It’s That Time Again, Chocolate Gingerbread!

Chocolate Gingerbread

It’s fall, and that is the time when they start to sell chocolate gingerbread again in German stores. Did I ever mention that I love chocolate gingerbread? After so much years blogging I am not sure if I did but I wouldn’t be surprised if I mentioned it anywhere on my blog.

I am not really a big fan of sweets, in fact I would rather make me a salad than clutching at sweets, however, that really can change in the fall season. Gingerbread glazed with chocolate is one of the reasons!

4 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again, Chocolate Gingerbread!

    1. Absolutely 🙂 Extremely tasty and since they sell them only in fall and winter, they are even more tasty when the time has come because I waited so long 🙂 These are christmas sweets 🙂

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