Uncles Birthday Barbecue

Tasty sausages

My uncle did invite the whole family to his birthday party yesterday, it was a great birthday barbecue. Not without trouble, my uncle did use a little bit too much of charcoal lighter and the grill was literally on fire. Even after he closed the cap and the air valves, the fire was still irrepressible.

The grill was so hot that flames shot through the back panel, through the front and edges. We got concerned when the flames got quite big, because it looked as they could now reach the hedges behind the grill. The hedge is far enough away but when flames get that big, you really start to be concerned.

But after a while we had it under control because closing the cap and the air valves started to show effect, it just took some time. I was afraid we would need to call the fire brigade, fortunately we got it under control without much more trouble

After the fire was tamed, we were able to put the meat on the grill. So, after the small shock we could finally enjoy the birthday and barbecue. We had a lot of chicken drumstick, but also tasty sausages. We had flat bread and salads.

I did also drink a few glasses of Ballantine’s and Coca Cola together with the husband of my mother and my uncle. The womans in the family prefered normal drinks, and the kids of course didn’t get any alcoholic drinks. We sat together until 11pm, it was a beautiful day.

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