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World of Warcraft Servers: You think you do but you don’t…


This post here is obviously about World of Warcraft. Do you remember when a fan got the microphone during the BlizzCon 2013 and asked the developers of World of Warcraft the legacy servers related question “Have you thought about adding servers for previous expansions as they were then?” and World of Warcraft’s executive producer J. Allen Brack replied “No! And you don’t want that either, you think you do, but you don’t.”?

Well, now that the Elysium PvP private server is up and running without Blizzard’s help, it’s funny to look back at the statement of J. Allen Brack and how an executive producer doesn’t know the fan base of the own product. There are around 12.000 players in the queue trying to get into the Elysium PvP realm. There are actually so much people trying it that you have to wait hours to get into the game. It’s so popular that the Elysium Project will look into the possibility of a 4th server

Isn’t it a shame that players who supported the product for over a decade do now have to rely on an inofficial World of Warcraft server, to actually experience what made the game become so popular? Blizzard should be ashamed, they better should start to care about those that made the product become popular, but given how streamlined the product already is, it’s probably too late anyway. Blizzard, the Elysium Project does offer something that you could have done too, but you didn’t. Fortunately there is this alternative for thousands of players who refuse to play the streamlined and boring mess that the official World of Warcraft has become. I feel Schadenfreude when a community fires back, this is what happened here.



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