World of Warcraft’s Seventh Expansion Announced: Battle for Azeroth

This news has almost bypassed me, but that just because I am tired to follow World of Warcraft news because I disliked the last few expansions a lot. But anyway, for the sake of completeness and as it was a tradition on my blog. I am going to announce the name of the next expansion too. They will call the expansion Battle for Azeroth. Here is the cinematic trailer:

Many larger magazines do already tout that Blizzard will go back to the roots with this expansion, but if you followed the topic at least a little bit, you will know that Blizzard wanted you to believe this with all the most recent expansion releases. In other words, I won’t hype the expansion on my blog before I saw it with my own eyes. The big news from the BlizzCon 2017 is not the new expansion Battle for Azeroth, the big news is that Blizzard officially announced that they will create classic World of Warcraft servers, that’s where we can go back to the roots. In both cases, they want to get a larger subscriber base again, but I will gladly throw money at them if they give us back what World of Warcraft once was. So, I am actually more excited about the WoW classic server news. Time will tell if their next expansion will be better than the previous ones.

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