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My Cat With Black Background


Today I was a little bit upset because I had a dispute with someone. I didn´t want to think about it the whole day and thought I need distraction. I searched for an image that I could edit and found one of my cat Shyna that I didn´t share yet. I disliked the photo but I believed that it wouldn´t look too bad if I change some things with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

I removed the background or darkened it to black as I did this quite often with photos and I like that. The white fur was heavily overexposed but decreasing the exposure and lowering the highlights and whites did help at least a little bit. I decided to change the whole image to black and white to even make it less conspicuous. I think it´s still visible but it does not look too bad now I guess.

I think I like that photo now, and at the end, working on it helped me to calm down. It´s helpful if you have interests that can take your mind off things.


    • I think I take it sometimes too serious. Agree, certain errors must not mean that a whole image is bad. But on the other side, it´s fun to take a second look to improve some stuff.

      Thanks for your opinion Charles 🙂

  1. Having fun editing photos makes you engross in it in order to achieve the best result that you like, thus an effective way to get away from distraction. (my experience)

  2. I like the photo Dennis. I suspect that you may be a perfectionist where photography is concerned but I agree with you that working on something interesting is a good way to relieve stress.

    • Haha, yes I am at times very skeptical about my own photos, unless I think they are just hasty snapshots. Agree, most activities can be very stress relieving. It´s good to tinker about problems but we shouldn´t do that for too long.

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