World of Warcraft Classic vs. Battle for Azeroth on Reddit

Today I did browse through Reddit, including the World of Warcraft sub on Reddit. I found out that Blizzard announced a new expansion, and I also found out that they will create classic servers for those that liked the old World of Warcraft more than the modern World of Warcraft. For me, the news with the classic servers was actually the top news, not the fact they announced a new expansion. And it seems I was not alone with this thought. When you take a look at the vote count of both news, you find out how popular the old World of Warcraft still is, because the news got over 40.000 upvotes while the announcement of the new expansion just got 8.000 upvotes and both entries were submitted around the same time:

World of Warcraft Classic vs World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth

I thought this was an interesting sign, but maybe I should be fair too. It’s actually pretty cool that Blizzard does give us the chance to experience the old days of WoW again. I do appreciate that decision pretty much, and this is how they can build up trust again with the community. I might not be a very active community member anymore, but I was back in the days. My friends and me, we felt betrayed by Blizzard, because the direction changed with a really big turn. But again, I want to be fair, I am really excited and I am looking forward to play on the official classic servers as soon as they release them in the future.

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