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Dragon Sign

Dragon Sign

Walking through the city, I found the beautiful dragon sign you see in the photo. I always liked dragons, I have a couple of small dragon sculptures in my living room for example. Of course, I had to take a photo of the dragon sign. What about you? Do you like dragons?


  1. Dragons are one of the greatest creations of human imagination. Powerful, soaring free in the air, beautiful, with power and intelligence that commands both fear and respect. But, the more you think about dragons, the more you are grateful that they have remained in our imagination.

    • I always liked movies or games with dragons, I like the appearance of these fantasy creatures… but then I agree, we can be happy that they are not real, I can’t remember how many dragons killed me in pc games 🙂

  2. I’d also like to say, I think the wall behind the dragon, with its windows, is also very cool-looking 🙂 You ought to put a mask on that dragon and brighten it up so we can see better 🙂

    • That is the typical brickstone architecture of the inner-district of our city. Lots of cool buildings, althought they modernize a lot of areas lately, which is sad, because the old style is so beautiful. I agree, I did upload the image without a lot of changes, I should have brighten the dragon up a bit, good point!

    • I had to ask Google, and landed on a Wikipedia page about her. Didn’t know about her and her fictions, but I am not a real bookworm 🙂 It’s interesting how often Dragons are used in fantasy books, games and movies. 🙂

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