Tension In The Neck Again

I remembered that I had tension in the neck anytime this year, now I do have it again since today and I browsed my blog to find out when it was the last time and was surprised that the last tension in the neck occurred not a long time ago on March 6. That is funny about personal blogs or diaries, if you wrote about it you will find out when you had it the last time.

This time it’s much worse, it’s horrible, it’s much more annoying and painful, so much painful that I actually thought I have a disc prolapse with the vertebra of the neck. It’s now more bearable at the time I write this but some hours ago it was super painful. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t rest, everything was painful.

Fortunately I had Ibuprofen at home, which is why it is now probably less painful. I just hope that this will go away fast and that it is just a tension in the neck. I am actually not that sure about it as my hands and skin felt numb hours ago. I have read this could be with tension in the neck but also with disc prolapse of the cervical vertebra.

I really did run miles this year and that with my flat shoes. These are my favorite shoes and I would buy them again, but they are not really perfect for super long hikes. I will need to buy some special shoes.

I mentioned that because I had problems with the lumbar spine after long walks, it was painful and one day I couldn’t really walk anymore. I always enjoyed to walk miles, but maybe I did it too much or my shoes are not perfect because I feel every step with these shoes.

When it comes to disc prolapse, you could feel pain in the lumbar spine or there is this other disc prolapse where you get these tension problems in the neck. I don’t want to say that I have a disc prolapse, because as said I am not a doctor, but I do think that I should monitor this.

My mother called me via phone today and she was concerned when I mentioned the numb feeling in my hands, she said they would drive me to the hospital to check what is going on. She couldn’t convince me, I mean it’s fine that she offered it but the numb feeling is away now and the Ibuprofen did help a little bit.

I just guess that I have a tension in the neck again and if it gets worse, I will of course visit a doctor over the next days. Now I just hope that it will go away days later like it went away when I had the tension in the neck the last time.

I also talked with a friend and I really like his sarcasm because he said something like “Look, we are now over 30 years old, there is attrition”. We both laughed. Of course, laughing was painful when you can’t move your head up, down or to the side. Anyway, this guy is funny as always.

8 thoughts on “Tension In The Neck Again

  1. Muscular tension can do what you describe even without any problem with the discs. The muscles can become stiff and locked pressing on the nerves. Try cool compresses to alleviate the inflammation and then warm wet compresses to help relax. I hope it will go away soon !

    1. Yes I have read this today, even daily stress can cause stuff like that. From a medical point of view it is amazing what our body can do, it’s just annoying when you suffer from it. Also thanks for the tips Vera, I will try this out!

    1. Thanks I will look into this. I think it’s a mix of different problems.. sometimes I sit days in front of the computer to work and other times I do super long hikes… I think I should take more care about ergonomic principles if I work at the PC or if I walk miles. And I maybe should really do some exercises too yes 🙂

  2. P.S. There is some Alexander Technique self-help on the net and self-help books available. I’ve used the supine position myself in combination with mind “stilling” (a yoga technique) to good effect. 🙂

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