Some Winter Pictures

I though I share these pictures with you. My mother took them with her smartphone. If you followed me since some time, you know that I also like phoneography. I still like to take photos with my smartphone too, but I also like to take a look at the photos of family members or friends. You can take great photos with a smartphone, because photography is mainly about being somewhere, seeing something interesting and taking the snapshot. I like the winter photos she took. Pretty frosty!

9 thoughts on “Some Winter Pictures

  1. Like them all, Dennis, but the leaves and frosty spikes really caught my attention.
    What i do like about a smart phone is that you don’t need to hang it around your neck
    and futz with it, and the pictures are as good quality as most of the camera shots.

  2. Yes, I said the same to my mother. The ones with the frosty spikes look really cool. 🙂

    DSLR photos are a lot better for editing, especially when shot in RAW. But still, I think smartphones can take great photos, yes. 🙂

    1. Hallo Charles. Schön dass du Deutsch schreiben lernst! Das war schon richtig gut!

      Ich mag die Kälte, aber die Dunkelheit im Winter macht mich müde.

        1. Ja, aber ich bin nie nach Kanada gefahren. Ja, aber ich bin nie nach Kanada gefahren. Ich Möchte nach Nova Scotia, Kanada, gehen. Meine Urgrosseltern wurden dort geboren.

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