayday Event in Dortmund and apart from those big events also several minor events. So, apart from loving guitar music or piano music and what not, I also love electronic music which contains several music genres and they did escort me through two-thirds of my life, if not more.

Exactly this explains, why I came to the idea to experiment in this area as well, when I was young. I simply wanted to create electronical beats, rythms and synth sounds as well, when I was young. I was aware that I would either need physical hardware like synthesizer or turntables and so, but as a computer user since decades, I was quite happy when I found out that there were also tools for the PC that you could use to create own electronic music, the mentioned “DAW´s”. because this is the cheaper but not a worse way to produce electronic music.

I think I started of with one of the early Magix Music Maker tools and a few sample audio files and so. Later I noticed that it is basically just paste and copy short beat or rhythms samples together to arrange songs but I wanted more. I am not sure how much tools I tested but I remind that I went over to Fruity Loops and Steinberg Cubase or I was able to test Propellerhead Reason and Apple Logic Pro on a friends machine. I felt in love with the more complex professional tools and my choice was Ableton Live later on, which I use still today for audio stuff. The complex tools did open way more possibilities than the beginner stuff like Magix products. But I mentioned this all just as a “prologue”.

As some of you know already, I have several creative interests and I create always different project folders for all the stuff which I save on my computer hard drive for a long time. But at that time it also happened that one of my hard drives got broken or that I got a new one. Worst case was if your hard drive was damaged. But even then I was so paranoid to not trash the damaged hardware, because I always thought I could rescue the files from the discs. Time has passed and data recovery tools became much better. Some years ago I did rescue some of the files and did put them in a folder and copied the stuff always to my latest computer hard disc, just to have it saved anywhere and to have them not deleted. But you know what? I never watched into the folders again, I simply just rescued the stuff and nothing more.

To get to the point of my post here,… I did browse through all my folders on my hard disc today to perform a digital “spring-clean” and discovered the mentioned old folders. Now I became nosy and listened to some of my own songs which I did created over ten years ago. This is fun but at the same time awkward!
It is really fun to browse through things that you created over ten years ago and to be honest, I did forget some of the stuff and know just by listening that I created it. Quality? Hmm, yea awkward. And then I am also not sure what I should think about the melodies and rhythms I created at that time, but it seems I had fun creating the stuff back at that time. But as said, really I get a really strange feeling when I listen to it today. But it was fun.

Just for the fun of it, I should upload the stuff either to YouTube or SoundCloud some day. I mean just for the amusement. But there are also some tracks that I created, which really sound cool anyhow, I mean at least the melodies but the sound quality is bad. I don´t dislike all of my tracks that I found. Overall it was like finding the roots or beginnings of my interest in music creation. Even if it is funny, it was also great to rediscover it. It´s like if you would find an old photo album. You would laugh about the fashion or haircuts then too.

Now I just talked about the music, but I discovered also old graphic project which made me laugh. I really found the creative roots of some own interests. I´ll think about it, if I share some of the stuff, but I am really not sure if I will do so. 😀

2 thoughts on “Dusty Music Material And So…

  1. I was worried because I thought you had health problems or so. Thank you you’re still okay.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I am ok. It´s just that I needed to slow down a little bit to refuel new creativity and ideas. Also I have a second blog now which is technology related, so that it might happen, that my time is split for both projects. And finally, I met some friends and the family more often or went outside, and played through some computer games in the evenings. There was some other activities over the past week, but this helps to get new power for blogging 😀

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