Curious Kitty

curious kitty shyna

I found this picture of my cat Shyna in my library and I was pretty unhappy with the colors. You maybe know this, you want to take a picture inside and you don’t have a flash unit yet, and you take the photo anyway but the image gets this orange or red tone of the artificial light in your living room. Sometimes it can be ok, but most of the time I don’t like that. I said that often on my blog, I am not exactly someone who likes to delete photos impulsively, because I often wonder if there is another way to make it look great. Of course there are tons of ways, but the easiest is to just try different black and white settings. This is what I have done with the image above, and I absolutely like it. I think it’s a decent portrait of Shyna.

8 thoughts on “Curious Kitty

    1. I am real fan of black and white photography… it somehow makes a huge difference. But as said, I only convert if the colors in the original are boring or bad. But if I do, I am always surprised how good black and white looks like 🙂

        1. While it’s practical today without developing film, it must have been interesting back then too to develop it yourself.

          I grew up with analog as a kid in the 80`s, but of course that was at a time where you did bring the film with you to the super market where they did send it into a photo lab for you. It was not the same like developing yourself, but still pretty cool to experience analog photography.

        2. My father gave me his Canon F1 in 1988. I then used it to take a couple of photography classes at my college where we learned how to develop our own film. It was very enjoyable.

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