How To Disable The Reddit Redesign To Get The Classic Reddit Design Back

In this short tutorial you will learn how to disable the new Reddit redesign that is pushed in our all faces by default. If you do think too that the old minimalist style of Reddit is what made it very user-friendly, you can be happy that the community demanded that there would be a way to enable the classic Reddit design once the new design would be released. And I am glad the guys behind Reddit listened to the community. So, here is how you can re-enable the classic design

  1. Check your username in the right top corner and click on the down-arrow on the right side of it.
  2. A menu pops up where you need to click on “preferences”.
  3. Now scroll down until you find the entry “Use the redesign as my default experience” and remove the check mark from it.
  4. Don’t forget to click on the button “save options” and have fun with the classic Reddit design!

How to disable the Reddit redesign

When you log-in your first time during the day and when cookies have been deleted, you need to click on “preferences” again. But that’s all you have to do, because from there it will switch from modern to classic design again. So, it’s like doing it once a day unless you delete your cookies more often. It’s kinda bad, but still a way to use the classic design over the whole day.

EDIT: You can also use to see the classic Reddit design.

7 thoughts on “How To Disable The Reddit Redesign To Get The Classic Reddit Design Back

  1. [ Smiles ] Honestly, I am not of a Reddit person and at times I do feel as though I wasted my time creating a Reddit account. So, where I am concerned, it does not matter, if I have the Reddit’s old or new design layout.

    1. I find Reddit quite helpful but it depends on what type of Subreddits you follow. It can be a source of news, and often you get the news there before everyone else. Lots of issues pop up there before they pop up on CNN or BBC for example. But also in the niche Subreddits like gaming, Reddit is the source for early birds 😀

      To be honest, Reddit can be a real shithole, and at some places the community can be extremely toxic. But as said, it really depends on the Subreddits or on what kind of subjects you follow. I deleted all the Default Subs from my watchlist, and added my personal interests. There are some really really cool communities where you can gather lots of information’s. It’s also a nice place to find trends or what’s going on in the web, since the overall community is massive. When something hits the front page in Reddit (tech stuff, gaming, news, rumours, scandals or whatever it might be), it’s likely that everyone talks about it tomorrow (niche bloggers, large news sites, TV and sometimes even politics).

      Reddit is one of the things, where you at first look think “What kind of shit is that?”. Because by default you just see dull stuff like memes, stupid pictures that are supposed to be funny and so on. You really have to set this up to your favour, getting rid of all the non-sense and only following stuff you’re interested in. That’s where Reddit really shines.

      I wouldn’t call myself a Redditor, but at times it can be a source to get new inspiration to craft blogposts, wether it is a news, something technical others found out or whatever. For someone into gaming, it’s probably hard to skip Reddit… because it’s more likely you find a hot topic on Reddit, before you find it on Facebook or Twitter. I’d argue it’s the same with Technology, and often even with Photography. Examples would be, a rumor popped up about Nikon realing a D7200 camera… I wrote about that because it was an interesting rumor. Well, it became true and I was one of the first to write about it and it did land me super heavy traffic on this blog. That’s just one example, but that’s what I meant why Reddit can be helpful for a blogger. You spot niche trends quite early, before everyone else.

      But of course, it’s a matter of taste. I have things that I don’t like either. For example Twitter.. I still don’t understand the point of Twitter. I sometimes log-in for the fun of it, but there is zero interaction, it’s just not working for me. I think the only few people I ever interacted with on Twitter was you Renard and a couple of other bloggers 😀 I think Twitter is a thing where everyone either automatically does tweet stuff (I mean, my blog is set up on that way too), or they just login to share something and log out again. But after a few years, my conclusion is, that Twitter is just not worth the time. I mean I even interacted with other people’s content, but I barely get a reply. It’s like ghost town 😀

  2. I need a way to get the old interface without a reddit account.
    my browser cannot be upgraded, and I cannot support the new design.
    cant afford new computer.

    Need URL solution!!!

    Otherwise I need to know where everyone who leaves is going… what’s the alternative?

    1. So far there is no other solution. At least I didn’t come across any alternatives yet. Maybe in the future someone will re-create the classic Reddit theme with the Stylish browser extension.

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