Tree Trunks

Tree Trunks

Here is another winter themed photo. I took the photo when I walked through a small forest in Reinfeld. They mark different trees with a spray can and decide which one they will log off. Not sure how they decide but it’s good that they don’t cut down the whole forest. They just pick out individual trees. I saw signs that explained the spray markings, but I can’t remember anymore what the different signs mean.

9 thoughts on “Tree Trunks

        1. Definitely worrying. We have way too hot summers here now in Europe, and almost non existent winters that rather feel like cold autumn days. Absolutely worrying.

        2. Ps remember my acoustic guitars bridge came off? well some good news… I got it fixed and it came back better… Only other guitarists understand the joy lol

  1. it may have to do with the type of tree. Oaks on the ground tend to look like maples on the ground, and if you’re selectively cutting, you need to keep your trees straight.

    1. Yes, when they are already cut off. But I meant the markings when they aren’t cut yet… they select trees to log off. I remember they use an “X”, “O” and two other signs. I just can’t remember what the different signs meant, but they were showing it outside of the forest.

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