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How to add Non-Steam Games to the Steam Library


In this short guide you will learn how to add Non-Steam games to your Steam library. Many people use Steam as the hub where they decide what to play next, or where they start their games. Generally you just have games in your library that you registered or purchased on Steam, but Valve the maker of Steam also thought about those who want to start all their games through Steam. There is a way to add Non-Steam games to your Steam library so that you can start them through Steam. And even your friends will be able to see that you play a Non-Steam game if they take a look at your online status. So, let’s see how that works…

How to add Non-Steam games to your Steam library

How to add Non-Steam Games to the Steam Library

  1. Click on the games tab on top of Steam, as I did in the screenshot above.
  2. Click on “Add a Non-Seam Game to My Library…” in the menu that pops up.
  3. Choose the game you want to add from the shown list and put a check next to it.  Alternatively click on “browse” if you can’t find the game in the list and locate it on your hard drive on your own.
  4. Done! Now you can find the game in your library in the “games” section. But optionally you might want to add it to another category if you created your own categories in the library.

Last Words

I hope you liked the guide and I hope you did find what you were looking for. If this guide helped you, I’d be happy if you share it somewhere online, maybe through your social media channels, because this would help me too. Also if you are in the mood to add something or if you have questions, scroll down and check out my comment section. Happy gaming!



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