How To Open And Use The Console In Battlefield 1


Electronic Arts games with the Frostbyte engine always had a console that you could open to enter special commands, and this is not different in Battlefield 1. In this tutorial you will learn how to open the Battlefield 1 console where you can enter and activate things that you might not find in the in-game settings menu. The Batttlefield 1 console is great to enable certain features for the time the game runs, if you want to use some console commands for a longer period, you should learn how enable console commands permanently with a config file, otherwise read on…

Opening The Battlefield 1 Console

As in most games of the Battlefield series, you simply have to press the tilde key (~) on our keyboard. After that, the console should be opened and you can start to type a command you want to use, and with the return key you confirm your input. Now you just have to hide the console by pressing the tilde key (~) again on your keyboard. This has always been that simple in other Battlefield gamed, and you can easily remind it to be able to use the console again for other commands you might want to use. But as said, in some cases it might make sense to put certain commands into a config file, especially if you want to use them for a longer time. To see what kind of features are available with the console, you might want to check out my complete list of useful Battlefield 1 console commands.

Last Words

I hope this short guide helped you to understand how to open the Battlefield 1 console. Check out my other Battlefield 1 articles, or drop some words in the comment section of my blog if you are unhappy with my tutorial, if you want to add something, or if you want mention something else. Happy gaming!


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