Complaining About The Late Summer

Dry Ground Texture

Not that I think the photo above is very special, it’s just a dry ground texture that I shot in our garden, but the photo fits to what I want to write about. I currently slowed down to publish posts on my blog, and there is a reason. I think it’s already one of my traditions to complain about late summer on my blog, so, here is a fresh complain about the summer.

Yea, the current weather really makes me sick, we have had both, some very hot and humid days but also some very dry days. I simply don’t get used to this kind of weather, it makes me wish to live on the North Pole. The late summer days were really unbearable in my opinion. I am in Northern Germany, and a friend who was recently in Southern Germany said “Mate, you don’t want to know how damn hot it was there”. Right, we have it fresher in the North due to the Baltic Sea, and in Bavaria there is nothing except hills.

To be honest, we also had some pretty rainy and stormy days in Northern Germany this late summer. Some of the days were fresh and it cooled down, to my liking, but most of these days were rather muggy too. It’s not even that we had super high temperatures, but it’s often all about the high air moisture and then 25 degree can feel like 50 degree. But as mentioned, we also had some super dry days, not sure what was worse, I disliked both, I dislike late summer days pretty much. The strange and sudden weather changes were straining as well. The summer was definitely moody and came with some extremes.

I must admit that I have some friends who really like hot days, no matter if high air moisture or super dry, but some people I know are like me and prefer moderate days. I have no problem with summer, I have a problem with late summer weather. I prefer sunny spring days or sunny early summer days, maybe even sunny mid summer days. I just dislike the extreme and hot days that make you sweat one minute after you left the shower.

So, it’s about me, I prefer it moderate. But I also love fall and winter. That means I like it either cold or moderately warm, that’s how you can put it in a nutshell. Since most of the recent days were not to my favor, I felt pretty depressive anyhow. I barely had the energy to do anything. I can not even convince myself to do things that I usually like, as playing guitar, writing for the blog or any of my other interests. The recent heat made me feel, sick, tired and weak all days except for the fresher days. it was definitely unbearable.

That is what high summer is to me. I basically just enjoyed the moderate or fresher days, and in some cases even only the nights when it cooled down. But at the moment I do just hope that the last summer weeks are not too hot, I basically can not await autumn. Anyway, I enjoyed two-thirds of the summer and was able to practice with my camera, just the late summer days annoyed me pretty much, as every year.

7 thoughts on “Complaining About The Late Summer

  1. The weather in the northern hemisphere has been very hot and dangerously dry. A lot of our western States are literally burning. Summer is never my favorite season, but winter has been worse. Climate is changing and fast.

    1. I definitely agree, there is something going on with the weather. I remember different summers near the Baltic Sea where I live, we usually had very moderate summers a decade ago, also the weather could decide for something, but now it’s so moody and the weather changes from one day to another, no wonder that people get headache.

  2. I sympathise with you Dennis as I don’t like extreme heat or humidity either. I used to be the same when we lived in South Australia. Not sick but with no energy or motivation to do anything I didn’t have to do. The climate here in Tasmania suits me better and I can enjoy the summers more. I remember that you slowed down posting last summer too so this obviously is something that bothers you at this time of year. Never mind, autumn for you is not far away.

    1. Yes, it’s funny, it was always the same with the recent late summers, they made me tired. But this late summer is even worse. The post here is a great example, I complained about the heat yesterday, but today I woke up and we have dark clouds like in autumn, it’s fresh, the complete opposite. I usually could enjoy the fresh day, but these changes from one day to another a straining too and give you headache (it’s like a jetlag), I bet you it’ll be hot again tommorow (it’s a back and forth since two months). The weather is so moody and it’s hard to get used to something that is changing every 24 hours in the opposite direction 😀

      I remember you confused me with one of your last winter pictures and I had to read up on that. Your government does offer a great article about the Australian climate: I always thought Australia would be just a hot place on earth, but this quote from the article makes now sense to me “Due to the size of the continent, there is not one single seasonal calendar for the entire continent.”. I bet south Australia would be better suited to me too than any other place in Australia. 🙂

      1. Yes, you can’t say Australia has just one type of climate. It is similar in size to the USA or Canada after all so we have the full range from tropical weather in the north, desert in the inland areas to temperate in the south where I am. South Australia used to be described as having a Mediterrannean climate but I think it is hotter and drier now than when I was a child.

  3. I understand! I don’t like summer at all but I really start feeling very tired and irritable in the late summer when I feel like I’ve endured all the hot days I possibly can take. I feel so happy when it does finally rain or get chilly at night and so grumpy when I see more hot weather in the forecast. Hang in there! Autumn is on its way. I hope it comes early to your part of the world!

    1. That’s pretty much how I feel… it’s great when a new season like summer starts, but each season has also a point where I think “Ok, I have enough now, next season please” 😀 At the moment I am definitely ready for autumn as well, I need some cooling 😀

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