First Recording With My Fender Standard Telecaster

Fender Standard Telecaster Neck

When I plugged my new Fender Standard Telecaster into my soundcard today, I had patience enough to set up my tripod and camera as well. Because I know how inspiring it is if you play on a new guitar, and I wondered if I randomly come up with a cool tune. So, just in case I recorded everything. And I am glad that I did that, because the very first thing I randomly played sounded pretty cool on that guitar. Take a look if you like…

That was the first thing I played on it. After that I recorded another one where I tested the switch or all three pickup positions. That video can be found in my previous post. But for the next days and probably weeks, I won’t think that much about recording, because I want to play on it now. But in the future there will be new videos, I am sure!


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