Blogging: Own Thoughts, Own Photos

folding ruler and screwdriver

Going through my photo library, I found the close-up photo you can see above. Not very special as a subject, but I like to take close-up photos. Also, do you know what a really good side effect of a photo blog is? I shot and uploaded so many photos, that I would in many cases always find a fitting photo for articles I plan to write on my blog. I actually mentioned this once in an article I called “Take Your Own Stock Images“. So, with the photo above it’s the same. If I ever write about anything related to craftsmanship, I might already have a fitting photo. Here is a fun fact about my blog, although some of my followers might already know it…

I started this blog and had no idea where this would go. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to have a valve, a place where I can talk about things I like or things I hate. Friends are good too, family members as well, but there are times where you feel the need to talk about certain things, and maybe you tumble up from the bed because there are thoughts in your head, and you want to get them out. That’s how I started. But the point is, that was the only reason to start this blog. Eventually I realized that blogposts look a lot better if you add one or a few related photos to what you wrote. That’s pretty much how my interest started in photography. I ran around with a cheapo point-and-shoot camera, later with my smartphone and eventually I needed a DSLR camera.

So, the fun fact is, there was a shift. Later the blog was a lot more about the photos than about the actual written content. That doesn’t mean that I stopped to write articles, I actually have quite a lot of knowledge posts about technology and gaming on my blog, and other things where it’s more about the information or story. But I like how there was a pretty big shift into the direction of photography. Blogging really gave me two new good hobbies in the past, writing and taking photos.

Not sure why I told you this now. But that’s also a funny fact about me and my blog. Almost all my posts start white, without any plan. I like free writing, which to me means nothing more than noticing the own thoughts and trying to follow where they go, and eventually typing all that down. I don’t plan how to talk with my friends, or with family members, it just happens. Blogging happens too. From time to time I was scrolling through different forums and communities for whatever reason, and if it was a blogging related community, I often saw newbies asking others “How do you start?”. If I had spare time, in some cases I commented and tried to give them my perspective. I asked them “Are there any things that bother you right now, positively or negatively?” and “If a friend would ask you for an opinion about it, what would you tell them?”. Exactly that is blogging. Obviously it’s a bit easier if your blog is broad and private, and not a business blog, because you can be yourself and you’re not limited to corporate speech or other forms of making an impression.

5 thoughts on “Blogging: Own Thoughts, Own Photos

  1. Blogging is a great form of self-expression and it’s great that it also started you off in photography. It is quite hard for me to imagine you not taking photos now.

    1. Definitely. You can also learn things about yourself, because you constantly reflect events or things with words. It also helps me to remember things. They should have told me this in school… like “Here is the subject, here are a couple of books where you can gather information’s”…. we did that a couple of times, but this should have happened a lot more in school because it’s really a great way to memorize stuff.

      Fortunately, if the mirror of my camera would shatter tomorrow, I’d have maybe 2-4 years to save for a new one since my library is so big. But it would definitely be a pain, because the camera gets me out there. I love to have a reason to go outside, and photography does exactly that 🙂

      I couldn’t imagine this either. Most of my photos start the thoughts for the posts. Sometimes little, sometimes out of the sudden big. Back then it was the other way around. I had words, and needed photos. 😀

  2. I used to work for a company that sells herbal health products. I did graphic design and photography. I also wrote blog posts about health and often photographed food and herbs for the posts. I used my own camera and often photographed the food or herbs at home so that the photos would belong to me. I now have many photos of that I can use in blog posts. I just need to write something that will give me an excuse to use them.

    1. Maybe do it like I do it. The other way around… take one of the photos and look at it, and see if it’s inspiring thoughts. Most of my posts are written that way. I’d guess you did that often too on your blog. It can work in both direction… either you have already thoughts and need a related photo, or you have a photo that inspires you to come up with a post. That’s what I like so much about taking own photos 🙂

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