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Back then after WordPress introduced a new stats page that quite a lot of people disliked, I suggested you that there was still a way to use the old stats page. I wrote a workaround guide about the classic stats redirect script of tPenguinLTG. This solution solved all issues for a while since everyone could continue to use the previous stats page. But WordPress mentioned back then in the forums that they might phase the previous stats page out, and this is what happened over the last days. If you used the redirect script, you might have noticed that it didn’t work anymore, this was the result of WordPress’s decision to kill the previous page.

Alternative Solution

If you still don’t want to use the new stats page, the incident is not the end of the world. We got help again, tPenguinLTG pushed out an updated version of the script and was working during Christmas days to give us yet again an alternative to the new WordPress stats page. It might be that your script updated automatically, if not, I suggest you to de-install and re-install the script. Check out your Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey browser extension, you should find an option to manage your scripts, that’s where you can de-install the “ classic stats”. After that, you just have to install the new version again, the link in my classic stats guide is still the same and should point you to version 2. If you are thankful, please thank the author of the script!

But Something Changed

You noticed it? Yes, something is different now. Since the previous stats page was killed by WordPress, I suggested Penguin to redirect to the even older stats page. I don’t want to confuse you, but there were two different stats versions before they introduced the new one, the oldest stats page is still working, they just phases out the one that followed. Anyway, the oldest stats page is the closest experience you can get to the one you have been used to. If that’s what you want, reinstall the user script and enjoy blogging!

8 thoughts on “Check Out The WordPress Classic Stats Redirect Script V2

  1. I figured out that was what had happened. when suddenly, I couldn’t get the old stats page. I can, however, get the older stats page by clicking the “site stats” link on my dashboard left side menu. I don’t know how long that will last, either. I will try fixing the link in Tampermonkey but I get nervous messing with stuff I don’t understand. So I’ll have to work up my courage. Meanwhile, I’ll reblog this in the morning. I’m sure many people will be very glad to have any kind of workaround. I can’t make head or tail out of the “new stats.” I think they left out all the information I want and included crap instead.

    1. I think Tampermonkey has a “Check for script updates” option if you click on the symbol. Alternatively you can just re-install the script as I mentioned. I use Firefox and Greasemonkey but installed Chrome and Tampermonkey now to check this out for you. For some reason my Tampermonkey extension is in German, but I try literal translation for you…

      1. Click on the Tampermonkey symbol in Chrome (The black quader with round corners and two eyes).
      2. In the Tampermonkey menu, there should be something that says literally translated “Overview”, it has a green tools symbol.
      3. Clicked on it, you should now see a list of scripts, I assume you have classic stats in the list. Mark this entry, and check out one of the drop down menus above it where you can choose to remove the script.
      4. Not sure if it needs to be done, but I’d restart Chrome at this point and after that just install the script from here freshly by clicking on the install button:
      5. Restart Chrome again, now you can test if the script works. If it does, by clicking on the 48h graph in the dashboard for example, it should now redirect you to the oldest stats page.

      I just hope that WP won’t remove the oldest stats page as well. I know them very well already, my impression is that they get pissed if people don’t use their new designs. I can see that they will destroy this workaround in the future too by killing the oldest classic page as well and forcing us all to the new stats page. For now we have won again, we have a nice workaround. Let’s wait for their revenge, I find it sad that there must be a battle between the service provider and the customer. My subjective impression was that especially long-time users of seem to like the old stats page and the old editor… how would a company want to provoke their most loyal userbase? This is out of my mind. I agree with you, the new stats page still has a lot of problems, and they had enough time to make it better, but it’s still hard to list every single problem because there are simply too many issues with the new stats page.

      Anyway, for now we have an alternative again, let’s hope they don’t mess around with our workaround again. 🙂

  2. I’ve tried, like you and so many others, to point out to WordPress that people like us are the ones who bring traffic to their sites. The “five minute” bloggers, as you said, post a few selfies and disappear. Too much work. We are the ones who plug away at it for years and keep it alive. I don’t know who they think they are courting with these “features” because anyone who really writes or is a photographer or artist isn’t interested in blogging on their mobile phone. You CAN’T blog from a mobile phone. It occurred to me today that their new “reblog” format is designed to look exactly like a Twitter post. Except that this isn’t Twitter. Not only is it intentionally NOT the same format, it’s has an entirely different objective. Twitter is postcards; blogging are essays and journals and things in some depth. We aren’t Snapchat or Facebook either. We actually write using real words and pictures that are in focus (!) … and we care about how our sites look.

    I’m tired of fighting this battle. It’s hard enough to keep on doing this every day for years at a time without the people whose customer I am doing their best to make the process more difficult.

    1. Exactly, I do absolutely agree. They try to cater for the Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram (and so on) crowd. It’s as if they want to do the shift and transform this blogging platform into a “instant message” or “instant photo upload” platform. You are right, blogging has very different objectives, and a very different audience as you said too. I mean, often I do also like to just post my photos with a short explanation added below the photos, but at the end I am here because I can also craft longer articles if I want to, my whole tutorial section is full of longer posts, that is something I couldn’t do on a platform like Twitter, that’s the reason why I started blogging. Here I can do both, creating smaller posts if I just want to share a few photos, or creating detailed or long articles, and further I can create categories for both writing/sharing styles.

      I am tired about this battle too, I start to realize you can’t convince hipster developers or decision makers about this very big difference. I think the last time I mentioned my concerns, they told me that there would be the option of selfhosting where I can get all the flexibility. I selfhosted German websites in the past, I could just rent a server and set up my own site since I have experience with it…. but what they don’t get is, that I am still here at for a reason, it’s the cloud hosting, I’d be banned from a shared host with the amount of traffic of my site because it would probably consume the bandwidth of every other site running on the same server board. Then there would be the option of renting a cloud, but this would be quite expensive and over the top for a site that doesn’t have monetization in focus. I am here because the benefits are the free cloud, I have enough space if I resize my images, and at the end it’s just about the writing and I don’t have to care about the things in the background. I don’t need fancy plugins or too much flexibility. By saying that I could selfhost my site, they imply that after all the years, they don’t want customers like me anymore, even if I paid for some of their upgrades (domain, CSS upgrade). I simply demand that they don’t take away the basic tools we are used to, I couldn’t care less about extra flexibility, which is why I don’t think that I need to go selhosting with my personal blog, I’d do that with an ecommerce site or any bigger project with monetization as the main focus, but not with a personal blog.

      They treat us like childs, telling us what would be better for us. They insult us, it’s just hidden behind friendly looking corporate speech. Maybe they will realize some day that they did bet on the wrong horse 🙂

    1. It looks as if they note all the complains in the forum, that’s at least a first step. But actions must follow, the stats page is indeed dumb as is. I am not against new things or new designs, but so far I can’t find any improvements with their new design, it looks as if it was rushed out and designed for the sake of having something to work on.

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