Just A Temporary Place For My Guitars

My apartment looked a bit like a band room over the last weeks. After the fifth guitar purchase, I had one lying around everywhere. On the table, on the ground, in the kitchen and so on. I just had one guitar stand, but with five guitars there was now a problem. I opened Amazon and ordered some more guitar stands from my favorite brand. Today they arrived and I could finally look for a place to put all five guitars. I thought I could move my living room cabinet a bit to the left to get more space on the right. I placed all guitar stands there but then it struck me that this could just be a temporary home for the guitars. But why?

Right now I don’t use the heater, but during winter I will! It’s not the first time I heard about warped guitar necks because someone places a guitar near a heater. The heat is not good for a guitar, especially not if placed so closely to a heater. Grandpa told me too that his Stratocaster had a warped neck because a band mate placed his guitar near a heater for some days, and he then had extra costs because the guitar store repaired it for him back then. Then I heard that the wood and paint of the guitars can take damage as well if the temperature or air moisture changes rapidly, which of course will happen near a heater.

So, I will place the guitars somewhere else as soon as I need to start using my heater in autumn or winter. It’s sad because I like the place for the guitars, but of course I don’t want to damage them. I don’t want to have extra costs in the future, just because of a stupid mistake. Here are the guitar stands I got, they are pretty nice…

König & Meyer Guitar Stands


15 thoughts on “Just A Temporary Place For My Guitars

  1. 🙂 Well, it is better than hiding them away in some type of storage container.

    I am sure that the chicks think that you are a famous studio musician whenever they come over and see those cool-looking guitars all over your apartment.

    1. Yep, but near the heater is a big no go. It’s still not cold, so at the moment it is no real problem since the heater is not used. But I really don’t want warped necks or any other issues. So, I will move them before autumn.

      I have an empty fish tank on another wall that I don’t use at the moment, and I will move the fish tank to another room to make space for the guitars. That wall is far away from the heater, that’s healthier for the guitars.

      Haha yeah, they might think I am. They probably won’t believe me if I say it’s just a hobby 😀

  2. This is the problem of every collector. Once you have more than a couple of an item where to put them so you can access them easily and also enjoy looking at them. I guess you will have a month or two before you need to move the fish tank. The guitars look very attractive as a group.

    1. Yes, it’s still a bit of time. But I will definitely put them on the wall where the larger fish tank is now. Yes, I totally didn’t think about space 🙂 I didn’t even think about the guitar stands, which is why I had them lying around everywhere. Now it did cost me about 100 Euro extra for the additional guitar stands 😀 But at least they are secured now. Shyna wouldn’t be able to knock them over, because the guitar stands are pretty solid.

    1. Thanks! It is. I like to play them all. They make me become creative 🙂 Each of them has a different soul, a different sound. Totally interesting 🙂

    1. I’d like that. The more you have, the more versatile your style gets. Now with a couple of guitars, I often have the impression that I don’t chose my style, the guitar does that. Every guitar makes me play very different.

      I just know Gretch and Rickenbacker from YouTube videos. They’re pretty jazzy, huh? I’d like to try them out some day!

      1. My only electric is a gretsch white panther… Thinner than the normal gretches bit like a 335. It’s a little hard to play comparatively but the tone is luscious! And you’re completely right, each guitar changes how you play-leading you in different directions

        1. I don’t think so, I’ve never heard about that name. I see them on Amazon, but I never saw them in my local guitar store. I usually play on Ernie Ball or D’addario. But I am open for experiments, especially since 3 of my guitars do still have factory strings on them. These strings squeak a lot, I just didn’t throw them away because I don’t like to throw things away that still work, even if not to my liking. Especially the strings on my Tele are very squeaky, and I assume they are Fender strings. I really wondered if it’s about the strings, because I can’t remember that any of my favorite strings sound that squeaky, or I just noticed it now after all these years and need to play more accurate. 😀 I check your article out!

        2. I just looked at my new pack of Ernie Ball`s…. I don’t see anything about coating… they’re nickel wound according to the package. But out of experience, I can say that I play at least one year on one pack of Regular Slinky Ernie Ball’s 10 Gauge. They do especially sound great if they’ve been played for 2 or 3 months. But I generally like the sound of older Ernie Ball`s or D’addario strings. I only change them when the intonation seems off, that’s usually when the strings are in my opinion done. I think that’s why I did stick with them for so long, they’re pretty long living and sound kinda vintage or muddy if they are “played-in”, especially Ernie Ball’s. For a long time I thought I would be the only person on earth who would play for so long on the strings, but I’ve seen some guys on YouTube that like it too. But it probably doesn’t work with all string brands. I used Elexir in the past, but it’s been a while since I did, so I can’t remember how they were.

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