Kitty Playing With A Toy

Above you can see Shyna playing with one of her cat toys. It’s basically a rod with scraps of leather. She really goes nuts if I move this thing around in front of her. I mean, if she is in mood to play. That always depends. But if she is in mood, it’s really fun to play with her.

10 thoughts on “Kitty Playing With A Toy

  1. So true! The thing is that when I get back home from the office, my cat is already waiting behind the door and as soon as I get in, he starts messing around with all his toys. He is always in the mood for playing. Never gets tired and you could say he’s been waiting for me the whole day! So cute… but I am forced to keep a schedule of daily playing sessions! Love your photos of Shyna

    1. I wish Shyna would always be in that mood too. She plays often but it’s a 50/50 change 😀
      I can imagine your playing schedule is more difficult then 🙂

  2. I have a twin boys, 7 month olds, sweet and playful. Ask Shyna if she want them as xmas present, I’ll ship them to her.

    1. What do you mean with twin boys? Is this a cat toy? Also thanks, this is very nice of you to think about Shyna but I do care a lot about my privacy. Nothing against you but I don’t give anyone data like my address. Anyway, nice of you.

      1. It’s a joke, Dennis 😀 They are male cats, young and playful. I remember you used to say you want another kitty for Shyna 🙂

      2. Haha, ok I assumed something like this but was not sure 😀 The cats from your cat photos? Loved the photos. Why do you stop to blog?

        Yes, you are right… the idea is still in my head… at some point I will get a second cat, it’s just that I didn’t find the right one and there are not much breeders in our town (most breed norwegian cats). I would like a siamese cat but that would make it more difficult since there are zero siamese breeders here. Or a similar mix cat like Shyna just with other fur colour. I save money for a DSLR camera but after that I might try to find breeders outside of my town. Hamburg for example. But only if I have enough money to give the cat a good start 🙂 Also I didn’t try to check out our animal shelter to see if they have a little cat that I can raise up. At some point I will put more energy into the search 🙂

        1. I saw ‘the death’ once in march. Some days later, I lost my camera but I don’t even mind anymore. Now I just want to live like today is my last day: laid back and enjoy everything passing by.

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