How to Limit or Cap The FPS in Battlefield 1


It was already possible in previous Battlefield games to limit or cap the FPS, and it’s also possible in Battlefield 1. In some cases it might make a lot of sense to cap the FPS, and to make the guide a bit shorter, I point you to my old Battlefield 4 FPS limit guide if you want to know why some people cap their FPS. Since everything is said in my older articles, I won’t discuss the why, I will just write a short tutorial so that you can learn how to cap your FPS in Battlefield 1. So, let’s take a look…

How to limit the FPS in Battlefield 1

First of all, we need to be aware that there is an in-game console in Battlefield 1, like in previous Battlefield titles, and you can use it to type in commands to get functionalities that are not accessible through the setting menu. One of the functions is the FPS cap, and we just need to know how to open the Battlefield 1 console and next we need to type in the following command…

gametime.maxvariablefps 61

It’s important to know that the number 61 is just an example, the value where you want to cap the FPS, in other words the limit and maximum allowed frame rate. Change the value to your liking if you want to cap the FPS at a higher frame rate. The value 61 is however a perfect value if you use a 60Hz screen, as explained in my Battlefield 4 FPS cap guide. So, if you wrote the command, you just have to hit the return key to enable the FPS limit. The FPS cap will be enabled until you restart the game.

How to permanently enable the FPS cap in Battlefield 1

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to only activate the FPS cap for the time we run the game, because always if we restart the game, we would need to type the command into the console again and again. The much better way is to put the exact same command into a text file, because you can actually create a Battlefield 1 config file.

If you learned how to create the file, you can place your favorite commands there, including the FPS cap, and they will be permanently active, until you delete them out of the text file, or until you deleted the whole config file. That is the much better method to cap the FPS, but if you just want to test it, the previous method with the console might be enough for now.

By the way, there is also a command that will display your actual frame rate in Battlefield 1, and you can use it to see if your settings work. You might also want to check out the complete list of all Battlefield 1 console commands.

Last Words

I hope this guide was helpful and you learned how FPS limitation works in Battlefield 1. Read my other Battlefield 1 articles, or check the comment section out if you want to add something and if you are in the mood to drop some words. Otherwise, have a lot of fun with Battlefield! Happy gaming!

8 thoughts on “How to Limit or Cap The FPS in Battlefield 1

    1. It seems that it is still bugged. Several people reported in other forums that it’s not working for them, but for some it does work. I have no idea why it is so inconsistent, and I hope they fix the issue soon. It always worked like a charm in previous Battlefield titles.

  1. Why would you want to do this? I saw your BF4 limiting link where you said all it does is raise temperatures but that simply isn’t true. If you have more frames than your monitor can display, then your monitor is able to grab the latest frame to display and creating less of a delay. Here’s a video explaining my logic.

    1. He is talking about input lag. Simply put, I don’t notice input lag with my FPS cap and to me the experience is much smoother than having an incosistent frame rate. I am very well aware that the whole subject has been controversial since a long time. At the end we all can be happy that we can customize our gaming experience however we like. I like to use fps caps. As you might have noticed, I did skip the whole “Why to cap your fps” question with my newer Battlefield articles, simply because anyone is free to choose. Now 90% of the traffic to this articles is causes by Google search queries like “How can I cap my FPS in Battlefield 1″…. that means, there are like minded people that do already know that they want to cap their FPS, maybe because they had a very similar experience like I had in the past. My article is aimed at this user base. I don’t want to convince someone to cap the FPS, I want to explain how it’s done to those that want it.

      Since I don’t feel input lag, I don’t make a rocket science out of it. Do you need to worry about input lag? It depends on yourself and is rocket science as well…,3694-4.html

      So, the counter question is… Why would I want to waste energy and resources on something that I personally don’t notice? And why would you want to convince me to play on a higher frame rate if that never has been an issue to me? Again, the good thing about software is that we can basically customize our experience, and of course you are free to choose how to play your games. And that’s probably the reason why developers give us these options. There is the point why I gave up to mention in my FPS article series if it makes sense to cap or not. I see my article series as a guides for those who are already sure that they definitely want to cap the FPS, maybe because they don’t care either.

      It’s the same with my photography hobby, of course you can come up with rocket science why it would make sense to have a camera with a tiny amount of more megapixels, but if I tell you there are more important factor to me, the arguments in the test will just be that, rocket science and pixel-peeping. You can convince me to purchase a camera with more megapixels, but since I am more serious about factors like dynamic range, I will probably end up with a very different camera.

      So, that’s why I would want to limit my FPS. Similar to the pixel-peeping in photography, any frame rate above my screens refresh rate is FPS-peeping to me. And then again, if a cosistent frame rate with the FPS limit gives me a a smoother experience than having FPS hiccups without, it is way enough to make me decide to use it permanently. 🙂

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