Elysium Project Announced A New PvP Realm Called Zeth’Kur


It was mentioned earlier that the Elysium Project would look into the possibility of a 4th server. Guess what? They did it and you don’t have to wait a lot to create a character on this realm because they start it today on January 13th, 18:00 GMT / 12:00 PM EST. Of course this is meant to relieve the pressure on the previous servers, to decrease the number of players in the queue and to get a balanced server population. They came up with a humorous trailer to admit their mistake that they didn’t start enough realms right away. Take a look, it’s really a funny trailer…

The Zeth’kur PvP realm is named after a town that existed before the shattering of Draenor, it was the Orcish shipyards on Hellfire Peninsula during the second war. The Alliance force destroyed the town, the shipyards and the stationed warships. If you still can’t decide on which realm you want to play, you can take a look at the Elysium Realm Status site, to find out how the server population is distributed.

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