Another Fulfilled Dream – A Telecaster

You’re never done with guitars. I had two now, but I purchased a third. I always liked Fender guitars, especially Statocaster guitars, but also their Telecaster models. I played a lot on a Fender Stratocaster back then, it was the guitar of my grandpa and I loved to play on it. Talking about Telecaster guitars, I liked them too because I played on them in school and later when I had my own band, but I never really owned one. But it was always planned to get both, but since we aren’t rich, it doesn’t happen fast. Anyway, I still had savings and over the last weeks and months I asked myself what I want to do with it. Of course there is the photography hobby where I could purchase new lenses, but I do already have some interesting ones that I like. With guitars I was equally well equipped but then again, I wanted a Telecaster or Stratocaster so hard! They all have their own soul, which means every guitar is different, and makes you play different.

The irony is that deciding between a Fender Telecaster or Fender Stratocaster was so hard, that this was the reason it took time. I had enough money for one of both, just not for both. This is not completely true, but I am not a person that likes to kill the piggy bank entirely. I am usually much more careful, because it’s always good to have a bit left over on the side. Next thing was that I had no clue if I would purchase an American or Mexican Fender guitar. It’s said the American’s are of high quality and they are more expensive, while those produced in the Mexican Fender factory cost less but might be made of cheaper materials. But after reading tons of reviews and doing my research, I realized it doesn’t matter. You can swap out all parts. The pickups are not good enough? Who cares, buy news ones and put them in. The bridge is cheaper? Who cares, high quality ones don’t cost a fortune and replacing it doesn’t really seem to be a hard job. And the truth is, for the most part it’s just really about the pickups.

So, I didn’t really care if the guitar would be made in America (Corona) or Mexico (Ensenada). And I am whispering in your ear now “It doesn’t take much more than 3 hours to drive from Corona to Ensenada“. Shame to him who thinks evil of it (laugh). Let’s be honest, they are the same guitars, it’s just that production cost is lower in Mexico. And yes, maybe they use cheaper pickups, a cheaper bridge, cheaper pot knobs or tuners for the Mexico models. But who cares? You get all of it at high quality for a super low price at your favorite large online music retailer. And it’s not rocket science to replace these parts. I decided, if I buy one, I get myself a Mexican guitar and mod it if needed. Then I found a bargain on a Mexican Standard Telecaster, and it became more clear that my next guitar would not be a Stratocaster, more likely that Telecaster.

I sleep a couple of nights before I do decisions like this one, but I knew I wouldn`t have much nights in this case. It was just one night, I purchased the Fender Standard Telecaster. But I was not sure what I could expect, because it would be both, my first Mexican Fender guitar, and my first online order for a guitar. I usually test guitars in a store, but I realized if something would be wrong with the guitar, I could just send it back. It arrived today and I tell you something now. If it would have been your guitar, and you wouldn’t allow me to take a look behind the headstock, because you want me to guess if it’s an American or Mexican guitar while I play on it, I would have had absolutely no clue. I paid about 400 British Pounds for a guitar that would usually cost about 500. If it would have been a Fender American Standard, it would have been easily 1000 and maybe up to 2000 British Pounds. I won’t argue that the more expensive American models aren’t better, but my point is that the Mexian Telecaster is already of such high quality that I simply don’t care if it can be better or not.

To get to this conclusion, I had to jump into the water by just purchasing the Mexican Telecaster to see how they are. And yes, I was unsure what I would get. But after playing the whole day on it, I can say I am absolutely happy that I made this decision. While I could change the pickups at some point, it doesn’t really sound like a guitar where I would want to do it. I expected worse, but it just sounds perfect in my ears. When the day has come and I am ready to purchase a Fender Stratocaster, it’ll be a Mexican Fender guitar as well. What I got today surprised me, my Mexican Telecaster is awesome.

By the way, one of the reason I wanted one is that Fender guitars often have single coil pickups in it, especially a Telecaster rings more than the guitars with humbuckers, like my Les Paul style Bluesbird guitar, which can be quite muddy. I like it muddy, but it totally depends on what I want to do. I needed a guitar that I can use for more crisp or clean stuff, and the Telecaster is that twangy. Now I do have more options with three guitars, but the job is not done. I need to fulfill another dream in the future, a Fender Stratocaster. Anyway, here is a short soundtest video where I show the bridge pickup sound, the neck pickup sound, and how the Telecaster sounds if you have bridge and neck pickup active…

The only problem I am sad about is that the deal was for the Telecaster in brown sunburst, but I would have prefered to purchase one in arctic white or any kind of yellow. But it’s just a color, and the brown sunburst doesn’t look bad either. Even if I would have liked to own a completely white Telecaster, I will get over it because the guitar sounds great. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Another Fulfilled Dream – A Telecaster

  1. Congratulations on your purchase. I know you always prefer to try things out so buying online was quite a brave move for you. I don’t know anything about guitars but always enjoy listening to your music pieces.

    1. I think what I often forgot, especially in the case of guitars, is that I have (depending in which country the store is) customer rights. But mostly these rights are there in Europe. So, it made click in my head. The store had very good reviews and looked serious, I also read their return policy and called them (yeah, that was funny with my German accent). I wanted to know if they do quality control, because some stores even do setups before dispatching (string height adjustment and so on and on), and they said they do it too. All looked good and I became brave, yes 🙂

      I would still suggest people to go testing the guitar in the store, but in this case the deal was way too good. I am satisfied with my decision.

      I am glad that you like my music pieces 🙂 I wish video editing wouldn’t bug me so much, it’s not my thing, otherwise I would upload much more videos. But I want to upload videos in a certain quality, so, there is no way around the video editing work 😀

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