Playing With My Vintage V100 Lemon Drop

A couple of weeks ago I recorded a backing track again, this time with my Vintage V100 Lemon Drop. Later I wanted to record a guitar solo for it, as I always do with my backing tracks. But I was quite unlucky somehow, because something always went wrong. First my camera battery died in the middle of recording the solo, and another try it was my tablet battery to mention just a few mistakes. I was a bit frustrated and needed a break, but today I tried it again, and I was finally able to record my solo for the backing track. I totally love the tone of the V100 Lemon Drop. In the video and for the guitar solo, I used the middle position of the pickup selector, that’s where the Lemon Drop gives you the out-of-phase tone. I do absolutely like that tone, because it sounds so classic. But enough talking, I hope you like my new improvisation…

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