Some Changes To My Other Tech Blog

I have a second tech blog, but I rarely post on that blog. My personal blog here is way more established when we talk about search engines. It’s often quite easy to rank certain posts as my blog here is doing quite well, but as the other blogs is newer it’s of course more difficult there. That means you can still expect technology related articles here in the future. Also because I like that kind of personal writing style I developed here. But all that is nothing new and I wrote about the issue with my two domains several times.

More new is that I also had problems to write on the other blog because I used a theme over there that forced me to constantly search for fresh images related to the issues I wrote about. I can tell you, themes that rely on featured images only, they are absolutely not my thing. I love to add images to my posts, but if I am forced to do this, it’s a whole nother story. You don’t have an image for every topic, you can seek public domain images but it really slowed me down and I lost the motivation to write on my second blog very soon and did it rather irregular then. I would immediately lose the motivation here too, if the theme of my personal blog would force me to hunt for images, to shoot images or to create screenshots regularly.

So, I had to make some changes over there. I searched for other themes. I dislike to make decisions and I always do find some minor problems I can beef about, even while testing themes. It’s a while ago when I used the Yoko Theme on one of my irrelevant blogs that I have for test reasons. Apart from that, I have seen the theme in action on other blogs. I activated it now on my second technology blog, because I love minimalism and simplicity in design. The theme does really fit to my other blog and it has not the issues of the theme I used earlier. I can, but I don’t have to use images for my articles with that theme. That is good. It’s actually that good that I might even activate it here some day if I would find an alternate theme for the other tech blog.

But then again, this doesn’t mean that I set the focus on the other blog now. I mainly did that to make it less annoying in case I want to publish articles there.
When you set up a blog, it’s all about you, which means you must put away the hurdles and set everything up that you can enjoy your blog. I think I will enjoy it more now, if I want to write spontaneously on the other blog.

The only thing that does still annoy me about my second domain is the fact that I do basically compete with myself. While I write a lot of personal stories here, I have written quite a lot of articles or tutorials about technology related subjects here too. It’s smarter to publish them here due to the established domain, but on the other side the initial idea to branch that stuff out to a niche domain was not too bad. But to repeat that, the main traffic of my personal blog here is caused my technology related articles, which means I do absolutely compete with myself when I have two technology blogs. However, the new domain name is much more appealing to me that the domain name of my personal blog here, which is why I probably rented the new domain. But for now I know how to handle the problem.

It’s not too bad to have several domains as you can create cross-articles with links to push what ever you wrote on the other blog. But for now it’s just a matter of my mood, if I want to stay objective or subjective, that will make me decide where I publish the draft. I am at least sure that I won’t give up the technology category on my personal blog here, I did put too much articles in this category over time. Until today I had a more personal writing style here, while I was more objective on the other blog. This is ok for now, and I can link between both blogs anyway. I enjoy subjective writing, but I can use the other domain to practice staying objective. That is how I did handle the situation since some time.

At some point I did even have the idea to write in German on the other blog, but that was just an idea. It’s actually not a bad idea anyhow, but Germany with all the rules and laws, it’s annoying and only my private domain would defend me of any trouble. So, this is not what I will do for now. Overall, it doesn’t really matter what I will do with the second domain as the yearly fee for a domain is a complete joke and won’t hurt me. That is why I didn’t abandon the newer domain over there. But what I will do with it, that question is up since months already and I see it as an experiment. For now I just post irregularly there. As said, it doesn’t hurt. It’s at least more likely now that I will post over there due to the new theme because the other theme was really a big problem.

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