Staying Fit

Mixed Salad

Mixed salad, mixed post. Yeah, it’s great to have two reasons to create a blog post. First reason was that I found the image above in my library and I like the way how I cropped it. The photo was shot in 2015 and it seems I never used it because the salad bowl was not completely in the frame. Now I cropped it on a way that I like the composition more. Next reason for this post is that I wanted to talk a bit about my running activity. To be honest, I didn’t run over the winter, mainly because I saved money and didn’t want to purchase running clothes for the winter. I didn’t expect that it would be still very cold during March, and I finally ran into the store to get running clothes for colder days since I didn’t want to wait any longer. But just days later our city was all white.

Very cold and rainy days followed, but I have chosen days that weren’t too bad and finally ran with the clothes. We’re now in April and the beginning was quite mixed as well, in fact the weather was alternating so much that you could say we had four seasons in one month. Now April is almost over but the last weeks were out of the sudden pretty warm. I could now start to run with a t-shirt. But my point is that it was now basically a new start, not only did I get a visible belly again, I also knew I would have to get fit again. I didn’t run the whole winter, and the last months were pretty bad as well. But from March to April, depending on the weather, I ran already about ten times and today was the day where I really felt how my physical condition improved again. The start was difficult, but today it seemed like I was unstoppable.

I’ve heard that the weather will get worse again next week. We have the saying “Der April macht was er will” in Germany and it means something like “The April is doing whatever it wants”, referring to the cruel mixed weather. And if you’re sensitive to change of weather, the April will really mess you up big time. It’s the month where I am the most depressed, where I feel sick and weak, it’s the month where I get issues with my anxiety disease again and so on. But I did push myself, I just wanted to start running early this year. It might rain again next week, and maybe it’s cold again but probably not as bad as a month ago. I don’t care if it’s raining or if it’s a bit cold, because if it’s not too bad I will go running anyway.

But if you ask me, I can’t await a more stable weather. We had two good weeks now, I want more. Running when it’s in the evening still warm, that’s much more fun. Anyway, I am proud that the running was not just an idea of the last year. No, I actually started to do it this year too. I am proud about that. But since I did run a lot last year, it’s not a surprise because overall you feel so much better when you do your yearly sports program. I think I will always skip the winter, and it always will be a bit difficult to start from scratch in spring, but I don’t care. What counts is that I go running in spring and summer. With my clothes for the colder days I will also run during autumn, but running during winter is just not my thing. But running three seasons is probably much better than not running at all. So, I am ok with it if I gain a bit weight over the winter or if my physical condition will suffer during that time.

4 thoughts on “Staying Fit

    1. I almost deleted the image. But since it was framed badly, I realized I can be a bit more brave with the cropping tool. I didn’t expect that the composition would work if I cut the bowl out of the frame… but it somehow does. Maybe I should be more experimental in the future with my other photos too. 🙂

      The winter was indeed very strange. We all were confused 🙂 But definitely not a good sign. We had it all during winter… like very warm days, snow, rain, freeze. Totally insane weather changes.

    1. That’s true. And now I use two spoons water and two spoons vinegar, which makes the salad even more healthy because previously I used dressing. Vinegar is less calories, and makes it almost a pure salad. I use balsamic vinegar, my favorite at the moment 🙂 Very delicous taste 🙂

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