Unbelievable Hot

meadow snapshot

I think I complained already three times this year about the hot weather, and with this post it’ll be number four. It really shows what type of summer we have in Europe. The heat wave is maddening. Even at night we still have 26°C plus humidity. We had up to 36°C with a sickening humidity during the days. Even the wind is warm and won’t help you either to cool down. There is no break, it’s constantly hot and this is so exhausting. Usually I know a couple of hardliners that love hot summers, but right now everyone is complaining.

People are slowing down, and understandably they vegetate in their free time, because it’s difficult to do anything at all. The heat is just too strong, I mean we’re in Northern Germany, but it feels like I am on holidays in a tropical place. Ironically, we often were kidding and said that we need to move further to the North, but since it’s hot in Scandinavia too, that can’t be said anymore either. My depressive perspective is that if things get out of hand within a couple of decades and climate change becomes a severe issue, we humans really deserve it. t’s absolutely deserved. Here is a great video explaining what is going on…


7 thoughts on “Unbelievable Hot

  1. I think this is the most often I’ve heard you complain about summer heat in a couple of years of reading your posts Dennis and seeing the stories of other bloggers Europe is most certainly having if not the hottest summer on record then close to it. It is weather like this that drove us away from South Australia to Tasmania where we don’t have those extreme heatwaves, at least not yet. What you are experiencing is like the last few summers David and I had in SA and we especially struggled with the nights when it was too hot to sleep.
    I believe that things already have got out of hand and climate change is a severe issue in many countries already. These extreme summers are probably going to happen more often along with other extreme weather events. Our bushfire season starts earlier now and finishes later than when i was a child. Our farmers have more drought years. Locally old timers tell me that it used to snow more often in winter and that the snow would last longer than it does now. I just hope that we have not left it too late to do anything about all this.

    1. This year, maximum frustration level is really reached. Yeah, I didn’t research, but if that is not a record breaking summer or close to it, I don’t know. I personally can’t remember a summer that was so maddening. We have super high temperatures and humidity non-stop since several weeks. There is no break, it’s hot during the day, at night, and in the morning… 24/7. It doesn’t feel like European climate at all.

      Yesterday it was so hot that I didn’t want to go shopping in the afternoon. I thought I would have everything at home. Later I noticed that it was not the case. We have one store in our district that has opened until 12 midnight, so I walked there shortly before they close… it was surreal, because on my way back it was midnight and it felt like 4 pm on a tropical island. Blowing warm wind, 26°C with severe humidity… it is nuts 🙂

      I totally understand why you and David moved away. Yes, during nights it’s very difficult to sleep. And sleep-deprived during the day with this heat, it makes it worse. People I know are already like zombies, they somewhat function, but very slowly 🙂

      Yes, I think you are right. It’s already an issue in many places. They even have forest fires in Sweden now. Here in Germany in some federal states, citizens were told to use less water. Imagine that, this is something I usually only know from the news (for example Las Vegas). The draught here is so severe that there is not enough fodder anymore, and according to the news, farmers do now emergency slaughter their animals in some of our states.

      The variations and catastrophes in many places on earth are already extreme, and I have read they will continue to become more extreme.

      I think it’s already too late. The video I posted was interesting. The author finished his PhD in theoretical atmospheric physics. He has another interesting video where he explains why it is already too late: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dC7A9FHLreI

      1. What you describe is how I felt in Singapore. I wanted to like it there, there were many interesting buildings and lots to photograph but I just could not stand the heat and humidity and it didn’t cool down enough at night to make that any better. Indoors where there was air con was a bit better but sometimes too cold and I didn’t want to be in the shops all the time anyway. Farmers slaughtering their stock is not a new thing to us in Australia. Even where Naomi lives in the middle part of the state they had a drought that lasted so long the farmers either sold their stock for next to nothing because they couldn’t feed them or slaughtered them. Some were lucky to be able to agist animals on properties in wetter parts of the state but it was bad. I saw a photo display at a function in Oatlands during that time and the pictures were all about the drought. Sad pictures. I hear our politicians making excuses for not doing more about climate change and it almost makes me glad that I’m old enough that maybe I won’t be here to see how bad it gets.

        1. Then I know for sure that I will never visit Singapore 😀 Yes, a country can be the most beautiful, but if you can’t do anything because the heat makes you slow and tired, it’s bad.
          It’s the same with Australian mainland, in documentaries I always admired what I saw, but in reality I couldn’t imagine to be on holidays there. I think I would sleepwalk through my holidays 😀

          Greed will eventually turn our planet into a hostile place in the future, it’s just the beginning what we see now. I think large industry sectors are very well represent at all floors of power. They lobby here and there, influence people with money or individuals from these sectors are represent on their own, in powerful positions. They slow down progress. I came to the conclusion that the world is run by lunatics, they don’t care what happens tomorrow, they just care about their own wealth today. Greed, that is also the biggest issue of humanity.

          I mean there have been steps, but overall it’s all just a drop in the bucket as I read more and more often. So, I see it like you. The mess is starting, but I most likely won’t be here anymore when nature shows to the fullest how big the mistake was to just think about today. That’s why I said it’s deserved.

    1. I do. I think my water-intake increased already 2X 😀 Shyna is an indoor cat, but it’s maddening hot at home too. It seems she is very tired of the heat too.

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