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The Domain Search Continues

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I canceled the domain that I purchased two days ago. The name was not too bad, I liked the short name, but I noticed some other problem with the domain. By the way, if you are blogging at and you purchase a domain there, you can cancel your purchased domain at anytime, however you will only get a refund if you do this within 48 hours. I learned this yesterday, and I thought this could be interesting for others too. Sometimes you are too hasty, or you notice a problem, and then this can be very handy.

Talking about the domain I canceled, I disliked the fact that you could also read the first word in the domain in plural, due to the fact that the second word started with the letter “s”. The name was easy to type, I liked that, but the fact that the used term “pixel” could also be read as “pixels”, that confused me. I think I can do better. I still have a huge list with ideas, but I shouldn’t stress myself, because that is never good. I am lucky that I could refund the money within 48 hours, I didn’t even know that this would be possible, but that is pretty great. So, the domain search continues.



  1. I’m happy they’ve added that option as well. It gives you the opportunity to look at you url as well and think it over for a bit, while it’s not just an idea in your head, but you actually get to read the URL. Anyway, good luck with your search. I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon enough 🙂 !

    • Exactly Marieke. That basically happened with my last idea… it clicked at first, but then I got some concerns. I am happy too that we have this 48 hours chance. I have a super huge list filled with ideas, but I get the impression the longer the list is, the harder the decision. I should stop hunting for names and let the list dry for a while, to take a look at it some weeks later. I did too much research, and I saw so much word combinations that I really don’t see a difference between them anymore, I probably should take a break for now. 🙂

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